#AlexOLoughlin Pic for the day – Steve making us sigh

Many of us have noticed that Alex seems to be getting more handsome each season on H50.

There´s few stunning moments where his beauty just makes me lost for words.

This “quiet” moment in 5.06 was one of them, for me…




Filed under Beauty perfected, Steve McGarrett

4 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Pic for the day – Steve making us sigh

  1. Oh boy, that is just what I needed before going to bed. Beautiful. Thank you.


  2. gracenotpark

    Thank you. He’s the only reason I watch this sucker….


  3. Colleen

    I agree with gracenotpark. Alex is absolutely the only reason I am still watching. But whatever he does I think all of us fan girls will follow. The things we do for our man. 😊


  4. :::::::::::::::THUDDDDDDDDD::::::::::::::::


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