True love for Steve and Mr. Pickles

How long have I waited for this? How long till 5.17? I need more Mr. Pickles and Steve cuddling smiley-Black_cat___Free_avatar_by_ReiketuI said to Foyeur that Alex is holding the cat a bit weird, she noted that he is holding it like a baby smiley-die-laughing

mr pickles loves mcg

Peter Lenkov tweeted the pic and also shared it on IG, but seems he deleted both already? Is this a super secret kitty?


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28 responses to “True love for Steve and Mr. Pickles

  1. You ladies are on it! I love it. 🙂


  2. I love it. It is outstanding! ❤ ❤


  3. true he is holding like a baby!! I didn’t notice!😍


  4. I Love Alex and I love CATS What a gorgeous combination!! Mr Pickles is almost as handsome as Alex!!!
    Thank you Paula,


  5. Colleen

    Too cute!!! You girls are right he is holding it like a baby. I wish it was a puppy but as far as cats go it is cute. 😃


  6. gracenotpark

    LOL!! PL deleted an Alex pic that happens to also be a cat pic? Has he never experienced the Internet? Alex pics and cat pics live forevah! Combined? That pic’ll still be circulating when the world ends. Martians will be passing that sucker around the under-ground water cooler. 😆


  7. alexnymph

    HILARIOUS! The photo as well as the comments!

    LOVE Mr. Pickles! (Is he horny, baby?)

    Now, if we could get Alex holding Mr. Pickles while hula-hooping, well, we’d all be dead zombies on the floor 😉


  8. I am a dog person, but this??? Oh my… His face is hilarious. Both faces, lol…
    And you are right, he is holding it like little Lion. Maybe he is so used to, he can’t do it in another way?
    May I asked why you call him Mr. Pickles? I googled it and I only found a dog in an animated TV show. *scratches head* Seems that everybody knows why, I feel a little bit stupid… 😆


  9. Ah, thank you FOYeur, I’ve seen it on twitter but never read the instagram post. It vanished too quickly for me…
    Maybe he couldn’t handle the stampede of squealing fans 😉


  10. OH, so glad you caught this. I had missed it. So cute. 🙂


  11. I’m a dog person but this is surely too cute! Thanks for capturing it, I missed it as well. Is it from the episode where Steve and Danny are living together while undercover because that would be even more adorable! 😀


  12. meina

    “whaaat? who said that? who said that he’s cuter than me?” said Mr. Pickles #reallylovethispic😍

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  13. Andrea

    maybe this is BTS pic… maybe it’s not from episode, but some cat wondering around the set and Alex played with it… we all remember Moonlight, right?


  14. debras57

    Maybe it’s his own cat, he said he also had some gecko’s as pets in one article. The cat is obviously comfortable with him like it knows him. The cute smile on his face as he holds it is sweet.


    • He also ones mentioned (old interview) the best cat is your friend´s cat 🙂
      It would be great if he had a cat of his own.


      • debras57

        I was wondering – you said the pic got pulled, what if it was a gift for someone and it got out there by accident so that was why Peter pulled it. Gift for Malia or the kids. Ooopss.


        • Kind if sure the cat will be used in episode 517 when Steve and Danny goes undercover. Think it might belong to their neighbour or maybe it is the thief. This is the spoiler that was posted about it: ( )
          Will there be any big McDanno bromance episodes this season on Hawaii Five-0? — Sarah
          You betcha! In fact, I can exclusively reveal that one of them will involve Cloris Leachman. “We have a great episode where McGarrett and Danny are on a long-term stake out,” executive producer Peter Lenkov says. “They move into this apartment together and Cloris Leachman is a nosy neighbor who keeps popping by. When she finds out they’re cops, she wants them to help her investigate the person stealing her fern.” But being cooped up in a house together will cause some drama, which will land the boys back in therapy.

          According to Cocojor Spaw, Dusty was visiting with them on that day the picture was taken and I think it was to keep her and Mr Pickles separated, because Dusty is normally on set with Alex.


  15. Lori

    It was good until the end when apparently the dog attacked the cat and they thought it was a big joke. Not funny.


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