H50 5.12 – Vintage automobile troubles

Steve looked fabulous, even with all the suffering over his beloved car. I found Danno teasing Steve over the car theft funny 🙂 I felt it fit in with the overly distraught Steve.

The COTW was ok, but what I didn´t like was the overly sentimental scenes in this epi. They turned even the car theft to a mushy story. Starting off with Grover´s daughter screaming (I hated it!) and then Chin and Grover talking about her suffering. Boring.  😦 I wish they had left the car theft as a funny story. Did we really need to see Steve give the guy a new, happy start in life. Too mushy. Yup, less violins for me, please.

Thankfully Steve´s face always makes for good captures 🙂



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12 responses to “H50 5.12 – Vintage automobile troubles

  1. Kim

    Although I don’t agree with you about the epi and its mushiness (I love this episode!), I am with you on how fabulous Steve looked. I don’t think I have expressed it on here before, but I always appreciate your wonderful captures, thank you!


  2. Colleen

    Wow beautiful job Paula! I really liked this episode. I thought it was smart that the writers brought up some of Chins and Grovers daughters past. That seemed real to me. Steve running with grace was sweet and the sadness in his face about his car was understandable. That was something he shared with his dad. Alex looked amazing and his acting in this made my heart melt. Sorry that was longer than I had planned. 😊


  3. vanduyn

    Awesome gifs Paula!! Thanks so much!


  4. debras57

    The emotion was captured as to how he loved the car that was his Dad’s. I think any of us would be emotional if something was stolen that was left to us by a parent. I do love the last big picture you have of Steve. Alex has the longest eyelashes and they sure show in that picture. I enjoyed the show, but do agree the part of getting the kid a job was too much, I thought he was going to say the kid had to go into the military instead to stay out of trouble.


  5. I loved this episode. I like when Steve is all mushy. Alex looked great and I loved that dark gray shirt. Nice pics, I was hoping for the money shot 😉


  6. Love the whole episode. Where was the fence jumping picture?


  7. HOT DAY-UM!!!
    1. Hot-Legs McGarrett tearing up the ‘hood!
    2. Double-your-pleasure thigh holsters + Kevlar!p0rn
    3. Nekkid!triggerfinger p0rn!
    4. McSmurf Lashes + bonus McNipply
    5. Steve the Science Guy – His chemical reactions make panties spontaneously combust!


  8. 6. OMG! I forgot about the ArmVeinP0rn –dis-ARM me pleeeeeeze! And throw me on the ground, and read me my rights…or….some bedtime stories…
    No spike-trap torture pit for me, though, please.


  9. Great! Finally!
    Everyone’s annoyed with Danny for snarky comments about the car, but I also thought it was a bit funny and a LOT of mushy! Come on, Steve – tough Navy SEAL – almost crying over some REALLY junk car? of course Danny would use the chance to make jokes!
    But the last scene, where Danny says to Steve about broken toys – that was so emotional for me… when you look at the team, they were all “broken” at some point, and Steve helped them in every way possible


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