#AlexOLoughlin & #ScottCaan – TCA Interviews for #H50, July 2012 – ET Online & ExtraTV

TCA interview, July 2012

This is not really an interview, but more just Alex and Scott talking about stuff. Not sure what questions were asked, to whatever they said in the end.


Alex: Anytime working as an actor in television, on a procedural show… Any time I get to do character stuff, it’s like, that’s a good day for me, you know. And so … and that being said, Peter and the team in the writing room, actually give us …. comparatively, they give us a lot of character stuff, for a show like this.

And so you know, I mean the stuff with mom … was, the more I read the script, I was like, “What does he say, what does he say? You know, cause …… On … sorry, I should explain. On the actual script for the final episode of Season 2, it said, “McGarrett’s final word was …. dot, dot, dot, dot”. And I was like, “What is it?. I honestly didn’t have any idea and then they told me. And I was like, “Excellent.” I mean it opens up so many avenues for story and for emotional kind of new …. emotional arc’s for me and my character.

And it’s great, because whatever we do in the week to week crime story stuff, I mean, it’s fuelled by whatever else is going on in our lives. And that’s what makes the kind of interesting parts of the show, interesting. Like you said. Whatever is happening here in our friendship or whatever is kind of behind the blah, blah, blah …. that we have to say.

We just did a scene yesterday, where we’re in the HQ and something is going …. I mean he’s …… he just starts having a go at me. We were talking about some scene, whatever the crime is going on, and Danno is like up in my grill about something …. my tattoos. And I am like, “What? And it’s got nothing to do with the scene. You know, it’s all to do with what’s happening with Grace and with Rachel.

So that’s the stuff that makes it … I don’t think it makes more fun to play, but it makes it … it’s real life. I mean that’s what happens. Whoever you are, we’re never the same every day. Our moods are affected by … you know, … ‘burning our mouth on our hot tea, while our co-star is talking, because we feel like we need to upstage him’. Things like that you know. Like we’ll argue for 2 hours after that.


Scott: I miss LA. I love LA.

Alex: I don’t.

Scott: I always, you know….

Alex: Sorry.


Scott: …. where I wanna be. But being there is really cool. All that kind of crap that comes with LA, it doesn’t exist there, you know. You just kind of wake up and go outside. You don’t really have to put clothes on. Go surfing, and do Jiu-Jitsu and come home and write or work.

You can do whatever you want to do. It’s very…very…. it’s, it’s

Alex: It’s a pretty healthy life…

Scott: I’m not much of a relaxer. But even in working, not necessarily doing the show, cause that’s, you feel like you could be anywhere when you’re actually working. But the downtime is very conducive to whatever you want it to be for. If you want to relax, it’s relaxing. If you want to work and get a lot done, you can.


Alex: You know it’s interesting, as a sort of transplant from Australia, you know, many years ago. LA, of course, there are natives like Scotty who were born and raised here in LA. But LA’s …. well one of the main differences with … between LA and Hawaii, for me ….. I love LA.

You know, I was kidding before. I lived here for a really long time. I really like coming back. I have a house here, so. But LA is kind of full of a lot of people that are here because they want to get somewhere else. Whereas Hawaii is full of people who wanna be in Hawaii …. and so that kind of …. the zeitgeist is different. The general kind of feeling is different.

It’s healthy, it’s kind of happy. People workout in LA cause they wanna be like (pouting) …. you know, look. People work out in Hawaii cause they want to live longer and be with their family, you know, for more years. It’s kind of healthy.

Scott: Not get beat up by other Hawaiians.

Alex: That’s true too.

TCA - CBS Party - July 2012

 Link to interview

Alex and Scott on Extra TV


Maria Menounos: [Looking at their socks] I like this. Did you guys plan it?

TCA 2012 1

Alex: Unplanned.

Scott: No.

TCA 2012

Maria: So tell me about the new season.

Scott: What do you want to know?

Maria: What should we expect?

Scott: I don’t know. What do you wanna know?

TCA 2012 3

Maria: I wanna know everything.

Alex: We’re excellent.

Scott: I guarantee this.

Alex: Cause we’re more excellent.

Scott: People are going to get murdered.

Alex: Yup.

Maria: Okay.

TCA 2012

Scott: And we’re going to figure out who did it.

Alex: We’re going to figure out who did it.

Scott: I guarantee…

Alex: Quick. We’re going to figure it out quickly.

Scott:  We’re going to amaze you with how fast we figure things out.

Extra Interview

Link to Extra interview

TCA 2012 - 3




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  1. Purpldy from LLOL and I saw Alex in the hotel that day. We behaved like ladies and NOT screaming fan girls!!! {It was DIFFICULT LOL} but he was working and we did not want to disturb him. I don’t think I could have stood up anyway —We were very close by and he looked outrageously BEAUTIFUL. {SighI


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