#AlexOLoughlin Talking to Belgium TV on Press Day – September 2011

The questions on this interview were asked in French and I was therefore not able to transcribe them myself. But I guess we can kind of guess what the reporter asked, by what Alex answered. 🙂

Update: We added the questions, kindly translated from French by MaLo – Thank you so much for it.
Question: Could you describe your character and his role in the story?

Alex: Hawaii Five-0 is a story about a guy named Steve McGarrett, who’s a Navy SEAL. Whose father is killed. …. is murdered while he’s on the phone to him. He goes back to Hawaii to bury his father and to avenge his father’s death.

And when he’s there he is approached by the governor of Hawaii and given the opportunity to have full immunity and means and run his own private task force to go after big fish on Honolulu Island. And in the meantime he realises that he can also use his power to do what he want to do and to get to the bottom of his father’s murder.

This opens up this journey and this 3 other characters go on, in this task force. You know, lots of crime, lots of action. But a lot ….. the characters drive the whole thing. And the character arcs.

It really is a character driven action show. And the first season is 24 really exciting episodes. And it starts with the pilot directed by Len Wiseman, produced by Alex Kurtsman, Bob Orci and Peter Lenkov. And it skyrockets and sort of stays there for the whole season.


Question: There is a lot of humour in the show. Do you think it is important?

Alex: I don’t think it is funny at all. I’m kidding. Humour, you see?

Yeah, there is a lot of humour in it. A lot of it is driven by Scott Caan’s character, Danno, you know. He’s the sort of wisecrack, you know. The loose lip cop from the East Coast. And he plays it perfectly.

It’s ah ….. You know we have … We, Scott and I, Steve McGarrett and Danno, you know, start their “carguments”, which is where a lot of the back and forth happens in the scenes in the car.

In the Pilot we realised that this is, ah, this is where we’re going to get a lot of the glue to stick all the other scenes together. Because essentially it’s a buddy cop show too. There’s a really buddy cop feel to it.

And I think the humour is important. You know, I think we live in America. You don’t ….. You guys live in Europe, you’re very lucky. Cause in America, irony is lost, everywhere. Europeans understand irony a lot more frequently. But you know, I mean …. Life is kind of …..

There’s a lot of serious stuff that we do in the show. A lot of crime solving, a lot of bad people in it. You’ve got to have humour around the edges, to lighten it up. Otherwise it’s too much, it’s too intense. It’s too, you know….. And I enjoy being part of that too.


Question: Is it important to shoot here in Hawaii?

Alex: It’s really important to shoot here in Hawaii, because Hawaii is the 5th character of the team. Or the 1st maybe. She [Hawaii] plays one of the characters in the show. A huge character in the show. And this is a living, breathing island that we live on, you know. That has continued to evolve.

You know, 40 million years ago there was nothing here. And there was a crack in the seabed and a little eruption and that was birth of this chain of islands.

And there’s something very powerful and very special about this part of the planet. And we’re telling human stories, you know on these rocks. And yeah, it’s Hawaii Five-0. You know, it has to be in Hawaii.


Question: Have you ever been to Hawaii before?

Alex: No, no I didn’t. I came here for the first time during the Pilot. And it was a huge amount of information to take in. And I was staying at a big hotel, full of tourists. And kind of loud people wearing bad shirts. And it was difficult, because I didn’t get to see the real Hawaii.

And I shot the Pilot and it was all about. It was kind of …… a surreal experience. And then I left and went back to Los Angeles .

So when I finally moved here to start doing the show itself, I knew what Hawaii looked like, but I didn’t have a feel for it. So I was a little apprehensive. A little nervous. I didn’t know anyone here. But now, I mean, I own a house here. I have a dog. I mean I love it. It’s my home.

Question: So, now you like this Island?

Alex: I love the Island now. I love … I love Hawaii and its islands. I love Hawaii and its people. And I love the culture. I’m trying to learn more and more about it, you know, as the days go on. And it’s so … I want to become more involved in the community. I want to become involved in as much as I can.

Because, I don’t know, I just feel not only have I made a home here, but I’ve been welcomed here, by everyone. Not just the people here but the island itself sort of opened its arms and welcomed me with a big heart. And that happens every day I wake up and go to work, people wave at me and say hello.


And it’s funny …. Look I don’t really feel like I’ve ever been a part of a community as much as I am part of a community here. You know, although I’ve only been here for over a year, I feel like this will always be a ….. I will always have a home here. And I will always have a base here.

And my family will always have a home here as well. And that’s why I’ve bought a house here. And that’s why I’m investing not just financially, but emotionally, you know, in Hawaii.


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8 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Talking to Belgium TV on Press Day – September 2011

  1. MaLo

    Hi dear,
    If needed I can help with the translation from French 😉


    • Hi MaLo
      Thank you very much for offering to translate the French..
      You are welcome to do the translation and send it to our e-mail.
      I can then add it in here, above each answer. It will make the transcript a lot more complete and better.
      Our e-mail is: intense.study.aol@gmail.com
      Thanks again for offereing 🙂


  2. kathleen8265

    Thank you FOYER ♥ I’ve only seen gifs and screencaps from this interview. Do you have a link? I’d love to see it.
    Alex is so gorgeous in that brown shirt so relaxed and flirty lovin’ his new life in Hawaii.


  3. I love this interview thank you 🙂
    It’s great that he ended up making a life in a place that he loved so much from the beginning.


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