#AlexOLoughlin – Singing & Dancing on ‘The Rachael Ray Show’ – 21 April 2010

Rachael: So, you guys may recognise my next guest from TV shows like Moonlight, The Shield and Three Rivers, but this weekend you can catch him as Jennifer Lopez’s love interest in The Back-Up Plan

[They show a clip from The Back-Up Plan

– Stan & Zoe are walking to their first date]

Zoe & Stan

Rachael: Oh Plea-se.

Please welcome Alex O’Loughlin.

Yeah, right. Everybody goes out on a date.

Alex: How are you?

Rachael: Sit down.

Classy, I spilled water all over the table.

Alex: That’s okay.

Rachael: Everybody in the audience, all the women, they were like,”Awwwwww”. It does go downhill, kind of after that.

Stan and Zoe

Alex: It does go downhill terribly, but you’ll have to go and see the film to see what happens.

Rachael: But that’s like every, every first date. Didn’t that happen for you guys every time you went on a first date? [giggles] Yeah, right.
So you’re actually Australian, but you’ve been here a while, like five years. We were chit-chatting backstage, we were wondering, do you have throwback phrases, you know, slang, expressions that still make people, you know, that still remind people that you’re Australian? And it makes them do that thing that dogs do when they don’t understand what you are saying?

You know that do that …… that thing.

Alex: Actually, it’s kind of embarrassing, some of the things I say. I say. I say, “Fair dinkum”. Which is…anybody Australian, watching this is going to be like, “Agh, quickly become an American citizen, so we can let you go.”

Rachael: What….?

Alex: Fair dinkum, fair dinkum means, ah…. it means something is real and true. It’s like you can use it as a question or you can use it as a statement. If someone says, “Is that, like is it good?” You can say, “Yes, it is fair dinkum.” Like it’s…..

Rachael: I don’t even know what he’s saying. Do you?

Alex: I know, this is the thing.

Rachael: This is the thing.

Alex: I say these things.

Rachael: That’s exactly what I wanted. Fair dikum.

Alex: Fair dinkum.

Rachael: I have no idea.

Alex: You’ve got to put and ‘n’ in there, otherwise it becomes fair dikum, which is weird.

Rachael: Which is…?

Alex: It means….I don’t know what it means.

Rachael: Off-putting.

Alex: Yeah, a little off-putting, yeah.

Rachael: Okay, moving right along. We’re off to a good start.


Rachael: So, is…. is an American accent really super easy for you now? You’ve had so much experience with it.

Alex: Yeah, I’ve done a lot of American accents. And I grew up with American TV too, and I grew up with an American in the house too. My mom married a…my stepfather is Canadian, but that very, you know, is very North American.

Rachael: Still, North America.

Alex: It’s American, as far…. When you’re in Australia, that’s American, so….

Rachael: So it’s easy for you to slip into that.

Alex: Yeah.

Rachael: You know what? I don’t think a lot of people realise about romantic comedies, is that they do… like what they call a chemistry test. They put the two stars together to see if they will have an easy time working together. So that there’s that chemistry there. So tell me about your chemistry test.

Alex: Ah, well it was pretty cool actually. I … the director offered me the role and then I had gone up to meet Jennifer. I had to fly to New York, to meet Jennifer at her house. And so I went out there and it was like, “I going to JLo’s house.”

Alex & JLo

Rachael: Exactly

Alex: “This is so weird.” And I’m in the car and…..

Rachael: I mean this is not in a studio. He’s invited to the house.

Alex: I go to the house. I went to the house. But it was great. You know, because Marc and the kids and Jennifer were there. And Jennifer and I had a chat and we had ….. la ha ha … we had a laugh and kind of if you “get” someone, you get them and you’re okay, “I can work with person.” And we talked about the script and stuff. And then Marc came in and I was like, “What’s up?” We sort of like just walked off. And so Jennifer was like, “Where are you guys going? He’s my co-star.”

Rachael: So you guys had a very successful chemistry test? The fellows?

Alex: Yeah, the guys….we nailed it, you know. He was like, “Dude, do you like, you know, artifacts?” And I was like, “Yeah.” And he was like, “Oh come on, I want to show you” and I was like, “Bye Jennifer, nice to meet you ….”

Alex & Marc Anthony

Rachael: So your next film will star Marc Anthony and our friend, Alex.

Alex: Yeah.

Rachael: So, this ought to be a dream movie for Jennifer Lopez to get ready for, because her character plays a woman who’s pregnant, so she can pretty much eat anything she wants, during the course of the film.

Alex: She was actually… she had a tough time. I mean she had to eat, because you know part of the pregnancy, you know, is eating.

Rachael: Right, exactly.

Alex: And she’s pregnant….. You know and she……which I can say, she’s pregnant. I won’t say that, but…

Rachael: We showed it in the promos. We know she’s pregnant in there.

Alex: Okay, yeah, yeah. No, but there’s another thing. But I’m not going to tell you. I not gonna say.

Rachael: Don’t tell us that.

Alex: I’m not going to tell you. I would give something away.

Rachael: My point is. My point is, you, on the other hand, have to look especially fit. They’ve got scenes with your shirt of and stuff. Does a man feel the same pressure a woman feels? Yeah, there’s a shot there, see. It’s still there.

Alex: Oh boy.

Rachael: Yeah, you know he’s got that man-dents, they’re really cool by the top of your legs.


Alex: It’s actually a suit. It’s like a little.

Rachael: It’s like a little suit, they put on you.

Alex: A 300 suit, like you know, you just put it on …. it’s skin.

Rachael: No seriously, does a man feel the same pressure a woman in your business feels?

Alex: No.

Rachael: You know, like, “Look great”? Do you have to……

Alex: No, I mean, there’s pressure, but there’s no…. this is a brutal business for women. I don’t think.

Rachael: Yeah.

Alex: I mean we can ….men can really…..we can really relax and… I mean this is…. I got fit for this movie. They were like, “Do you want a trainer?” And I was like, “No, not really.” And they were like, “Dude, we’re giving you a trainer, for free.” And I was like, “Okay.”


Rachael: Okay.

Alex: “I’ll do it”, because every cheese farmer, must be ripped.

Rachael: Must have a trainer.

Alex: Every cheese farmer must be, must be fit, you know.

Rachael: So, we saw a lovely scene there, of what looked to be a perfect magical dream night.

Alex: Right.

Rachael: For that young character. But the scene does go south. So, we wanted to know, what’s some of the worst dates you ever been on? And or produced miserably.

Alex & Jen 1

Alex: I don’t know, I think, I think, there’s a lot of a woman out there that would….  I would be an example for them for a bad date. I just haven’t worked out what it is that I do wrong, yet. So, ….but hopefully, I’ll learn, I’ll learn more as the years go by.

But remember one date I went on with a girl and she was, I can’t remember where she was from. It may have…. I can’t remember, she was European, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying, throughout the date. And this has happened and I think I had this experience twice, but I remember once vividly. And we had dinner and I was just hanging in there the whole time.

Rachael: Just nodding

Alex: It really became about universal signs like, [whisper] “I’m just going to the bathroom”. And, yeah, yeah. I mean we got that. When the check came, I was like ……”I will get that”. She understood that. There was certain……But that was a tricky one.

Rachael: Otherwise…..

Alex: Cause I wasn’t sure what we were…..where we’re going. What was happening. Or what we were talking about.

Rachael: We have a friend who’s actually just from a few states away and we never know what the heck she is saying.

Alex: There you go, yeah.

Rachael: So don’t feel bad about that.

Alex: Okay, thanks.

Rachael: So, you know, you mentioned briefly that you watched a lot of American TV. That you’re very familiar with it.

Alex: Yeah.

Rachael: So we’re going to put that to the test. We have created….it’s the highest compliment our show can give you, by the way. Because we love playing games here. We’re very competitive.

Alex: Okay.

Rachael:  We have created a game, your very own game. We’re going to play a game with Alex, right after this.


Rachael: This is big. We have created a brand new game in honour of our guest, Alex O’Loughlin. Stars on the big screen, this weekend with Jennifer Lopez in The Back-Up Plan. So we had a little fun with his name and the fact that he likes to watch American TV. So we invented a game called, ‘Whatcha Watchin O’Loughlin?’. [Laughs]

Look we gave you graphics and everything.

Alex: Oh, look…

Rachael: Now what other show on Television, would give you your very own graphic?

Alex: I don’t know what to say. That’s awesome. I want it on a T-Shirt.

Rachael: This is good, right. Now, if Alex gets five out of seven, right. Five out of seven, correct answers, everyone in the audience and Alex too, will win this soundtrack to The Back-up Plan. Which he really want, because he didn’t know all the great artists that are on here.

To help him out, because he isn’t from America. We thought we’ll give him a little bit of a handicap and we would have an American school teacher, named Brooke, to play along with him.

Alex: Oh.

Rachael: Come on up.

Alex: Hi, Brooke

Brooke: So nice to meet you.

Alex: You too.

Rachael: Brooke, you look lovely.

Brooke: Thank you. So do you.

Rachael: Well, thank you.

Brooke: I like the dress, the colour.

Alex: Don’t hide Brooke.

Brooke: I’m not, I’m not.

Rachael: Now Brooke is a school teacher, she deserves a prize, no matter what. But Brooke, if you get five out of seven right and you help him win this game.

Brooke: Okay.

Rachael: I’m not going to tell you what it is, but let me tell you, your prize is big. It’s much bigger than this card. And you would really really want it.

Brooke: Are you good with TV shows?

Rachael: We’re going to show you guys the opening credits of a couple of very famous television shows. You are going to sing a few lines from that theme song. And all you got to get, is five out of seven correct. You have to sing them though.

Alex: How many, how many lines is a few?

Rachael: Even just a smitch.

Alex: A smitch you say.

Rachael: They didn’t tell me, so I’ll let you go with a smitch.

Brooke: Are you ready?

Alex: Yeah.

Rachael: Before we go though, I don’t want you to leave without me asking. I loved it as a little kid. Cause I loved crimes shows. I loved Hawaii Five-o.

Alex: Ha.

Rachael: I heard that you are in the Pilot of Hawaii Five-0?

Alex: It’s true, it’s true.

Rachael: Say, “Book’em Danno”

Booke'em Danno

Alex: Book’em Danno.

Rachael: Book’em Danno!

I hope that comes back big. So if that comes back big, you come back here.

Alex: I’ll come back, I promise.

Rachael: Now we can play the game…

[And they go on to play the game….]

You can listen to the sound clip of Alex singing:

Links to the interview

& the game

FOYeur’s thoughts:

  • I really must have the wrong understanding of the word ‘handicap’ – I thought it was something that restricted you, not help you?
  • I must confess that this is one of the interviews that I have only watched for the first time about a month ago – not sure why I never looked at it before? I’m not a fan of talk shows with loud female hosts at all – I must be getting old.
  • How lucky can one girl get – Brooke, playing a game on TV with Alex and winning a spa-trip. Wonder which one was the best? 😀


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12 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Singing & Dancing on ‘The Rachael Ray Show’ – 21 April 2010

  1. gracenotpark

    Alex was totally adorable in this, frankly kinda stoopid, interview. He is just able to go with the flow and charm anyone. Rachel had made him promise to go back on her show once 5-0 “hit it big”…which Show did! But Rachel hasn’t had him back on. 😦 I have emailed and tweeted her a few times to keep her promise, but no response…and no Alex. Boo!


    • Maybe the success of Hawaii Five-0 internationally, is too big for her show? I don’t know what shows get to be aired in other countries, but the shows, like ‘Ellen’ and ‘The Talk’, that Alex’s has been on for Hawaii Five-0, I know. But I have never heard of Rachael Ray before this interview.
      Not sure, if what I am trying to say makes sense at all? 🙂


    • >>He is just able to go with the flow and charm anyone.<< Fair dinkum!!! 😉


  2. r1015bill

    Rachel’s using the word “handicap” in the same way it’s used in golf. It’s an attempt to make things competitive even though someone’s skills may put them at a great disadvantage.


    • Oh thanks, that makes a bit more sense now. I forget about that use of it.
      But it still feels to me like a weird place to use it, in a game like they were playing. For me a handicap, like in golf, feels more like it is giving one an advantage in points or strokes needed to make par, not reallly the help to find the answers.
      But again, thanks for clearing it up for me. Now I understand what she meant. 🙂


  3. Rachel is loud, but I like her. I think she was totally enamored by him and she couldn’t control herself. I’m sure if I ever meet him, I will suddenly lose all control of myself. ( I really should check if I am on the no fly list to Hawaii. lol)
    I have watched this just a couple times before. Laughed when she “man dents.” 😀 That’s what I call them. Maybe I got it from this interview? Such a long time ago. He was so thin. I still prefer him with a little more meat on his bones. More to nibble on you know. 😛
    Thanks for all the interview transcripts, Foyeur! He is so lovely to watch, but the man stops and starts so much when he is being interviewed. If I were transcribing, I’d be rewinding hundreds of times trying to figure out that ‘one word’ he was saying, and come to find out it wasn’t even a whole word. 🙂
    I just keep wondering what JLo was thinking when she first met Alex. I’d be thinking “Damn I am a lucky bitch! I love my job!”


    • alexnymph

      I know what you mean about his interviews He stutters a bit and seems to self-edit, only getting through parts of a sentence (thought) before trailing off or changing it. But he’s adorable just the same 🙂

      Yah, that J-Lo was quite the lucky bitch.


  4. debras57

    He would have been great on the Love Boat! He might not be able to sing it seems but who cares. Interesting how the man dents draw your eye in and you follow it downward like a magnet. Would like to know where in Canada his step dad comes from. In one interview long ago, he said his mom was the sexiest woman he knew. Never see pics of them. I’d like to see him with his mom.


  5. FOYeur I must habe left the planet or been on a cruise r\when this came out. IT’S ADORABLE!!!! Thank you SO much XOOX


    • alexnymph

      I missed the original airing, but once I discovered Alex I watched everything I could find–just go to youtube.com and search away. Just do it at a decent hour or you’ll be up all night 🙂


  6. I don’t know who is cuter, Alex doing this interview and the singing and dancing… or your pics of the dogs :-).


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