Introducing our flickr albums – McSmurf, season 1

Since I don´t have an interest in making episodic galleries, I am doing our captures a bit differently. I am trying to get some Steve up there currently. Starting with S1 McSmurf. For some reason I have always liked him in that blue light. Though he looks really great in the green light too 🙂
Here are some examples of what can be found on the album here

Our albums will not be too big. Every pic is hand picked. These are from the bluray discs.


Filed under Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett

5 responses to “Introducing our flickr albums – McSmurf, season 1

  1. Wow these are great! Amazing HD quality!
    The different colours of the light do make interesting things with his eyes. And with everything else too. 😉 Mesmerizing!


  2. debras57

    Since it’s the Xmas season, is there a pic somewhere out there of Alex dressed as Santa. I am picturing him with the Santa suit undone down to the waist and his lovely chest exposed. Okay I want it as a backdrop for my computer screen. You have such great pics of him, I was wondering if you had any or if anyone is talented to make one say by photoshop. Love your site and the pics & stories you post.


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