507 – Steve stripped

Squee! What a work load for me! I just have to do this epi in small portions. My first priority is saying HELLO! To all the new McPervs being born 😉

Howdy to all new people and old fans as well, welcome to drool with us! This first epi post is mainly just Steve´s sexyness dripping all over. Cause I had to start somewhere. Enjoy!

Warming up

The Chair

Bamf McGarrett

Any Alex fans disappointed after this? Surely not!

Safe to say this epi is my favorite so far. Even though I just posted the hottie McG, I truly loved all of Alex´s performance. The end was heartbreaking, when he didn´t first understand that he had been dreaming. If only  we got this from the writers more often…



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29 responses to “507 – Steve stripped

  1. I just hope and pray the writers did a little bit of “aftermath” in the next episode – he was force fed drugs after all… and yes, his performance was absof***inglutely amazing!


  2. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Poor Steve, i suffer for him !!! stopped it, please!!!! i want to watch this episode……can’t wait ! it’s terrible


  3. And safe to say this post is my favourite by you so far 🙂 You have a way with your material and you captured the scenes brilliantly! ❤


    • I agree this is my favourite episode too Marnov. I so wanted to cuddle McGarrett at the end when he found he was dreaming it all. I hope there is aftermath in the next episode… but I highly doubt it I’m afraid 😦 Alex was brilliant in this episode, the range of emotions he showed (both verbal and non verbal) was like OMG.

      Oh and Paula’s gifs of this episode are the gifts that keep on giving Alex’s arms (I love his tattoos), back just gorgeous 🙂

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  4. *Spoiler alert* I will be watching this again today but I agree heartbreaking was the word I would use. The realization that Doris chose Wofat over her own family and then the end asking for his dad. I started tearing up when Danny walked in and said Steve and when he asked for his dad that was the end of me. Because of the brutality of the fight and the torture, the killing of Wofat did not even really register because all I could think of is Steve at that point.

    Another great episode showcasing Alex’s range of talent and I agree I hope the next episode builds on this and doesn’t just move on like nothing happened. A lot happened and it needs to be dealt with.

    It did answer the burning question regarding Wofat and Doris but there are still many unanswered questions regarding the champ box and closure with Catherine. I hope we get all of this before season’s end. And I would love to have a blowout between Steve and Doris once and for all.


  5. Did anyone get the feeling from the end, with the flashbacks throughout the years, that it felt like this was the finale H50 episode? So strange…


  6. I don’t even know where to look first. Just staring mostly, it took me minutes to regain any kind of coherent thought. and yet I can only come up with: Holy sh*t!!!!!


  7. NINA

    Episode impressionnant et Alex wouah quel acteur ! quelle performance ! je suis partagée entre la colère contre Doris et Wo fat et la compassion pour Alex.
    Si une âme charitable peut traduire ( réellement) mon propos sans passer par la traduction google. Merci beaucoup 😉


  8. Alex is the BOMB! He may never get the critical acclaim that he deserves, but he put it all out there this episode! OMcG, I squeed, winced and wept uncontrollably for our gorgeous, drugged, battered and confused Steve. Alex and Mark were amazing! Hated WoFat so much! Wanted him dead! Now I will miss them doing these type of incredible scenes together. SIGH
    Watching him in hand to hand combat, f*ing shirtless and wet, in awe of his physical strength and athleticism and let’s be honest. HIS ABS AND BACK ARE FREAKING AMAZING! I love your gifs Paula! They allow us to enjoy the beauty and not have to think so much about the brutality.
    I have a feeling that this may be the last season. 😕 No matter what, I will follow Alex where ever he leads us. ❤


  9. Wow! I could hardly watch and yet will probably watch again as I missed some dialogue, etc. There were parts that I could hardly watch and my heart broke when Steve realized that his father did indeed die. It was a great episode and it really showcased some great acting….I found the alternate Danny to be hysterical…he ended up channeling Steve in the hospital and Steve was the more buttoned up one. I guess we know what drove Steve and how revenge can have people do strange things.

    I almost thought it was the end of the season but according to Alex (on the Talk) they ordered 25 episodes, one extra than normal. That could be a good sign. I personally feel that it will extend another year.

    Great recaps. Thanks!


  10. vanduyn

    Excellent post Paula! I agree this is by far my favorite 5-0 episode! Everyone did an excellent job! It was so well written, the stunts amazing and of course the actors were fabulous. I knew Alex would bring it and he didn’t disappoint! Bravo! And obviously your gifs made the experience that much better 😀


  11. lindae5o

    This was the best HF-0 episode yet !! Alex was simply amazing !! He never disappoints. The brutality was too much, though. I cried for Steve in that final scene, when he realized his father was dead, and his own tears came. Alex’s acting gifts are extraordinary.
    I absolutely loved the Ohana from the Team !!
    I agree that this episode did seem like a series finale, and the show is pre-empted next week. Some people might think HF-0 is over.
    Unfortunately, it didn’t do well in the ratings. I’m devastated!! If people knew this would be the demise of Wo-Fat, more people might have tuned in.
    My disgust at CBS remains intact !! There was just one promo in three primetime hours on Wednesday, and just one on Thursday during Elementary.


    • They were on the Talk and Entertainment Tonight plus a lot of plugs for them during the day. I am also upset with CBS because they (H50) are rarely included when they do the promo of all of their shows. I think it’s a shame that the show is treated like the red headed step child.


  12. buttercup4u

    I didn’t like the torture scenes, again, they could have spanked him on the cheek 😉 !!! It was really heavy, and why did WoFat torture Steve about Shelbourn if he knew what Doris was?!?
    Okay, Steve in a tank in the beginning, and Steve shirtless, wet, sweaty during most of the ep, ahhhhh some redeeming qualities for me 🙂
    AOL was amazing, and so was the rest! Always like DDK!


  13. buttercup4u

    Sang Ming had me cracking up with the best line ever!!! in this ep!!


  14. Colleen

    Oh wow. Where to start? Paula your pictures are amazing. When Steve broke the stick over his knee I knew you would have that shot. Those low riding jeans! Yum. Alex’s acting was amazing. When he was dreaming and talking to his dad I was tearing up and all the beating scenes had me talking to the TV. “No! Stop, don’t hurt him!” Then the dream Danny had me cracking up. But that moment when Steve learns his Dad really is dead was the most heartbreaking. Alex was phenomenal and I was crying before he lost it. Wow is all I can say. He is amazing. I thought the episode was really good. Thanks for these pictures.


  15. Brenda V

    My favorite episode ever! It kept me at the edge of my seat & i even bit my nails. Alex’s acting was superb & did he looked HOT!


  16. karen

    Awesome episode, and awesome Alex. I refuse to be a slave to H50’s ratings. Getting upset over them changes nothing. I don’t look at them. I do check CBS’s other ratings though. Most of their shows have sunk to all time lows this season. Elementary is in the tank, along with NCIS:LA. And Stalker will surely not survive. I figure Mentalist and CSI are goners too. Hoping that these shows will get the ax before H50. I can only keep my fingers xxxxxx. Thanks for the great Steve goodness.


  17. Alex was amazing as we all knew he would be. I loved his eyes in that water scene the way his eyelashes clumped together was uuuhhhhggg and that strong hard body, he can crush me between his thighs anyday!


  18. Lesley BAILLIE

    Great pics, looking forward to downloading this episode tomorrow. Will be on in UK in three weeks where I will watching it again and record it so I can watch it over and over. Poor Alex does he know what he has done to us girls….


  19. Sara

    I loved this episode. I thought is was the best so far of all the seasons. His acting was on point. When he asked about his father just broke my heart. I was balling at that point. The cast was awesome. Thank you for a episode that we will always remember.


  20. Lee Ann

    Alex’s acting in this was his best. Amused by the switch in Danny’s attitude to being the hard ass & shooting the creep to get info, & his shirt was beyond anything a tourist would buy. To find out the reason ‘Doris’ took off was beyond belief – to leave her husband, son & small daughter to “amend” for her CIA actions is unforgiveable & I hope they write it that way for Steve to give her the boot! Never liked her character in the show. Alex was wonderful & some stupid awards show is next week – damn! I can watch the reruns. CBS does NOT promote t his show at all. See promos for all the crap they do run constantly. Very annoying.


  21. Gotta admit that I missed some of the dialog during those scenes because of obvious reasons 😉 And Steve being BAMF while wet and shirtless is not a thing that we see everyday (even though I wish we could.) But it still pained me to see him get tortured again. Remember that I silently screamed “Stop hurting him you f**king bastard or I’ll come and hurt you” to the screen. The last scene made me cry when Steve was told that his dad has been dead for years, I just wanted to go and give him a big hug. 😥 Alex’ acting in this epi was really amazing, hope he get all the cred and attention he deserves soon. ❤


    • Funny to read about so many feeling so strongly about Steve being tortured. I didn´t mind it at all, but did think they could have shortened the scenes. I enjoyed the views too much. But do think the fight with WoFat took too long. I have never understood action scenes. They are always unrealistic and I get bored pretty quickly. However, obv with Steve being shirtless and looking all kinds of yummo, I find it hard to critizise this. We might not get shirtless Steve for the rest of the season anymore!?


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