H50 5.12 promo – Bouncing uncle Steve

We don´t often post promos here, but decided this jogging scene looks fun enough. Breaking sweat with uncle Steve, I would totally run with him. Well, behind him anyway 😉



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9 responses to “H50 5.12 promo – Bouncing uncle Steve

  1. Something to look forward to! 😛


  2. Colleen

    I’m looking forward to this. I’m like you girls, I would try to run with him but end up passing out on the sidewalk. Lol. That could have its advantages though if I needed CPR! Thanks ladies. 😄


  3. buttercup4u

    I love his shoulders in this wet tee 😉 i adore his shoulder muscles, (and gracies pink running outfit)! As i said before, elsewhere, his soft voice screaming all these smoothing words isn’t healthy for me *thud*!! Thanks for the gifs!


  4. vanduyn

    Steve in shorts! Running no less!! Can’t wait!


  5. Bring it on !!! i think this is awesome. Danno’s little Grace is quite the little lady now.


  6. buttercup4u

    Why is steve telling grace to stay there and not to move? It looks like they are just in front of steve’s house with the car coming around ?


  7. annama

    No se ve l video….:(


  8. Lee Ann

    I, too, hated Grover’s daughter’s screaming & Ghin/Grover’s talk – so my solution was – the MUTE button. Liked the rest of this episode cause there was a lot going on & it moved along fast. (That car should be “bronzed” & kept in Steve’s garage.)


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