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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #90

We continue our story from here

Steve and Danny gets trapped underground in the rubble of a building after a bomb exploded. The team and they have to work hard to get them out of there.

Chin: Fong ran Spider’s sell the last 48 hours. He got 3 incoming calls. All from the same number.

Steve: You get a name?

Kono: No. It’s a burner. But it’s on right now and we triangulated the position.

Steve: What’s the location?

Kono: It’s an office building in Chinatown. Only one tenant. It’s a consultant firm, owned by and Edward Cobb.

Steve: Edward Cobb. Who’s Edward Cobb? And why the hell is he coming after us?

Chin: Edward Cobb is ex CIA. He ran Black-ops in South East Asia in the 70’s.

Steve: This was never about Five-0.

Cobb’s phone rings and he answers

Cobb: Looks like you had a bad day, Commander.

Steve: Not as bad as you would have liked. I know you set me up to keep me quiet about Cambodia. But I’m still here.

Cobb: Question is. Have you gotten the message?

[Steve walks in]

Steve: No.

[Steve looks at the news report about the bomb on the screen]

That’s pretty clever.They would have pulled 3 bodies out of that rubble. Assumed that Decker’s brother was killed as payback and Five-0 got caught in the middle. No one would ever suspected, that this was all about keeping me from asking questions you didn’t want answered.

Cobb: You should have listened to Sam. And left this alone.

Steve: An innocent man died today. For no reason. And dozens of innocent lives were put in danger. All to clean up a mess you made 4o years ago. Now what happened in Cambodia? Who was buried in that grave?

[Steve draws his gun]

Cobb: Consider your next move very carefully.

[Steve shoots the computer]

Steve: You consider yours. I still got DNA from that grave. And I’m gonna run it. So you might as well tell me who it belongs too.

Cobb: Lei Kuan Fat, WoFat’s mother.

Steve: Why would you cover that up?

Cobb: Because it wasn’t supposed to be her in that grave. Our target was WoFat’s father. But the op went bad. My agent on the ground disappeared, leaving me to clean up her mess.

Steve: That agent was my mother. And she went on to work for the agency, while you were forced down. She didn’t bust the job. You ordered an unsanctioned hit, that went bad. WoFat’s father is still alive, isn’t he?

Cobb: Do you have any idea the fall-out, if that ever came to light?

Steve: Where is he?

Cobb: Sit down. I’ll tell you.

[Cobb draws his gun and Steve unfortunately need to shoot him]

And so Steve lands at another dead-end, so to speak………..

My questions:

  • Why was WoFat’s father a target for assassination by the US?
  • Did Doris know she killed the wrong person?
  • Where is WoFat’s father? Has he hiding for 40 years, without telling his son where he is? Or was he captured and being held prisoner for all this time?
  • And if Cobb was discredited by the CIA, why was the CIA and SAM still involved and hiding the identity of the person in that grave?

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 419 –

Ku I Ka Pili Koko (Blood Brothers)

To be continued here


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