Alex O’Loughlin on ET Canada: Uncut – September 2011

Erin: Wow. How time flies.

Alex: How time flies.

Erin: It’s been a year since we sat down to talk about the show.

Alex: It’s been a year? I can’t believe it. I thought of you every day.

Erin: [Laughs] So did I ….. Not. So have you settled in now?

Alex: Yeah.

Erin: Do you feel like an honorary Hawaiian?

Alex: I feel like a local. A Kama’aina, they call it here. You like that? It’s a Hawaiian word, it means it’s local.

Erin: Yeah.

Alex: It kind of … it pretty much means ‘local’.

Erin: And have they honestly embraced you? Cause I know when the show was starting, you had some …. not concerns. But you had like…..

Alex: I had some concerns.

Erin: These people, they love the show.

Alex: Yeah.

Erin: They love their land. And you’re coming in and you’re filling big shoes.

Alex: No I did have some concerns and it’s been wonderful. I’ve actually bought a house, since I last saw you.

Erin: Look at you, putting down roots.

Alex: Yeah, I got a dog. A little poochy. We’re doing pretty good, her and I, in the house.

Erin: Wow.

Alex: Yeah, it’s great. And I’m …..

Erin: So you’re staying. Well at least …..

Alex: I’m staying. I’m very happily staying. I love, I love what we’re doing on the show. I kind of ….. in the …. We don’t get that much time off, but I have time off, you know, the people here are great. I’ve made so many great friends here. And they’re very …. As an Australian, I feel more comfortable here than I ever did in Los Angeles. Because they’re very kind of Aussie

Erin: Yeah.

Alex: As a Canadian you get that …

Erin: I understand.

Alex: Relaxed…..

Erin: LA doesn’t work for me either.

Alex: That’s what I’m saying.

Erin: Yeah. No, I totally get it.
So when you had your hiatus, in between Season 1 and Season 2 shooting, I’d love to know how many sit-ups, when you realise you had to come back to the show?

Alex: So funny. Oh, you know, 30 000 a day. I try to do 30 000 a day.

Erin: But seriously.

Alex: Seriously.

Erin: When you know you got to come back.

Alex: I know, but it’s like….

Erin: All the action, all the no-shirt, action.

Alex: I know, okay.

Erin: Yes.

Alex: I try to ….. I train in my life anyway. I do certain stuff when I train. But it’s not like….

Erin: So you don’t let yourself go?

Alex: I don’t let myself go.

Erin: [Laughs]

Alex: You can’t go, “So, I’ve got a shirtless scene” and you go [making ‘training’ moves]


Erin: Go, go. No carbs.

Alex: But I do try. To be perfectly honest, when I have like … when I know they are going to take my clothes off, I do kind of try to curb the French toast with syrup you know.

Erin: Can you say that again?

Alex: No, I cannot.

Erin: When I know they’re going to take my clothes off.

Alex: Yeah. That was it.

Erin: Female fans in Canada just went ….. Crazy…..

Alex: Sometimes they take my clothes off …. They just did it again. They did it, yesterday….

Erin: I tried to get Scott to take his clothes off, he wouldn’t do it.

Alex: WHAT?


Erin: No.

Alex: He easily….

Erin: But he showed his abs to me in the elevator later.

Alex: There you go.

Erin: True fact.

Alex: He easily starts. They usually have to tell him to put on his clothes. They’d go, “Thank you for doing the first half of the interview naked. Would you mind just popping a robe on, or something like that, so that we can focus on the questions?”


Erin: I love it. Now I know that hand to hand combat has always been McGarrett’s thing. And in Season 2, I have heard rumblings that that you’re maybe…

Alex: Rumblings?

Erin: Rumblings, rumours.

Alex: Okay. It’s good. I like rumblings.

Erin: That perhaps, you would be doing some MMA?

Alex: I actually am. Next Thursday, with some of my clothes off, I will be fighting…. “Make-believe”, fighting an actual USA champion and the Bladesdale.


Erin: And who is the champion?

Alex: Can I say, that? Can I tell you?

Erin: Yeah.

Alex: Chuck Liddell.

Erin: Hah.

Alex: He’s a Bad Bitch. And I can’t wait to meet him.


Erin: I know who he is. His face is mangled

Alex: He’s a legend, man.

Erin: He’s going to kill you.

Alex: He’s going to kill me. But he’s not …… I don’t know, McGarrett is always the hero, but I am just going to stop and say, “Chuck, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry about whatever happens. And please don’t hurt me too badly ….”

Erin: Okay.

Alex: “…. and teach me some shit”

Erin: Yeah

Alex: “Please teach me some shit”

Erin: Totally. Like some of those arm bars.

Alex: You know it’s like death stuff.


Erin: Do you know any death stuff?

Alex: I know the Vulcan-Klingon, death grip.

Erin: The death grip

Alex: Vulcan death grip

Erin: [Laughs]

Alex: I know the Klingon-paralyzation grip.


Erin: Yeah.

Alex: After the thing, I’ll show you.

Erin: Okay. Cool. No I don’t want to die.

Alex: You have to be naked to do it, you know. It’s a McGarrett thing. That’s part of why they take my clothes off on the show, it’s because I’m more dangerous when I’m naked.


Erin: Aren’t we all? Aren’t we all?

Alex: My publicist is like [kill it]


Erin: You know what just happened?

Alex:Don’t! Stop! Don’t say anymore!

Erin: When you said that, I got the “last question“. Thanks a lot for that.

Alex: Last question. Look the CBS people are all trembling, cause I’m talking about nudity ….

Erin: So here is my last question.

Alex: ….. and sex and dangerousness….. Is that a word, “Dangerousness”?

Erin: At the premiere last year, I noticed you were fabulous with your fans.

Alex: Where? Here?

Erin: At the premiere. Yeah, you were amazing. You talked to everybody. You did pictures. But, I heard, you do not like the social media side. Like you do not want to connect with people that way. I want to know why?

Alex: What? What do you mean? Where did you hear that?

Erin: You don’t like to tweet and stuff like that.

Alex: You know it SHITS me. Okay, look. Let’s talk about it.

Erin: It’s just …. I’m just curious why you don’t like it?

Alex: Okay, I’ll tell you. Because I’ve probably … look at my phone. I probably have got 89 e-mails right now, that need to be answered.

Erin: Oh.

Alex: I’m not very good at it. Like they come in and I go ….. The thought of doing it is fine. But then I go, “No, I just….”.

Erin: Maybe you should try it naked?

Alex: I have. That’s when I answer them. On the weekends I go, fine, you’ve got to do it. I get fully naked. I sit down and I answer them. And then, that’s how I do it.


Erin: And that’s how you do it.

Alex: But I just, I don’t like. … I don’t know, there’s something sort of so creepy and voyeuristic in like, “Look what everyone’s doing” and “Look at all my $%@&”.

Erin: I got you. So if I tweet about you. You and I, we won’t be friends anymore?

Alex: Whatever that means. You can do whatever you want.

Erin: Okay.

Alex: It isn’t. If you want to tell people how great you think I am. And how humorous and enjoyable my company was, and all that stuff.

Erin: I can do that.

Alex: Yeah, that’s fine.

Erin: Okay, I’ll do that.

Alex: I just don’t want to do it.

Erin: I’ll just edit out all the negative stuff that I’ve experienced the last 4 ½ minutes.

Alex: That’s okay. It’s fine, you do that. It will be good. And people will think….. So yes, maybe what I’ve learn is that Twitter can be a tool used for good.


Erin: There you go. You’re hilarious. Thanks buddy.


My Thoughts

  • I just adore this man’s sense of humour 😛
  • I just love everything he does; cut or uncut. 😛


Thank you Jill for once again sharing this video with the rest of us ♥

Link to video:


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13 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin on ET Canada: Uncut – September 2011

  1. Oh my.. I love this interview so much, he is so animated, so funny, and he loves to ‘test’ the people who are responsible by talking about nudity, sex … he does it on purpose I’m pretty sure. *he he*
    And this interview has him saying one of the best lines ever: I’m more dangerous when I’m naked! LOL!
    Thank you FOYeur!


  2. Claude (Mrs)

    My favourite interview! He’s so funny ,sexy and enthousiast! Thank you very much for your good work!


  3. I volunteer to test if he is more dangerous naked.
    One of the most funniest interviews of Alex. TY


  4. kathleen8265

    Alex is so much fun with a bit of controlled naughty ♥ I love him.
    This interview is one of the best out there.
    Thanks FOYER for transcribing it 😀

    I love his last quote:
    “…what I’ve learn is that twitter can be a tool used for good.”
    with his panty destroying grin at the end. *THUD*


  5. LOVE THIS! I’m greedy, so I must ask if Jill also has the first ET Canada uncut interview when he discusses liking nipples? 😛 A sense of humor is so sexy! His accent was thicker then too. Thank you for posting!


  6. Sylvie

    Oh yes certainly more dangerous when he’s naked. So cool!!!
    Thanks Paula and Jilly


  7. gracenotpark

    I love him all the time, but I love him even more with her! She gets him, and they are adorable together!


  8. The most fun interview i have seen so far 🙂
    Funny-naughty-flirty is Alex at his best!
    I wish he would do more like this!


  9. His is SUCH a naughty adorable Larrikin in this “A bit of a lad”
    Thanks Jilly and FOYeur


  10. Colleen

    I think I may have just fainted. This has got to be the best interview of his I have ever read. He was so naughty and funny! And Paula, those pictures from the MMA episode are going to kill me! This is exactly why I love this blog, you girls will never disappoint. 🙂


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