The Steve McGarrett Story – No #92 (Epi 4:21)

We continue our story from here

Earlier this year after this episode was first broadcast, I already wrote my feelings about it. This episode is mostly about Steve’s horrific time in Afghanistan and his story can’t really be separated from the events of it. This is the link if you are interested to read it:

Hawaii Five- 0, Episode 4:21 …………. oh no, I had to travel far for this one! 

The story in short: Cath gets a call from a family in Afghanistan, who helped her in the past when she was injured. Their son got kidnapped by the Taliban. She decides to go there and help them to find the boy. Steve travels with her and in the attempt to free some kids, Steve gets caught.

(I feel the need to add something here, that I also said in my review earlier. I have seen so many people saying that Cath let Steve be captured and left him there, when she could have taken on the two men who captured him and saved him. But any attempt from her to shoot at them, could also have killed Steve. You do not shoot in the direction of captors, if you are not sure that you won’t also hit the person they caught. She was on foot and far away from them. I guess they think she should have run after them – to where beats me every time) In my eyes, they  were actually stupid not to attack her. She was vulnerable, alone and with the kids to protect……. )

Cath calls Danny for help and the military launches a rescue operation and save Steve’s life, just as he was being set up to be beheaded. With it a dangerous terrorist who was presumed dead, gets killed with his men.

Although Cath saved a number of children, the boy (Najib), who she wanted to save, was not with them.

I think it must be a very traumatic experience for anybody to survive what Steve did. No matter how good your training was, something like this must rip at the very core of a person’s being……….. And I think even acting it, must be a disturbing experience

After being rescued, Steve has to accept the fact that he can no longer help Cath to find the boy and needs to return back home.

Cath phones, and says that she is okay. She wants to and needs to stay there to try and find the boy…… And Steve does not have any other option, but to accept her wishes.

Unfortunately Steve’s story is closely related to this episode. With it effectively came the departure of his longtime lover and colleague. Because of the sad circumstances surrounding this development in the story, I personally would have liked to see a more clearcut ending to it. And nothing is more clearcut and final, than killing off a character. It might have been hard for Steve, but maybe not as cruel as waiting for someone you love. And maybe less cruel towards the fans of Cath and the Steve/Cath romance, by making them believe that there is still hope for it to continue further down the line…

Many question the fact that Steve is not trying to help Cath and bring her back. But he was told in so many words by the CIA and the Military that any attempt like that, will have dire consequences for him. And trying to get others to help her, will be against her wishes and would actually maybe put her life in more danger. Not to mention that knowledge of that will also have severe consequences for her and her relationship with the military.

It is actually refreshing to see that Steve, as a man, can respect Cath’s needs and her decision well enough, to let her do her thing. He did not leave a colleague behind on the battlefield. He is just granting her, her wishes. This is how I feel what an attempt from him to “save” her, would look like 🙂

Neandethal man

I have always seen Steve as a man who respects the abilities of the woman in his life, and it seems I was right……..

This was our tribute to Steve’s lover and friend ……Aloha, Cath…..

Steve singing with Barry White ………… a requiem for a romance?

And this was Steve’s Story for:

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 421 –

Makani ‘olu a holo malie

(Fair Winds and Following Seas)

Story by: Peter M. Lenkov & Ken Solarz & Eric Guggenheim
Teleplay by: Eric Guggenheim

Directed by: Jeffrey Hunt

(2 May 2014)

To be continued here



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16 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #92 (Epi 4:21)

  1. I agree with you in that there should have been some closure. Kill her off! Wait before I start getting bashed here…we all know as fans of 5-0 that Catherine is not coming back. That being said why torture us (and Steve). I think that he needs to grieve and move on. I think the story about he and Ellie (the Australian ADA) would’ve been a bit more believable, flirtatious wise, if we all knew Catherine was gone. I HOPE that 5-0 doesn’t pull a Dallas (or Soap Opera) and as Steve has moved on up pops Catherine.

    I think that we should see him (not as a deleted scene) deal with his PTSD issues and have Catherine, Afghanistan and the incident with the Hess brothers be resolved. I think it would add to his “character” and the story line. We have seen them speak to actual Vets (in San Diego), etc. What another way to get them all the help they need while adding to the story line.

    These are just my opinions of course. I look forward to the discussion. Thanks!


  2. karen1228

    I agree with you Barb – her departure was handled terribly. Yes, she should have been killed off, I’ve said that from the onset. I wasn’t a fan but she deserved better and so does Steve. He does need to grieve. He needs to grieve her, his father, his mother’s betrayal, Freddie, everything.

    Though Lenkov insists they’re only friends, having him potentially getting involved with someone else without closure on the Catherine storyline isn’t the Steve we know and love. Our Steve is an honorable man who wouldn’t do that. I do wish the writers or Lenkov or whoever would write a powerful, emotional story dealing with these issues, ending them once and for all. And go back to writing Steve as the BAMF, bada$$ seal with a heart of gold, that we adore instead of this wishy-washy caricature of him.

    Like you, this is only my opinion. It’s early in the season and I’m hoping and holding on for better stories as the season progresses.


  3. gracenotpark

    It is no secret that I feel Show often plays grossly fast and loose with women characters, the extraordinarily few they have. So I would not wish to see her killed just to make an easier story path for our hero, a male. A beloved male, but still. Cath became a well loved (by some) character in her own right and she deserves her own story to end in a Cath-centric fashion. That said, I totally agree they need to end their connection. If MB is gone, then Cath must be truly gone, or it limits the stories available to the main, and best, character.

    But women CAN ditch their men. I would rather see Show have Cath decide she has found her life’s calling working with the kids in the war zone. She’s gonna stay. And she breaks up with McG even tho she knows it breaks both their hearts. It happens in RL, and such the twist, a women rejects the most gorgeous man on earth. For altruistic reasons, but still. And the actress need never be involved. This result can be conveyed to Danno by a mourning, hurt, even insulted McG. Imagine the scene.

    It gives Alex some interesting drama to act, saves a woman from the 5-0 FemaleWoodChipper, and makes Cath a hero on one hand, but a meanie on the other. Fabulously complicated.

    I love y’all’s even handed handling of Show…this topic and others. And most of all I love your constant reminders that it’s all about Alex…cos it is. :mrgreen:


    • I totally agree that killing some character off because it would be easier is not a good reason. Main thing is, as long as Cath is alive the fans that want her back, will believe that she can come back (They keep asking and the producer keep saying maybe – keeping hopes up). And the ones that don’t want her back, will keep on being cruel about it on social media.
      I just feel it is cruel to string fans along and keep their hopes up, if it’s not gonna happen – and I personally strongly believe that she will not come back (not because I want it to happen or not)
      Maybe the producers want to stay relevant and talked about and that is why they string along both sides of this matter. And everyone keeping the fight up, are giving them what they want?! Maybe they want the fight because then it looks like people are passionate about the show? Who know……..
      It is just sad for me personally, because it took away a lot of the joy I had with the show, in the beginning. 😦


    • My take was to always just kill her off. Not because I dislike the character or MB but just for closure. But, after reading your post, I would be fine with your option as well. Bottom line is we all know MB is NOT coming back so wrap it up one way or another so like Foyeur stated, the fans can move on but most importantly for me is Steve and the story can move along. Too many times this show is written inconsistently. We need closure on lots of stuff and Lenkov says the 100th episode will tie up many loose ends so let’s hope it does.


  4. alexnymph

    I trust that Alex has a handle on his character. And I hope that @Plenkov would respect his ideas regarding his take on the McRoll situation. I’m not sure the fans should dictate any storyline. But on the other hand, I believe the writers need to get it together and be consistent and true to the characters as they have already lived and evolved. Ignoring the humanness of the characters, brushing aside feelings and common sense, is not the way to go.


    • I agree with you 100% that fans should not dictate any storyline, but unfortunately that is what happens with H50. If the women/fans do not like a female character they harass the actress untill they get rid of her in the show. 😦
      And I als do nnot think he’s got any say in who the Network hires hand fires on the show.
      Alex have always said that he does not know in advance where things are going with the story. He always indicated that he’s got no say in the storyline. Which is really sad. And he does not even have a say of what makes the final cut, and because he does not watch the show he has no idea of what we see in the end He just knows what was orginally filmed.


  5. It would truly be sad if CBS/show keeps this storyline, with Cath gone, this entire season 😦
    They really need to make it clear she is not coming back, and nor is MB.
    It is a bit tiresome reading some hopefull McRoll fans still believing there´s a future for this couple.
    Worse is reading the Cath haters enjoying McRoll fans misery. How nasty are those…sad souls…


    • gracenotpark

      Ohhhhh SURELY PLenkov is not gonna keep this all season! Tho he is totally tone deaf about stuff like this. New girl is a potential gf; new girl is not a potential gf. Cath is gone; Cath may come back “someday”. He tries to play both sides instead of just writing strong stories. So who knows… 🙄


  6. buttercup4u

    I think, it would be easier for me to just know why Michelle has left/had to go! If there were issues, why can’t they just be honest?
    If things suddenly changed and they didn’t get along, why not tell!
    With social media today i’m impressed nothing came through to us, as to “why” or “what happened”!
    It just doesn’t seem right!


    • Buttercup, before anybody else tries to answer you and maybe cause an argument to start here, I will try to explain as shortly as possible how I see it. Lots of stuff happened on social media around this matter and everybody makes their own deductions of what went down. But nobody but Michelle and the Network knows or should know what happened between them. Actors and Networks do not have to reveal to us what happens in their contracts, just as any other employee and their employer.
      We know that she was not again contracted as season regular for S5 and that is all they need to tell us.
      I just think that if someone was a regular and they no longer are – the chances of them coming back as a permanent character is not good…….


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