#AlexOLoughlin with Tannya Joaquin after the #H50 Blessing Ceremony, Season 3 (11 July 2012)

Tannya: Yeah, yeah. Tannya’s with Alex O’Loughlin, that’s right. The girls in the studio are a little jealous this morning.

Nice to have you back. Your fans are so excited that you are back in action.

Alex: Thank you. I’m very happy to be back.


Tannya: Season 3, we’re talking about this a little bit. You get to really develop this character. You haven’t had the chance to do this in other series.

Alex: Yeah, well, I mean. Not like we haven’t developed him over the last two years. There’s been a lot of stuff happening with, with ….all the you know, with all the Champbox and mom and dad.

And now of course, Mom. And yeah, but there’s a lot of new developments happening in Season 3.
I’ve actually never taken a character in any show through a 3rd season. So, it’s …. Personally I’m very excited about it.


Tannya: Fans have been talking to us worldwide. They’re all saying send kisses form Italy, form Uruguay, from France. Are you surprised, you have so many fans from all over the world with this show?

Alex: That’s a lot of kisses. Thank you.


Tannya: Yes. Hope you’re taking note of that to. And by the way, women are going to be creating havoc in your life as McGarrett this year, aren’t they. Your love interest is back as a regular too.

Alex: Women are always creating havoc in my life. And that’s part of why I love them so much. There’s a lot of stuff happening. My love interest Catherine, is back. Played by Michelle of course.

And she’s kind of …. it looks like she is going to be around a little more. Cause we had….. It’s one thing we haven’t had with McGarrett, it’s kind of, you know, love stuff.

It’s all hectic, people dying and people getting saved. And all the other stuff. So, there’s going to be more of that, so I’m told.

And of course we open up with mom, so. That’s…..we’re about to shoot that. I’m really excited.

Tannya: Oh, I can’t wait to see that. Are you a momma’s boy in real life?

Alex: Ah, yeah, completely.


Tannya: Love that, people. The women are swooning, out there. Alex, so nice to have you back.

Thanks for taking time to talk with us today.

Alex: Thank you. You’re welcome


Tannya: Alright. Aloha

Alex: Aloha.

Link to interview


My thoughts

  • Alex’s demeanour at this blessing in 2012 with the start of Season 3, was so different to the Alex we saw at the blessing ceremony last year in 2014 with the start of Season 5. Kind of sad for me that he did not keep that same level of excitement for this year. The opportunities in the development of his character and the acting potential it brought for him in Season 3, can clearly be seen on his face.


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2 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin with Tannya Joaquin after the #H50 Blessing Ceremony, Season 3 (11 July 2012)

  1. alexnymph

    What a cutie–just look at his and face and expressions.

    ‘Women are always creating havoc in my life.” I always wondered about that comment–was he being cute/flip or true? Of course no one outside of Oahu knew he had a baby on the way, was this part of it? Lots of changes in his life that year. He did look happy to be back, and that was nice to see.


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