H50 5.10 – Steve “fighting off” Ellie

Pretty solid procedural epi, but hard to capture apart from Steve´s pretty face. Did anyone else think Ellie might have been setting Steve up for a date with herself 😉 …maybe just my imagination. That narrator´s voice was so great, reminded me of Moonlight and Alex softly narrating Mick´s thoughts. I think they should do another epi like this, having Steve´s thoughts narrated by Mick 😉

This is what caught my eye. Enjoy 🙂

“Love to hate”

 “Procedural McG”





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12 responses to “H50 5.10 – Steve “fighting off” Ellie

  1. karen1228

    That same thought crossed my mind! But I hope not, at least not yet (and if I’m honest with myself, not ever). I enjoyed the episode and Steve was front and center and was Steve, not the silly caricature of himself the writers have been pushing on us. The writers did a good job (even though the cast of characters was large enough to rival a Hollywood epic production!) and I’m hoping they stay this course! 2 more new episodes to come! I’m doing a happy dance!!


  2. What woman wouldn’t want to set Steve up for a date with herthighs, oops, herself? Anyway, I’d love to go one round boxing with McG, fake an injury, and when he’s checking on me in a horizontal position, I will switch sports to wrestling…. ha!

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  3. My interpretation of Ellie was that she did have a friend…if you were interested in a man how many of you would DARE to set him up with a friend.I certainly wouldn’t and IMHO Ellie is “old & smart” enough NOT to play games with Steve. I think if she did want to go out with him she would ask him herself. I was glad, however, that he declined (no matter who was asking). That could mean we see him single for a while.

    I liked the episode it was not only a change of pace but it gave a different perspective. I liked the ending where the PI stated that the Island(s) were much safer knowing McGarrett was on the job.

    I was also surprised at a few other things:
    1. Danny didn’t yell at anyone this episode and was nice to the new ME.
    2. Chin had Jerry living with him.
    3. There was a bit more focus on the new ME AND Max showed a sympathetic side.

    I enjoyed this episode. I was a bit confused as to why Steve and Ellie were sparring but I guess that was to show their friendship progressing….to me it was a little disjointed…maybe I am old fashioned but I would think most men would (for the most part) want a woman to be feminine….I can understand a women liking sports but (seriously) how many would actually spar with a man. Even is he’s “gentle” he can still hurt her. I think it should’ve been her watching him spar and encouraging him to date her friend. But that, again, IMHO. THANKS!


  4. I enjoyed this episode immensely. The part where Steve and Ellie where sparring was quite entertaining shame Alex wasn’t shirtless and Steve’s friendship with Ellie is growing on me as they aren’t forcing her as a love interest like all the other women in the recent hawaii 5-0 past.


  5. spurschick

    Maybe it was just really good sound editing, but it sounded like they were really clocking the crap out of each other. I’m sorry, but I can’t see Steve hitting a woman in the face like that. Yes, she had the padded helmet thing on, but still. Friend or not, that just seemed very odd. If I was Steve, and I knew that I could beat the pulp out of her, I wouldn’t take a chance on accidentally hitting too hard. And the whole set-up with the friend thing is weird too. Maybe Ellie is gay. That would be awesome.

    I got the impression that maybe Danny kinda likes the new ME. I thought he had a new girl, but I wouldn’t put it past Show to hook them up.


    • LOL
      Spursy, your comments are my Steve-post for tomorrow! 😀


      • spurschick



        • I can’t see Steve hitting a woman either g/f, friend or not. He isn’t that type so that was a little odd and a bit uncomfortable to watch.

          Maybe the new ME will be a love interest for Danny…he needs someone around his own age and someone who won’t put up with his crap.

          I hope that Elly doesn’t become another “forced” fixture in the series….placing her in scenes she doesn’t need to be in.


  6. karen

    Peter said in a new interview that Steve and Ellie are only friends. It seems the new ME will be a love interest of Danny, since his currant GF has an ex who will come back into the picture. He also said that he is planning for a season ending that will be a cliffhanger, and also an ending that will be a series finale. THAT upset me greatly.


    • Peter Lenkov is preparing for both scenarios….if the show doesn’t get renewed then a series finale will be the way to go otherwise there will be a cliff hanger.

      I did read that Steve will come to Danny’s rescue when a “romantic” getaway goes awry.

      I hope they get renewed!


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