H50 5.11 – Steve´s work and play

A nice episode, there were few moments where I missed Alex, but I am guessing they are giving him more time off. And he is not always center of a scene, but more like a support. Especially in this epi with the chef Morimoto and Kamekona scenes. I think I just need to accept this is how the show will roll this season. But then, while capturing McG, there was plenty to work on, so no more complaining 🙂




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27 responses to “H50 5.11 – Steve´s work and play

  1. A basic throw away episode. Was there even a mention as to where Danny was? Alex looked great as usual. Loved the suit. And I liked having Kamekona with a little story line, that as fun.
    Paula, the suit pic the long one showing all of Alex is blurry on my computer. 511 McG – backg


  2. karen1228

    I enjoyed the epi, it was fun and well written. Interesting, I felt Steve was around a lot and was himself, in command and control. As for Danny, he was at his book signing. No hate but I didn’t miss him, didn’t miss the snarkiness, and obnoxious sarcasm (I know it’s his character but 5 seasons in, it’s worn thin) and everyone seemed to have a good time. Its good to have a little backstory on the others and Kamekonos was no exception. Hoping for more of the same.


    • I didn´t miss Scott either, was nearly halfway when I first realised they haven´t even brought his absence up 😀
      But it´s better this way, than to have him forced in the scenes somehow (via bluescreen especially).
      I think I would prefer the others handling the case, and show us more of Steve doing other stuff. I know we have gotten it too, but there´s never enough of “casual” Steve for me.


      • karen1228

        agreed! Forgot to mention I loved the wink between Steve and Kono (wish they’d explore that avenue but it’ll never happen)


        • I also think the wink was nice – but then again, I kind of ship them a little 🙂


        • I am a McKono shipper since S1 and I missed their little moments. So I loved this wink and his mischievous smile as he was telling her about her undercover job. I think they are perfect together. So now let’s get rid of Adam… 😉


      • i must say i didn’t miss Danny also. it’s disturbing because this is the 2nd episode without him and then again i didn’t feel i miss him. i was afraid to write it but now that i’m not the only one……i loved Kamekona and it was so nice seeing him as big as he is as small was his confidence towards the competition. and i loved the plot – i was sure the husband had something to do with it so i loved the twist.


  3. Danny has a book? Wow, I miss the details. What is about?


    • Karen meant Scott Caan was not there to film the episode. It was filmed during his week off from work and it was in the week that he also had his booksigning in LA for his new Photography book.
      There was however no mention in the episode of why Danny is not there.


      • Thank you for the clarification. I guess I do not pay attention enough to all this stuff to be in the know. That is why I love coming here 🙂 I missed Danny, I love the interaction with him and Steve, It never gets old to me. And I agree with Kono and Steve but i missed the wink. I ended up watching it online because I was really tired last night and taped the wrong channel.


  4. karen1228

    Visage 13 – he did another photography book.


  5. Colleen

    I liked this episode and didn’t even notice Danny was missing until it was almost over. Alex looked amazing in that suit and the dark blue shirt. Wow. I might have been seeing things but did the tattoo on his right arm look different? I thought it looked longer and had some yellow in it. Awesome pictures. You ladies are amazing. 😄


  6. Hi Colleen
    The tattoos normally look a bit faded on Hawaii Five -0, but in last nights episode it might have looked more visible against that bright blue shirt.
    Alex changed that right bicep tattoo during the course of 2005 by adding those round loops at the bottom of it. From what I could see, they have always been coloured in like that, with yellow since the beginning and the first time we saw them was in ‘The Invisble’ for a fleeting moment.
    Here is the pic from 2012 that shows you the colour and how low it goes. https://alexoloughlinintensestudy.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/aol_120501_03.jpg?w=300&h=572
    Sometimes, depending on the light, the yellow is just more visible I think 🙂


    • Colleen

      Wow thank you for explaining that to me. If anyone was going to know the answer I thought it would be you. You always have the correct answer to any question. 😄


  7. r1015bill

    Have no idea where I read it, but I understand the “round loops” added to the Geiger tattoo to be lotus blossoms or lotus petals.


    • I think it must have been speculation you read – but most probably correct speculation.
      They kind of look like some sort of flower (most probably a lotus) as seen from above, but as an image underneath the rest of the tattoo – the old tattoo, kind of resting on the flower (If that makes any sense 😀 )
      I think we can only speculate on what flower it is, because Alex himself has never revealed any information about his tattoos, as far as I know.


  8. vanduyn

    Oh my good God! I love this post so much! Paula you’ve outdone yourself with the gifs and pics. At least for me you have. You managed to capture the best of the epi!! Thanks so much 😀


  9. Sonja

    Thanx Paula for this awesome post! The pics, the gifs … I love them all! Alex in a suit is sexy as hell, isn’t he!?
    And to be honest? I didn’t miss Danno at all … but though it would be nice if they would explain in some way why a core member is missing in the episode …


  10. Leah

    Great work ladies, as usual! I enjoyed this episode very much because of the variety of scenes ranging from the usual tough stuff/take down to the undercover to the casual setting of the shrimp contest. Especially since this allowed for a wide range in Alex’s wardrobe – blue button-up shirt, dark blue polo, Kamekona yellow t-shirt, badass kevlar and, of course, THE YUMMY SEXY SUIT!
    I also was amused with the close-up of Alex fidgiting in his suit in the background. As vanduyn stated – makes him even more endearing 🙂
    Sorry to say that I also missed the McG/Kono wink. 😦 Anyone happen to have a short clip of it or describe the whereabouts or scene?
    Thanks for the fantastic post!!


  11. I’m staring at the screen and drooling over the keyboard. TPD/FLR

    TY Paula


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