Alex O’Loughlin; rocking the Buzz Cut over the years……

We thought it might be a good idea to do a few posts on subjects that we saw people are searching for on the internet, in regards to Alex. So these posts will be a more intensely researched and concentrated extension of our funny ‘searches’ posts, which we have done in the past….


  • alex oloughlin buzz cut

  • alex o’loughlin hairstyle



Alex 2002

His hair was a little bit longer on the top here, but we thought it would be fun to include it as well. This was taken in 2002 for a magazine article in “Blue”, about “Sydney’s Sexiest Barmen”. Alex worked as a barman at that time, to support himself while studying at NIDA.


  • alex o’loughlin movie shaved head & tattoos


The Invisible

Alex O'Loughlin - 2005


Hiatus Buzz


 The Mohawk and after…


  • what happened to alex o loughlins hair in season 3

  • alex o’loughlin hair piece 2014

  • does alex o’loughlin wear a toupee


Steve got a cut

For Episode 3:20 of Hawaii Five-0, they gave Alex a buzz cut to film the scenes of Steve from the past, when he was doing his Navy SEAL, BUD’s training in 2000. For the rest of that episode and for the next episode (3:21) they gave him an ugly red wig to wear. Fortunately they threw that away and for the rest of Season 3 and the most part of Season 4, his hair was just short. 😦

My Thoughts

Alex can rock the buzz cut at any time, as you can see above. I think he proved that he looks great, no matter how his hair is cut, on many occasions. The buzz cut, for his role of Marcus in the movie ‘The Invisible, worked very well and he looked gorgeous.  Having said that, I still prefer him with longer hair like in ‘The Back-up Plan and Season 1 of Hawaii Five-0′. I feel it makes him look younger – not that I mind him looking older at all. 😛

I guess what I am trying to say is that on the odd occasion he looks great with the buzz cut, but I prefer it not being that short for long periods of time. 🙂



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13 responses to “Alex O’Loughlin; rocking the Buzz Cut over the years……

  1. Cwtshjan

    I totally agree. I love him when his hair is long enough to have a little neck curl. Marcus looked really good but he was much younger then.


  2. Spoken like a true woman, my friend. ❤ You like it when you like it and don't when you don't. LOL I like his short hair, but not with a full beard like last summer. Season 1 and Stan hair were the best. I like a little something to hold on to. 😛 As long as they keep it's natural color, I will be "mostly" happy. Not fond of his look for TV guide with all the hair. Then again, the wet shirt was pretty hot. I guess we can always find something sexy about Alex, regardless of what his current style is.


  3. debras57

    I like him with more length to it, the short buzz is making him look far too old. Noticed a change in his face also, it seems fuller. I would love his hair to be a bit longer, he isn’t in the military anymore. Also loved his full beard. He carries a beard off well, when it’s just the two day scruffy look or a full beard. The beard he had at his wedding was awesome though. Longer hair and the beard at his wedding would be good.


  4. ohhhhhh the grey hair in the beard. falling off in a weakness. i love the hair longer to be honest, still a fan of the buzz cut. but oh the grey. sigh


  5. Leah

    Thank you for explaining the use of the horrid red wig in season 3. I had wondered about it previously and now it makes sense (the REASON it was used – NOT why it was so bad). 🙂


  6. Colleen

    I agree with you completely Foyeur. TBUP and season 1 of Hawaii Five O was the best Alex has looked. I’ll always adore him but when ever he has a buzz cut I have to look at him from his eyes down. Which is not a punishment by any means. Lol. Great post.


  7. Marcus wins the buzz cut look by a million miles! Damn he looked sexy back then 🙂


  8. Sandra

    I think we all agree, Alex is breathtaking, no matter what, except when he was not well in season 2, that was heartbreaking.


  9. debras57



  10. Yotaka Pingkasan

    I like the Hawaii five 0
    … You are great.


  11. joyfuljaj

    i thought i had commented on this back in the day, but i guess my comments were elsewhere. I prefer short on the sides with a little length on top. S5:1 was the absolute best! I agree that season 3/4 buzz cut made his face look round. I always wished they would have just made the sides shorter. I have heard him say before he likes it short because of how hot it gets in Hawaii (why i guess he has kept it short on hiatus – at least before he was married he did).


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