#AlexOLoughlin on ET for Three Rivers – 24 October 2009

ET: Alex O’Loughlin is the TV doc who is both healing hearts and melting them. And now the Aussie star of the new CBS drama Three Rivers gets down and dirty about the whole sex symbol thing with our Kevin Frazier.

Kevin: The heartthrob thing. I mean, you know. What is that like?

Alex: Well you tell me man.

Kevin: I don’t know dude.

Alex: Look at you, come on.

Kevin: I am a regular dude.

Alex: I don’t even know…… It’s funny you know, because I’m a regular dude too. You know, I just do my thing. I’m pretty …. I’m really private. I never have and I never will plug into this sort of the ‘Hollywood clique’

ET: Alex may not be plugged into the Hollywood clique, but Hollywood is certainly plugged into him. He’s now playing chiselled doctor Andy Yablonski on CBS’s Sunday night drama, Three Rivers. But his female fans first took big notice of the Aussie import, a few years back in the short-lived, vampire series, ‘Moonlight’.

Kevin: You know you look back on Moonlight, and you think dammit, we were just a little ahead of our time. Because if you look at all the Twilight success and you’re like…..

Alex: I still think our vampires were the best, by the way. And I’m kind of surprised it lived as long as it did. Because of what we all went through and the hours that we did. I went grey on that show.

Kevin: Really.

Alex: I didn’t have a grey hair, when I started Moonlight. Now I’m on the Clooney train … to freedom.

Kevin: It brought you a lot of female attention.

Alex: We can always do with more of that.

ET: And more of that is coming Alex’s way in Three Rivers, who plays a transplant surgeon. And since starting the show, the idea of organ donation has become very important to him.

Kevin: Are you an organ donor?

Alex: I absolutely am. As an organ donor, I can save 8 people’s lives.

ET: And the docs that pull off the transplants – miracle workers.

Alex: I mean these people are incredible.

Kevin: What if we’re on the streets, something happens. You can probably take care of me?

Alex: Dude, if someone breaks your heart, I’m there, I’m going to fix it.

Kevin: [Laughs]

andy bw dl

Link to Interview

My Thoughts

  • There is a different version to this interview as well – I will also do in on another occasion.
  • When I see these 2009 interviews, I am a bit jealous that I did not know of him back then – like Pommienana said the other day, Dr Andy made him look ‘angelic’.


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5 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin on ET for Three Rivers – 24 October 2009

  1. Did I give dr Andy creepy eyes, they look kind of bewitching 😉


  2. karen

    He was definitely handsome as heck as Andy. Wish the scripts had been better.


  3. gracenotpark

    Ooooohhh! Dr. Andy was my favorite Alex character! *sniffle* I still miss him….. 😥

    And I remember watching this interview. He was so adorable.


  4. I watched this show. So so good! 😁👍

    Liked by 1 person

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