Happy Halloween! Mick takes a bath…

Trick or treat?

I think… Mick treat 🙂




Happy Sweet Halloween!


Ps I wish I knew who to credit for that brilliant gif in the banner. That is awesome work!


Filed under Mick wants to kiss you gently with his fangs.

9 responses to “Happy Halloween! Mick takes a bath…

  1. love this, its my go to episode when there is nothing else to watch, thank you so much


  2. karen1228

    Oh Mick is definitely a most welcomed treat!! Loved this episode! Happy Halloween!!


  3. karen

    What a sexy Halloween treat.


  4. Colleen

    Oh wow. This is definitely a treat. Thanks for this even though I may need to turn on my air conditioner. Lol. Happy Halloween girls!


  5. drbell

    Absolutely awesome, great and low cal treat!!!


  6. Marnov Fucup

    Best Halloween ever! Thank you, girls! ❤


  7. Brenda V

    Oh my…How. i miss Moonlight! I’ll never get over the cancellation of this show :’-(


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