H50 5.16 – Steve and some balls under pressure

Pretty nice epi but not as good as I hope 5.17 to be. Mr Pickles and Steve will get my undivided attention 🙂
I admit skipping over some scenes in this epi, that I just didn´t care for. There wasn´t that much yummy Steve to capture, but I tried my best.
The best bit was the opening scene with Steve and Grover golfing (that post was made yesterday 🙂 ). I am thankful for the funnies Steve and Grover gave us 🙂 and Steve´s tight pants that made it hard to breathe  😀


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11 responses to “H50 5.16 – Steve and some balls under pressure

  1. I enjoyed this episode. The golf was funny and the case was interesting. Still no continuity, Joe, Kono telling anyone she is engaged but what else is new? Sigh.

    I have come to the conclusion no shirtless MCG this season. I don’t count the torture with Wofat. There was certainly nothing sexy about that. At least not to me.

    Nice pics as usual 🙂


  2. Leah

    Both golf scenes were amusing to me. I really enjoy the bits of humor thrown in the show, especially with Steve/Grover (because it’s not as snarky as the Steve/Danny humor).

    Anyone else a bit disappointed that the darker pants in the last golf scene didn’t show Steve’s *assets* as well as the lighter pants in the first golf scene? 😉

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  3. I loved last night’s episode and loved the humor and man, Randy Couture was awesome. This episode made sense. The last few were so crazy…nothing made sense, including Kono’s impossible shot 🙂


  4. Colleen

    Paula you are so right about it being hard to breathe. I watched the show while sitting in between my parents and during the first golf scene I was thinking oh dear lord it is so hot in here. Look at how delicious he looks in those pants. But out loud I think I only sighed. Lol. That first pretty light blue shirt was perfect. Sorry I’m rambling. Nice pictures as always, Paula. 😄

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  5. karen

    They were in my SOTB hotel! HE was in the same elevator I was. HAHA. Good episode.


  6. buttercup4u

    I just got to catch up with this ep and I’m still a bit disappointed that we never get any hot-steamed Steve scene!
    Amber wasn’t too bad, I kinda like her, but the arson woman was too much in tears! At least Amber got to hug uncle Steve, so she wins anyway 😉 – because we all know, the one that got to hug Steve is really the winner !!
    Thanks Paula for this resume!


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