The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 109

We continue our story from here

Something very difficult for me to understand, is why waste your time watching a show where you don’t like the main character of the actor playing the role? I’m not a regular reader of ‘Insider TV’, but I saw this link yesterday and I found it rather funny……..

Insider TV

Question: Is there any chance of getting less McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0? Even after his yearly tortures, he refuses to take a day off. Enough with Super SEAL. It’s probably too much to ask. In that case, how about any non-McG related H50 spoilers? — MissBop

Matt Roush: Well, that’s a first. If you’re not a McGarrett fan, why would you be watching? He is the franchise. But this did make me laugh, because you’re absolutely right. It does become ridiculous over time. And a reminder for those sending in questions of this type: I don’t do spoilers here. Don’t believe in them. But if I hear McGarrett is actually taking a vacation, I’ll do my best to give you a heads-up.

(My reaction to MissBop would also be, that you actually need to show more of him and how he is coping with all the tortures and abandonment. You show the actor/character do his stuff dealing with it all – not hide him away and show less of him. Where is the entertainment in that? 😕 )

As you all might have guessed by now, I do not have much to say about Steve’s story…….so once again I just took the show and the episode for what it is – some procedural entertainment for the week. But apart from looking at all the gorgeous pictures that Paula captured for us, I felt like amusing myself a bit more ………..

Things I found funnybecause small things amuses small minds and mine seems to be getting smaller and shrinking by the day (maybe from watching too much H5-0?) 😀

  • Amber’s ex showing Kamekona a picture or him and his ‘girlfriend’, while holding the phone with his wedding ring clearly visible. Okay maybe that was what triggered Kamekona’s suspicion about the “perp” subconsciously – a man asking about his girlfriend while wearing a wedding ring. I would have used that as motivation for Kamekona’s suspicion of the guy 🙂
  • When the “Exterminator” stood in the corner watching the people burn, there was a big area around him not burning and a lampshade right next to his head not burning, but when Kathy, who is much smaller than him, stood there, there is nothing, only something further away that has been burned. And the space is a lot smaller.
  • I kind of wonder how it was Steve who knew exactly how the “Exterminator” looked, as he was not with Grover and Kathy when they saw him. And I really do hope the ‘Exterminator’ negotiated the deal with the guy with the jacket and cap, before he actually went to the crime scene. It would be totally ridiculous to think he had time to do all that, while they were chasing after him.
  • A pot very very very full of boiling water smells good? (Even I can cook that. 😆 ) I was sure Danny would find a rabbit boiling in there. (Fatal Attraction 😮 )
  • The team storms the hotel. Steve parks his truck with the passenger door right next to the pole. I would think that Chin was miraculously able to get out, but the truck seems to have been moved forward now. Then when Chin and Steve walks to the building the truck is again with the passenger door right next to the pole. But that’s not all, right after that when they all walk to go inside the building, leaving Kathy behind, the truck has moved even further forward and the pole is now at the back part of it. Maybe Steve’s truck is now like “Kitt” in Knight Rider and moves on its own? 😀 (Sorry I know, my mind is really small now, but the only reason I noticed it all at first, was when I first saw the truck door right next to the pole. I thought how would anybody be able to get out of it there. )
  • How did Kathy’s blood get on the wall, specifically on those skirting along the side of the passage? It is not as if it is a railing a person would hold on to. Did the guy drag her down the passage right against the wall? 😆
  • And then once again my gripe about Steve’s shirts – and this time it is proven that he does not wear the T-shit under the shirt as some suggested last time. For the first time they put Steve into these short-sleeved shirts, just for him to change into the T-shirt for the Kevlar scenes and then back again to the shirt for the hospital scene. All again without us being treated with some longggggggggg overdue shirtless Steve. 😥
  • Maybe it is not a good idea to scream while somebody is poring gasoline all over your head. I was thinking of what awful taste in her mouth it would be.

Lessons from COTW:

  • Don’t buy a house with a door that opens to the outside, it might be punishable by death in a fire. 😀
  • Don’t sleep to deep while living in that small house, and with not even hear somebody nailing or screwing your back and front door shut.
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. In other words, if you don’t have bugs, don’t let the ‘exterminator’ in. 🙂
  • Grover is much stronger than 2 people in a fire with adrenalin running through their bodies at their moment of death. He breaks down a door barred with 2 planks and a doorbolt, while they could not break down a door with one plank. 😦

Lessons for Steve:

  • Maybe he should start doing background checks on people from out of town, that come to work with him and the team. 😀
  • Maybe he should do background checks on people who date his team members. 😀
  • Maybe he should get kinder friends, then his enemies won’t be so fierce. (I did not say it Michelle did 😀 )

Some wise words from Steve to Kathy. And it once again shows that he has already worked through most of his tragedies and is not letting the past rule his life:

Steve: You know. Don’t look back, okay. Just don’t look back, whatever you do. You can’t change the past. Trust me on that.

Kathy: You saved my life. You get a hug, okay. Thank you.

(And Kathy might have done some foolish stuff in this episode, but she sure was clever enough to get one of those great Steve hugs! )

 With the lack progress yet again in Steve’s story, I thought to write something to the man behind Steve:

Dear Alex

Thank you for always giving your all with every character you do. Thank you for being committed enough, to not try and pursue other career projects while you are under contract to do Hawaii Five-0. There is nothing sexier than a man making a commitment and staying true to it, no matter what. Thank you for not letting your charity projects interfere with your work on the show. Thank you for being a committed family man, without letting your family life hinder you from giving Steve your all.

Thank you for entertaining us fans by attending all the show´s regular events like the ‘Blessing Ceremony’s and SOTB each year, and doing so with such unbridled enthusiasm. Thank you for being there when the show needs you to do charity or promotional work. Thank you for showing compassion for the needs in the area/state where you work and that you regularly voice appreciation towards the community that caters for your show.

Thank you that we do not always have to make excuses on your behalf, for not being there whenever pictures, of the cast from the set, are published on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  etc. And that your fans do not always have to ask where you are or why your scenes are not always done with the rest of the team. And that your scenes do not have to be inserted with the help of a green screen shots. Thank you that we don’t have to skip entire episodes of the show, because you are not in them.

You are definitely not perfect, but you are adorable for just being so very human in life and towards others. The awe and praise from those who work with, or just meet you for a few moments, testifies to that. Thank you for being you. You are a true star and you make us proud to be your fans.


 FOYeur and Paula

Just some silly trivia: Something that I find extremely ironic. Lili Simmons playing Amber aka Melissa ( Danny’s girlfriend) who plays Rebecca in ‘Banshee‘, killing Alex Longshadow, played by Anthony Ruivivar who played Reyes, killed by Danny in Hawaii Five-0.

So, between Damber (Danny/Amber), they have brutally killed him (poor Anthony) twice. Poor guy – but then again maybe he (or rather his characters) had it coming. 😀

And then also a final comment about the “Exterminator” 

I somehow get the feeling that he and those matches will cause some future problems for Five-0. Maybe he starts a fire, and during the chaos of it, a few of their old nightmares escape from Halawa with him – maybe Gabriel Weincroft, Paul Delano or some other ones we might have forgotten about?

And Steve told Kathy so clearly, “Don’t look back.” – but maybe her past will not let her go and will come back to get another chance to haunt her……

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 516 –

Nanahu (Embers)


To be continued……..


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31 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 109

  1. Ragdoll

    I never noticed about the lampshade and that in the area where the Exterminator would have stood watching (who seriously icky was that btw?!) – I was too busy wondering how he managed to get back in to the house, having secured it from the outside, and then how he managed to get back out again afterwards, given that the poor couple couldn’t find a way out.


    • They were expaining some kind of escape route he had even before she showed them the space – but I must be honest I never listened to what ezactly they said about it.
      He is kind of really desturbed taking pleasure in seeing people burn – clearly his psycologist failed big time treating whatever triggered that obsession of him. 😦


  2. Wow, I loved your open letter to Alex and I could not agree more with everything ya’all said. Well done ladies! And Foyeur I also thought of the bunny with the boiling water too knowing something ominous was about to happen.
    I am going to stop letting my expectations of what I think the show should be, even though many of us agree, (story continuity, Scott actually being there for a full season) and just enjoy it for what it is a fun escape feature a gorgeous man every week 🙂 Thank you for chronicling this for us ladies who enjoy this man’s work!


    • 😆 Thinking about the bunny actually reminded me of Mr Hoppy from the Pilot episode – yikes
      Yes, the best for us, is just to enjoy it for what it is, otherwise our fangirling of Alex becomes a nightmare that we can’t change. No expectations is the best way to go 🙂


  3. The golf scenes were the best part of this episode. I love team McGrover. This season, the writers are really making a huge effort to include Danny in most episodes. It would be much nicer if they continue to give us Steve’s story. Only they have to do is write it, please. Is too much what are we asking?
    I subscribe every word of your letter to Alex. Yes, i’m a proud fan of the actor and man he is.

    TY for this great post.


    • The banter between Steve and Grover has been the highlights of this season for me. They are forever measuring “dicks” and that is so much part of men. Always in competition about EVERYTHING.


  4. vanduyn

    Thanks for the post!


  5. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Happy 😍


  6. I was enjoying this post right up until the letter to Alex. Why didn’t you just address it to Scott as it was obviously targeted at him in a passive aggressive way.There are more than just me that read your posts that are both huge fans of Alex and Scott.and it’s rather disrespectful.


    • I for one think if Scott left the show, H50 would not be as good. To me, he is an integral part of the show so his continued absences, for whatever reason, annoy me because I want the show to be the best it can be and that means having him in it.
      I never think of an honest opinion as being disrespectful, unless one name calls, because it is just that ,someone’s opinion. We all have different takes, that is what makes talking about things interesting. And we can always agree to disagree.
      JMO 🙂


    • Hi Caroline
      In my book, respect is a two way street.
      If an artist like Alex shows respect to his fans, colleagues, community and family by giving his all and showing it in specific ways and actions, I feel proud to show my appreciation, respect and thankfulness for that.
      He makes it so easy to love him and to share that with other fans of him here.


  7. Colleen

    That was amazing Foyeur! How you explained the things that didn’t make sense or pointed out things that I missed is always the best. You are so right that we are long over due for shirtless Alex/Steve. Your letter to Alex is so sweet and true. We are all proud of him not because of what he looks like but for the man that he is. Great job. It’s posts like this that make your site addictive. 😄


    • I just do the things that I notice at first viewing – there are still a lot of stuff that I now see on other sites that were a bit off…. like the floor numbers etc.
      We are a good drug, I hope – well with Alex we can’t go wrong I think. 🙂


      • Colleen

        You are the best kind of drug! It can’t get me into trouble and I am with funny ladies who undestand what I’m thinking. I consider all of you girls friends. So thank you for that. 😄


  8. gracenotpark

    Wonderful ep wrap up…the Danno scenes clearly shot elsewhere. I woulda been fine without em…

    I hope y’all actually mail that note to Alex. It was lovely and heartfelt and so very true! ❤


    • I kind of feel that both the Danno story and the arconist story, are stepping stones to something yet to come.
      As we have seen in the first 3 episodes of this season, they tend to built some stories over a few episodes for Danny’s story line and then it ends in a ‘big thing’ – like the Reyes debacle of episode 504. I think some of these stories we see now, will culminate in 518. (but then again, I might be totally wrong)
      I really wish they would do the same kind of coninuity in consecutive episodes for Steve’s story – that would make my Steve’s stories so much easier to write 🙂


  9. Beautiful letter FOYeur and Paula. I say it constantly, we are lucky to be fans of Alex. He is good to us through his work ethic, his attitude and his giving nature. Not perfect, but close enough for me.

    I sympathize with fans of Scott (and Grace to a lesser degree) when they get left out of things because their actor isn’t contributing to whatever is happening (an episode, bts video, ceremony, etc). I am grateful for fans like visage13, who have a right to be upset, but puts the responsibility where it should be and doesn’t take it out on fans of Alex. Thanks visage13.

    Alex gives us a lot to be thankful for and we’re happy to celebrate him.


    • 🙂 Thanks, as a fan of Alex and the show in general I would never be mean to anyone as it is pointless especially being anonymous on the internet. However, I do vent my frustrations about the show on the episode recap threads because we are talking about the episodes. My biggest pet peeves are the continuity in writing and Scott’s absences because of how, in my opinion, it hurts the show.

      Anyway, I am hoping the rest of the season they start to wrap up all the unfinished business and everyone is around.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks ESS,
      As you also know, Alex is definitely worth the time and effort to follow and “report on”.
      I personally have never thought anybody else worth this effort and I will most probably never again.
      And yes to this >>>>> Alex gives us a lot to be thankful for and we’re happy to celebrate him.
      This letter does not nearly cover all that he gives us to love about him. 🙂


  10. *stands up and applauds*
    Dear FOYeur and Paula!
    Thank you for your letter to Alex! Your words are so true!
    This man does everything with all his heart. He shows work ethic, commitment, respect and responsiblity for a lot of people. Not only us fans, who watch the show and are in some way his employers 😉 but his collegues and the people who work for the show. He said it more than once that he is proud and happy about his work, that this show is important for a lot of families, provides jobs for a lot of people and gives children the chance to attend good schools. I appreciate that very much and it makes me proud to be a fan. I am pretty sure without his commitment show would be no longer on air.
    I wish you would mail this letter to Alex.


    • Thanks leiCa
      Yes, there are no half measures with Alex. And I really do appreciate it and even find my greatest apeal towards him in that.
      Only bad side to that kind of commitment from him, is that he sometimes maybe take on to much – and I always hope and pray that he will never again find himself in such a low period as he was in late 2011 beginning of 2012, because of it.
      And without him making it so easy to appreciate him, Paula and I would have closed done the site a long time ago. (Following a celeb who doesn’t respect his fans and colleagues, by showing commitment to his primary project, is definitely not my cup of tea or worth my time.)


  11. I can only bow to you for this wonderful letter. Absolutely perfect and oh so true.
    I am a proud fan of Alex and I love him for who he is. I feel for the fans of other actors who don’t get what we get. An amazing actor and an amazing human being.
    Thank you for this great post and this wonderful letter.


    • Thank you Sam. ❤
      The letter really comes from a true appreciation of the commitment Alex shows for his projects and his fans.
      And I honestly do not know if I should cry or scream (out of frustration) when I see other fans begging and asking to see more of the person of character that they follow.
      And the most frustrating comments on social media, are those who blame the writers and everybody else (even other actors and characters) for the lack of their favourite actor, character or "ship" , but forget that it all happens because of the schedule of work that the actors are allowed to do or not do.


  12. Lee Ann

    I liked the two blue golf outfits Alex wore on the course (really fit!), while Grover provided amusement with his threads. Episode O.K. I don’t understand how Scott gets away with constantly not being on the show of late after signing a contract, hope they don’t pay him. His attitude and professionalism is deplorable and ticks me off. I missed all the items pointed out above, but did wonder how so much blood (due to a minor head wound) was left on the wall in the hotel hallway & the firebug didn’t even notice, it was better than a trail of cookie crumbs! That was really odd.


    • Yes, the fit of those to outfits really made it worth while – it nearly inspired me to start our old steries of ‘Undressing Steve’ again. 😛
      As for Scott – his absence is not really of late. He’s been having a reduced workschedule since the beginning of season 4 already. I think then it was one week off one week at work (If I follow the bts picturess and pictures of him in LA of that time)
      I think the difference this season is that he works 2 weeks now and takes 2 week off (he said it himself in an interview).
      In that way he features fully in one episode, half in the next and totally misses the next – it seems, if I look back at the season.
      As for the small little mistakes – I would not even mention it, if they gave me something real to say about Steve – but as I say above – it is just done as some amusement to pass the time until they give us some story again. 😀


      • buttercup4u

        Has Scott have any scenes with Alex recently?
        It was only Amber at the hospital, and not Steve?
        I’d rather have Chin have more time!


      • buttercup4u

        Chin lives in Hawaii and he is a great actor too, I would love to see more of Steve/Chin! I remember those scenes with finding his dad’s stuff, great scenes!


        • I think Daniel had some commitments for the movie Divergent at the time of filming this. Most of them had time of, as this was the episode filmed just before December holiday hiatus.
          I think for the next few episodes we will also see less of Chin, as Daniel was the director for 517, and then he needed to to editing while they filmed to following episodes (I think durin 519).
          He and Danny will feature in 518 as they are both in trouble for taking money from Gabriel in 504.


  13. buttercup4u

    As usual, I enjoyed reading your recap and the McGarrett story is still fascinating, because of Alex and his devotion to his work, as you, I am really grateful he is in the Show so much! I’m at this point that I wouldn’t watch without Alex!
    That’s one reason I didn’t get myself into it very much recently. As I am not a person who likes making negativ comments all the time, I took a step back ;-( !
    But I’m still reading and enjoying the Pretty of Alex and his life!
    I love how you are addressing the whole’s in the CsOTW with this light-hearted-ness of yours, I’m enjoying it thoroghly, especially the rabbit!


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