Transcript: Alex Live on HNN, Season 5 Blessing Ceremony – 8 July 2014

Tannya & Alex 2014

Tannya: Alex, I hate to interrupt but we are live. Can we talk to our fans here?

Alex: Hey guys!


Tannya: I didn´t hate to interrupt, actually.

Alex: I’ve got coffee (in hand) and a mint in my mouth and we’re live … that´s fantastic.

Tannya: Talk about the beard, because we had a little fun conversation off camera about it.


Alex: Well, I don´t know why, it´s such a big deal … I love …. it´s my man-ness. It´s actually my vacation face, so you know … I´ve had lots of different … it´s funny, you grow a beard like this and people just run up and just offer their opinion: “Hey yah!” Can you imagine I walked up to you and went, “Your pants are terrible. Your face is…there’s something wrong with your face”.  You’ll be like ….


Tannya: It’s like they own it. Have some ownership.

Alex: Yeah, it´s like they own my face. But I´ve got to shave it today anyway.

Tannya & Alex

Tannya: Yeah, I think CBS might have it, to get back into character.

Alex: You were there when one of the wardrobe girls asked for, asked for use of it as a merkin. Which I still don´t know. I don’t know what a merkin is?

Tannya: You gonna see this for sale on Ebay soon. Something like that. Well a lot of shows don´t make it to season 5. You were getting close to mama drama. You got close to her. Catherine, you had a good thing. All your women are abandoning you.

Alex: Yeah.

Tannya: You have some issues.

Alex: You wonder why I grew a beard like this? Cause I didn´t know what else to do. Yeah, I don´t know what they´ve got planned for this season. I know that there’s um … You know, it´s exciting to be here. I can´t talk about stories, because I don´t know any. I honestly … I swear to god. I´m very excited to be here. I’m very excited to be going to season 5. I mean, it´s really hard to have… get a hit TVshow… It’s hard to get a show on the air. It´s even harder to make it a hit. You know, and I don´t know what the recipe is, but we’re just going to do what we did every year and work really hard together … and you know … I´m nervous, we are doing 25 episodes this year. That´s a lot of TV. We’ve never done that many before. We do 22 or 24. And the years we did 24, we were all like (face of exhaustion). We are going to do 25 this year so …


Tannya: Incredible

Alex: Yeah, it’s incredible…

Tannya: A long shoot. Well, I’m getting a wrap in my ear, which I can not believe. But we’ll wrap this coverage. Can ??? we do the interview?

Alex: I thought you look distracted. You looked distracted.

Tannya: I know.

Alex: And someone was actually talking to you?

Alex & Tannya Blessing 5

Tannya: They said sorry. Yes, someone was …… Really? He can read me like that.

Alex: I knew it.

Tannya: We have this little connection of five seasons of interviews.

Alex: So what happens now? Who’s coming on instead of us?

Tannya: I don’t know. What is the news story ….. that bumps Alex O’Loughlin?

Alex: I can’t believe they just cut us.

Tannya: What is the news story, guys? Can you tell me?


Anchor in Studio: Nothing. I’m totally distracted. I have been mesmerized by every word Alex has said.

Tannya: The female co-anchor says we should keep going.

Alex: Oh, we should keep going. Oh okay, good. No, if they’ve got to bump us, they’ve got to bump us. It’s nice to see you this morning.

Tannya: Nice to see you too.

Alex: Would you let me know. E-mail me or something and let me know what came on and took precedence over our interview?

Tannya: You seriously want me to wrap. I have a star who is willing to talk with us? I’ve never had this happen before. I’m sorry.

Alex: It’s okay, we’ve got other interviews to do, anyway. I know when I’m needed and when I’m loved. Thank you.

Tannya: I’m losing fans on Facebook now.

Alex: Thank you. See you.

Tannya: Thank you.

Alex: Bye.

Alex with coffee in hand

Link to HNN video of the event

Alex also did a short interview with

Star Advertiser:

Alex: I think there’s a difference between familiar and old hat. I don’t get jazzed up about the start anymore, because I know how long the road is ahead of us. We’re doing 25 this year, as well. That’s a lot of work. It’s a marathon, you know. And I’m sort of on top of the workload list. And I’ve got to keep myself healthy and strong and sane for the next 10 months and so… I’m very, very grateful and very excited to be back on the air for a 5th season, but I’m planning, you know. Planning how I’m going to do it.

 Link to Star Advertiser video of the event.

Blessing 5

My Thoughts

  • The day of the Blessing was not a good one for me. I really looked forward to watching it live and then with complications on my computer, I had to watch on someone elses. And I could not follow everything properly. But on top of that, I was kind of disappointed to find that it looked like they were doing it at what looked like somewhere on the side of the road in a parking lot. (Previous years were at least done indoors or in a beautiful park)
  • Needless to say, I was the most disappointed about the HNN producer, cutting Tannya and Alex short. It was definitely a person who did not grasp the concept of a once a year event taking place. Tannya was talking to Number 1 on the call sheet of the main show being shot on the Island, at the beginning of the new season’s production! I found it extremely rude.
  • I wonder if it was just because of the interview being cut, or if Tannya specifically did not ask Alex anything about his wedding, 3 months earlier? He was flashing his wedding ring for the camera, the whole time while touching his beard. Why ignore the subject?
  • And I want to voice my concern as with the SOTB interview again. What is amiss between Hawaii Five-0 and HNN this year?
  • On top of all my computer problems of that day, I also felt a bit sad that Alex looked less excited this year and came across as already tired and disheartened, even before the filming started for the new season. One good thing for me since then, is that Alex seems to be handling it fairly well and looking good. And that filming already passed the halfway mark for the season – only 10 more to be filmed.


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6 responses to “Transcript: Alex Live on HNN, Season 5 Blessing Ceremony – 8 July 2014

  1. Oh I remember me saying ‘WTH? They have the lead of 5-0 talking to them and cut it short? Really HNN?’ But I always had mixed feelings about HNN. If I remember it right their report years ago about Alex’s pain medication problem was not done in a respectable way.
    But did anybody else got the impression that Alex was really miffed about the people who thought they had the rights to tell him what to do with his face and his beard? I think he was really a little bit serious here.
    And wow can this man grow a beard.. lots of testosterone there… 😉
    Thanks again for your transcript! It’s highly appreciated!


    • The lack of SOTB coverage from HNN, was the last straw for me. Used to follow them, but really not worth the trouble if they don’t cover things we have interest in. 😦
      Your comment inspires a rant of my own, about things I see online as well…… Talking about miffed – I also get a bit miffed at fans who continuously scream their comments online that either ‘he needs to lose the beard’ or ‘lose the cigars’. Nothing wrong with nicely saying, “I don’t like the beard” or ” cigars is not good for your health” – but to demand that he get rid of it, just pisses me off as well!
      Alex is a big boy, who believe it or not, can make his own decisions, whether it is facial hair of smoking cigars. No amount of screaming from fans will change that. It’s his life, let him live it.
      No wonder he avoids social media!
      Rant over ….


      • Oh let me join your rant. You’re so right. Those people have some nerve…
        I told people a lot of times that Alex once said smoking helped with his OCD/ADD. Sadly I don’t remember the interview to prove it in writing.


  2. gracenotpark

    Well done synopsis, well put observations. This was a disappointing event this year, indeed, and my computer was working just fine! 😆 Between Alex’s premature ennui and HNN’s clear lack of interest, tho, I guess this mood was in fact the perfect intro to this lackluster season of Show, cos the writers are clearly similarly uninspired and disinterested in 5-0. It seems the only ones who were excited about this season were the fans. Some of whom are losing interest rapidly at this point.

    Interesting that it goes all the way back to this day…I had forgotten what a disappointment the opening-day festivities were this year.


    • And even at the SOTB this year, fans stated Alex was not very interested in the H50 questions by the media, he was much more thrilled to meet the fans.
      I was embarrassed for Alex to be cut off by HNN, Alex was clearly “shocked” too 😦


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