#AlexOLoughlin and Scott Caan – and that’s all ET got for us?!

‘Hawaii Five-0’ hits 100!

ET’s Brooke Anderson was on set last month for the filming of Hawaii Five-0’s 100th episode and today the cast repaid the favor, stopping by to talk about their much-anticipated milestone.

“There’s a big ‘something’ that we’ve been talking about for four and a half years that finally gets resolved,” revealed series star Alex O’Loughlin.

It’s an emotionally charged episode, and O’Loughlin told ET that his character has to deal with much of the turmoil without the help of his Five-0 teammates.

“I was kind of separate from the rest of the crew for the episode,O’Loughlin dished.

“When everybody sees it, you’ll see that my character is out doing something else. I’m not around.”

Alex & Brooke - SOTB 5

Since the show’s premiere in 2010, the cast has also undergone some major real-life changes. O’Loughlin married girlfriend Malia Jones earlier this year, and co-star Scott Caan welcomed his first child, daughter Josie James, in July 2014.

I try not to give him any unsolicited [parenting] advice,” said O’Loughlin, who is a father of three.

“Sometimes he comes through with a question or two.”

The stars also looked back at some photos from the show’s early days.

“I look the same,” Caan teased O’Loughlin. You’ve aged terribly.


Brooke Anderson - ET

Transcript of the interview clip as seen on

Entertainment Tonight

– 7 November 2014 –

Star Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan just blew in from Oahu and sat down with our Brooke Anderson. One hundred in and those stunts aren’t getting any easier.

Brooke: Now, I’ve been visiting the set for years.

Alex: Right.

Brooke: And I know that you love to do your own stunts. But you’ve hurt yourself.

Alex: Yeah


Brooke: Do you still insist on jumping out of thing and running into things?

Alex: No, no, not at all. I actually would like to work in a library. When I hear gunfire, I like twitch. I think I have a little bit of PTSD.


Scott: Yeah for sure

Brooke: Some hearing loss?

Alex: You’ve got to wear your plugs.

Brooke: Oh, you got to wear your plugs.

Alex: I’m actually just looking at how young we looked these. [to Scott] Well you kind of look the same.


Scott: I look the same. You aged.

Brooke: That was the beginning.

Alex: I’ve aged terribly. That’s five years ago

Brooke: You have not aged at all!

Alex: You have to say that, we’re on TV. It’s okay.


Scott: I mean you aged from there to there.

Alex: Yeah, it’s like you can see the progression of Alex from here to here to here.


Brooke: You guys are awesome. Always good to see you. And congratulations again. One hundred episodes.

Alex: Thank you


.….And now, where is the rest of it? Surely there was more. 😕


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10 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin and Scott Caan – and that’s all ET got for us?!

  1. Teeheehee! Your twitching gif makes me giggle. How cute is that?
    And yes, there has to be more? Come on ET, that wasn’t worth putting on this sweater (I like!) and these sexy shoes instead of thongs/flip flops/slippahs!


  2. gracenotpark

    ET Alex-interviews have always been disappointing, much-ado-about-nothings. Sigh. 😦


  3. Manu

    It’s a cute one but I wish they would have shown more 🙂
    Well, Alex might have aged since 2010 but like a fine wine he just gets better with time IMO


    • He is so funny, looking “defeat” about the age question LOL
      Brooke should have said “but you have even more fans now than back then” to make him feel better 🙂


  4. Alex: “I actually would like to work in a library.”
    Oh.Em.Gee!!!!! Alex, come work in my library! I am a librarian for.reals!!!!!


  5. I really dont think his ego needs bolstering! lol I love how Scott teases him 😛 But you are right surely they would have filmed more than jut that?!! We need to tweet Brooke and ask her for the rest! 😀


  6. Damn, I cant’ get past the gif of his tongue, that’s a beast for sure 😉 I’m just happy we got to see as much of Alex as we did, some is better than nothing. I also think that if his face was shaved as close as it was 5 years ago he would look about the same but for me S1 photo looked more like a kid, S5 he looks more like the gorgeous man he truly is. Just my opinion of course.


    • Joy

      i agree the smooth faced kid from season 1 has matured a lot. My other favorite CBS actor Chris O’Donnell has aged as much during the same stint on NCIS, but is also not in the same shape he was when he started. Alex is in as good physical shape now as he was when he started. Although, since i am almost the same age as Alex I can tell the aches and pains are a lot greater 5 years later!


  7. alexnymph

    He’s right, he HAS aged terribly! Haha! I love Alex and know he’s a nice guy, but his self-deprecating way is getting old–it always seems he’s waiting for the interviewer to disagree and stroke his ego. Yes, this interview was a waste of time–Brooke needs to start asking interesting questions and flirt on her own time. I would have to watch this with the sound off and my eyes fixated on the man in the lovely grey sweater.

    The only thing that saved it was the gifs–thanks, FOYeur!!


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