The Steve McGarrett Story – No #88

We continue our story from here

Jerry is definitely enjoying his stay with Steve. Spoiling Steve rotten it seems, with dinners and breakfasts…… 😀

Steve: What’s all this?

Jerry: A farewell breakfast. OJ, or papaya this morning?

Steve: Jerry, I appreciate this farewell breakfast and the farewell dinner last night. And I think we both agree, it’s time for you to move on, right?

Jerry: Was it the snoring?

Steve: No,

Jerry: Because, you know, I can get one of those breathing mask things.

Steve: Listen to me. It wasn’t the snoring, okay. It’s not you at all. It’s me. You’re a great roomie. I just, I like to live alone. You can understand that?

Jerry: You sure it’s save for me to go home?

Steve: Yeah. Yes. The Chinese government, they got bigger fish to fry, right now.

Jerry: We can still be friends?

Steve: What are you talking about? We are friends. It’s not gonna change.

Jerry decides, he needs to do a last bit of laundry at Steve’s before he leaves. In the garage he sees the Champbox and spot something on it. The box was repainted to a different color red than what it originally came in. That makes him suspicious and he starts snooping around it. He scrapes on the one bottom corner, and voila, there is something written in code there.

Interesting to me that Jerry would just focus on the outside and not snoop into what is inside – This is JERRY after all! He looks into everything and anything mysterious. #justsaying. And why just the one corner? Maybe there are some codes hidden on the rest of it as well. 😀

Jerry: This means something to you?

Steve: Shelburne was a codename my mother used as a CIA operative. The other two lines, they don’t mean anything to me.

Jerry: Hold on, back-up. Did you just say your mother worked for the company?

Steve: Still does.

Jerry: Wow. Info bomb. Give me a sec to process this.

Steve: Shelburne is misspelled. There should be an E on the end of it. Probably a mistake.

Jerry: Probably not. Look, I know you got a lot on your plate, but this is clearly some kind of code or cypher. So if it’s all right with you, I’d like to dig a little deeper. I promise I’ll stay out of your hair.

Steve: Okay. See what you can do. Do my a favour. Keep it on the DL and keep me in the loop.

Jerry: Course. We’re a team.

Steve: Hey. Thanks

Jerry decipher the code and finds that it is geographic co-ordinates for a place somewhere in Cambodia. Steve realises that it must have something to do with his mother and her past.

That evening Steve fires up his dad’s old car again, to go on a secret mission. Meeting Joe’s old CIA friend Sam.

Sam: What are we doing here?

Steve: Joe White told me you’re the man to see regarding Doris.

Sam: And I’ll tell you the same thing, I told him. Location of agency assets is classified. Can’t change the rules, just because it’s your mother.

Steve: I’m not asking you to tell me where she is.

Sam: I’ll compromise my position with the agency, even acknowledging she is an active asset. So why don’t you tell me exactly what it is that you want?

[Steve hands him the satellite picture of the location in Cambodia.]

Sam: Looks like an empty field.

Steve: Yeah, we both know it’s more than that.

Sam: Walk away Commander.

Steve: You know I’m not gonna do that. So why don’t you save me the trouble and tell me what’s in this field.

Sam: And you know that’s classified. And if I told you I’ll be violating operational security.

Steve: What’s one more violation?

[Steve shows him the wire he is wearing]

Sam: You’ve got to be kidding me. You wore a wire?

Steve: This recording gets destroyed, right after you tell me what’s in this field.

Sam: It’s a grave.

Steve: It’s a grave, okay. Whose grave? Whose buried here?

Sam: I’m done talking. I said enough.

Steve: Listen to me. What you say here, stays here. Stays between us. I’m not going to do anything to jeopardise your career.

Sam: It’s not my career that I’m worried about.

Just as an afterthought about the Champbox. I have been criticising the use of the box a lot, but have not really said anything of how I thought it could have been done better. After Governor Jameson died at the end of Season 1, I would have suggested that the new Governor finds a hidden box in the house, with the rest of the original content of the Champbox inside. He could then return it to Steve to be placed back into the box and used further over the years. It seems as if this somehow happened “off-screen”, because more and more things pop out from out of it, than those that Laura returned before she was killed. The Champbox should have been another member of the team – kind of John McGarrett as an investigator with Five-0!

I like the addition of Jerry to the show, because I like conspiracies and secrets and the cleaver solutions to them. Jerry fits in nicely for that. It still remains to be seen if they will be able to use it and his character as effectively, as they have done up to now. It gives another dimension to the show. Something other than the normal murders and kidnappings that leads the team to cases. Some more mysteries, from the original content of the Champbox, could have worked great with Jerry. I initially thought that that was how they were going to use it. To let Steve look into the stuff inside there in his spare time and over the years discover some solutions to some of the secrets around his family and the old cases his dad worked on.

(And I also like Jerry, because we get some of the cutest Steve faces when he is around him. 😀 )

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 417 –

Ma Lalo o ka ‘ili (Beneath the Surface)

To be continued here



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4 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #88

  1. gracenotpark

    Getting close! This has been an excellent series, girls.


  2. buttercup4u

    What i really enjoyed about this ep, is that we got bad@ss, hot-blooded and bothered steve back 😉 !
    I like how his manner changes when it comes to his family, espe ially his dad! More mysteries pls!


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