SOTB 2 – #AlexOLoughlin talking to Teri & Keahi from HNN – Sept 2011

Alex talking to Teri Okita and Keahi Tucker

from Hawaii News Now

on the red carpet of Sunset On The Beach 2

on 10 September 2011.

Alex On HNN

Keahi: Thank you so much. Here with Alex O’Loughlin. Steve McGarrett himself. How are you doing?

Alex: Very well. Thank you. How are you?

Keahi: Pretty good. So it’s taken you a good 20 minutes probably go 50 yards from the street over to here.

Alex: Yeah

Keahi: What’s taking so long? You’ve got a lot of people to talk to?

Alex: Lots of my…. You know, 10 000 of my closest friends, that I’m trying to catch up with, on my way to you.

Keahi: You got any interesting questions?

Alex: No not yet. A lot of screaming in my face. And so…. [laughs]. I’m trying to get through the screams to the questions, but…..

Keahi: Surely by now you’re used to being a heartthrob? The Man…. Or does it still feel kind of strange?

Alex: Umm…. I’m sorry to turn my back on you.

Teri: No worries.

Alex: Should we huddle?

Teri: Okay, okay, yeah.

Alex Interview Teri & Keahi

Teri: I’ll huddle with Alex. Let’s do the interview like this.

[Laughs and inaudible comments from the crowd]

Teri: I know. I am. Eat your hearts out.

Alex: It feels good to be here man. That’s all I know about that.

Keahi: We’ve got about a hundred people standing just off camera right here.

Alex: I know….and look at…

Keahi: Looking, screaming

Alex: [To the crowd] Did you guys see the waves today?

[Screams from the crowd]

Alex: Look at that.


Keahi: Did you surf today?

Alex: I didn’t. No I kind of slept ….. and hung with my dog.

Keahi: Level with me here. I know Scott Caan is a big time surfer. How much of a surfer are you? And be honest.

Alex: Oh, I’m a terrible surfer man.

Keahi: No, you’re lying.

Alex: Yeah no, I’m not. I’m bad. It’s a pretty steep learning curve, but I love it so much. I can get up and surf on a wave.

Keahi: How often to you go?

Alex: As often as I can. Which is about once or twice a week.

Keahi: What is the biggest wave you’ve surfed so far?

Alex: Here?

Keahi: Yeah.

Alex: Umm. The biggest wave is….. Well I wiped out on a couple of kind of 10ft. faces, but the biggest I’ve got up on, is probably like an 8ft. face.

Keahi: Nice

Alex: Yeah, little baby ones compared to the, the North Shore ….

Keahi: The producers must be freaked out, telling you “Don’t get…. “.

Alex: Nah. It’s just the jagged reef underneath.

Keahi: Just a Million Dollar TV franchise.

Alex: Yeah, you know. Billion Dollar TV franchise.


Keahi: That’s true, you know. You raise a good point. The business angle.

Teri: Yes, let’s.

Keahi: Teri will probably know a lot about this.

Teri: Let’s talk about the work a little bit, Alex.

Alex: Are you good to keep hugging?

Teri: Yeah.

Alex: Okay.

Teri: Okay, if you want too. But so, we talked about raising the bar. You know, Season 1, the finale was AMAZING.

Alex: Thank you.

Teri: So how do you raise the bar this season? To do even better?

Alex: Well, you know what, that’s up to people like Peter Lenkov, who is our showrunner. Our incredible team of writers, you know, I mean, they deliver all the material that …… You know, I mean, once I get… that’s where it all starts. And we just try to be …. you know, do what we do with the material.

But it really starts in the writing room. And they have these incredible ideas. And…. having a great directing team, as well as a great acting team. You know everybody who works on the show is great at what they do. And that’s … it’s a true collaboration. And this is what it looks like in a hit show, I guess. I’ve never had it before you know, so…...


Teri: What do you guys do? Where are you? Where will we find you at 9 o’clock, on a Monday night, in Hawaii?

Alex: Where will you find me?

Teri: Are you watching the show?

Alex: I try to watch the show. I can usually….. It’s difficult for me to watch it when it airs, with the rest of you. Because can’t afford the time. It’s better for me just to watch the 42 minutes on the disc. Cause then I can get back to work. We work ….. we work a lot.

Teri: Oh, I know. I know. You’re working 17 – 18 hours a day, sometimes. Or more.

Alex: Yeah. We do, we do. We try not to do those days. But, sometimes you have to.

Teri: Yeah.


Keahi: We were talking to your boss earlier. David Stapf, the president of CBS studios.

Alex: Yeah.

Keahi: And they took a chance on you. They put you in a couple of different shows that didn’t work out before this. At some point in your career, were you thinking, “Oh my goodness, is this, is this really going to work for me?” And at what point did you realise, “Yes”?

Alex: Well look CBS has been my biggest champion. And David and Nina and Les are just … you know. I will be forever, be indebted and love them for the support they have given me over the years.
The thing for me in the face of two shows that haven’t worked ….. you know, do I want to go through that again? And if I do and it doesn’t work again, what does it mean? And you know, I just asked everybody, what the thought, in my life and they were like, “You’re an idiot, if you don’t it. It’s Hawaii Five-0”.

Keahi: Right.

Alex: And so, you know, I just kind of went in blind. But I trust them implicitly. And, and this is why. This is testament to …… Of course all of us doing our job here…. but those guys are the visionaries.

Teri: An even bigger turnout than last year.

Alex: Yeah.


Teri: Did you see your fans from Australia again?

Alex: Yeah, not yet. I’ve heard a couple of Aussie voices in the crowd. But I’ll catch up with them.

Teri: They’re on the end of the red carpet, waiting for you.

Alex: Okay, there it is. I think I’m going there now.

Teri: You have a good time.

Keahi: Alex, so nice to talk with you. Thanks for your time.

Alex: Pleasure to meet you.

Keahi: And good luck. I know you got long way to go.

Alex: Yeah, this is the first stop, so wish me luck.

[Alex going on to kiss Teri and she turns away]


Teri: You get…..

[Teri then kisses Alex on the cheek]

Alex: Oh that was weird.

Keahi: There he is, the man himself, Alex O’Loughlin……

A big warm thank you to Jill (Vanduyn) for saving this interview and sharing it with us. Seems HNN doesn´t keep their lovely Alex videos up on their own site anymore. We searched and couldn’t find this, till Jill came to our rescue 😀

Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park and Alex O'Loughlin at the 'Hawaii Five-O' premiere, Hawaii


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11 responses to “SOTB 2 – #AlexOLoughlin talking to Teri & Keahi from HNN – Sept 2011

  1. karen1228

    One question. How could that woman have turned away from Alex as he went to kiss her????

    Thanks to Jill for sharing! Never saw this interview!!


  2. Thank you so much Jill for sharing this! He was so relaxed and absolutely mouthwatering gorgeous in it!
    Not sure what episode was being filmed during the time of SOTB? He was starting to lose weight, but he still had a sparkle in his eye and he was as adorable as ever!
    Thanks Foyeur for all your hard work in transcribing these gems and Paula for your wonderful gifs. Love the awkward kiss! I’m sure if I ever have the chance to kiss this man, it may be awkward as well. 😛 He may not be able to pry my lips off his face. :*


  3. I just love this interview, thank you so much for sharing it 🙂


  4. Thanks Jilly and Paula and FOYeur . I was there but have never seen this interview!!!


    • Good to know that we are still bringing “new” old stuff to some of you. It makes it all worth while to share Alex! ❤
      And it is really great to have Alex-fans like Jill around who care and share. If we can't share him with others, the fun is all lost. 😀


  5. SanDee

    I can’t believe Teri Okita in this! It’s not like she’s covering war-torn Afghanistan or something! It’s an entertainment piece on SOTB. She seems ill at ease with Alex putting his arm around her and she totally botched that kiss! Geez, woman! It’s Alex O’Loughlin! Are you NUTS? 😂


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