H50 5.09 – Steve and his 1200$ tree

Oy, what a frustrating episode this was for an Alex fan. I wish we had been told in advance, that he would not be really part of it. I wouldn´t have been this disappointed if I had known (and especially with weeks since we got 5.08). It´s great for Alex to get more time off, and obv this season having 25 episodes, it was expected he wouldn´t be part of them all.

If ever there was an episode to be saved with  McGarrett taking a shower, this one sure could have used it 😉



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18 responses to “H50 5.09 – Steve and his 1200$ tree

  1. evowoman88

    Not one of my favorite Christmas ones. Secondary plots were much more interesting than the main plot.


  2. lynnrxgal

    I cannot help but think that the writers of this ep did not “know” Steve McGarrett. Steve, illegally, cutting down a tree on his beloved island? So very OOC! The only thing that was true to character was that Danny had to take the rap.


    • Maybe we have formed the wrong opinion about Steve over the past 4 years? I just finished writing my recap of Steve’s story for the epi – very much sharing your sentiment. Although I do not think it is shared by many. We all see things from our own point of reference.


    • Anna Deehan

      I didn’t care for this episode either. Yes, I agree Steve would never illegally cut down the tree. Not a good role model.


  3. Not even Steve doing the hula naked under the shower with Catherine would have saved this episode. 😉


  4. Sandra

    I , for one, watch H50 for one reason, ALEX. if I want to see
    Danno, I’ll watch re-runs of Entourage. I think it was really rotten
    to do this to us , especially at Xmas. Hopefully this won’t happen
    again when we finally get new episodes.


  5. I didn´t even bother to watch this epi, cause a couple of tweets I saw of Alex light epi, I just skipped over the entire thing to the end. I really wish the end would have been more Alex focused…
    Definitely not getting a Holiday feeling from this, not even when they shot Santa in his sley over the moon.


  6. He looked so handsome in the end with his plaid button down shirt. What a waste of a non blue, tight fitting shirt ! The episode was very disappointing! Hardly any Alex or DDK. What was PL thinking? Was bored out of my mind. Here’s hoping for an Alex filled new year! I did love the “Christmas Vacation” music playing in the car after they stole the tree.


  7. I agree and I didn’t think him cutting down the tree stayed true to his character either. Episode was especially disappointing after waiting two weeks for a new episode. A few minutes of Alex is definitely unacceptable.


  8. Colleen

    I agree with you! This one reminded me of season two when Alex was in rehab and only appeared in the episodes for a second. I really missed seeing him because like a lot of you I only watch the show for him. But what little of him we saw did look great.


  9. Joy

    I am part of the rest of the “we need more Steve/Alex” crowd. This was incredibly disappointing, particularly considering how many breaks we have had between episodes. There was less ohana in this holiday special than ijn previous ones, and I thought it was needed this year more than in any other season. We can hope that meeting with the governor is an important plot development, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it meant absolutely nothing. They owe us something amazing in the new year.


  10. It wasn’t my favourite episode and I knew Alex wouldn’t be in it that much. He took a break from filming and went to Japan around the time of filming this episode. He had just done ep 7 and 8 and probably needed a rest. It was reported he was under the weather while filming ep 8 and you can hear it in his voice.
    Looking forward to 2015 because looking at the pics from ep 10 we will see more of him


  11. Lee Ann

    Again, this long awaited episode was a TOTAL disappointment – both in the crummy script/story and not enough Alex. Did PL actually approve this script? They should take the salary of the extras they keep adding (who in turn add nothing) and hire better script writers! No eps for the next two weeks (again) & then on Sat., 12/27 a rerun at 8PM. Big deal.


  12. Season 5 has become the SciFi version of H50 for me. The writers/Peter seemed to be pulling that theme in a lot. They have expanded the cast and now seem to be splitting the episodes to give them screen time especially Alex and Scott. Good for the actors, not so much for the fans. Are they running out of things to do with McG? No girlfriend, no nemesis, no family drama. Feeling a little concerned about the series longevity right now. Of course they will come back with a knock it out of the park episode I’m sure so I’ll try to keep positive.


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