The Steve McGarrett Story – No #87

We continue our story from here

Steve is having a nightmare about the day Freddie died in North Korea. Finding that Steve was sleeping in a chair in the living room, waking up after the nightmare, makes it evident that he struggled to sleep during the night and eventually just fell asleep in the chair. He calls Grover…..

Steve: Thanks for coming.

Grover: I’m glad you called.

Steve: I’ve been thinking a lot about our last conversation. How you wanted to know what brought me back to Hawaii. A month ago I would have told you it was to find the man who killed my father. I realised it was about more than that. I lost somebody. Somebody really close to me. He gave his life to save mine.

Grover: What was his name?

Steve: His name was Freddie Hart. He was a team guy. We went through BUD’s together. We always had each other’s back. He was my brother man. More than anything else in this  world, Freddie wanted to be a father. That was it. He would have been a great father too. Anyway, after he died, the Navy didn’t feel the same. The Governor offered me Five-0, I jumped at it.

Grover: You ran away.

Steve: Yeah.

Grover: We think that distance is gonna make things better. And for a while it kinda does. But sooner or later it catches up with you. The real problem you have is all up here. Do you sleep? When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?

Well, like I said, I’m glad you called

Steve: Thanks

I really do have a big problem with this conversation. As I said when I posted the story for Episode 320, I will discuss it here: 
(I just want to say that the idea of this conversation is great. And the two actors did a great job with it, but …)
  • “A month ago I would have told you it was to find the man who killed my father. I realised it was about more than that. I lost somebody” – I would really want to know what happened in this month that made Steve realise this. It is already nearly a year since he recovered Freddie’s remains. Why now this sudden realisation about his motivation for moving back?
  • More than anything else in this  world Freddie wanted to be a father” – Just to remind you about the conversation in Epi 320. Freddie married his highschool sweetheart (after more than 10 years of being together), in a hurry because she was pregnant with their child. In my book, if a guy really wants a child that much, and he believes in marriage to the mother of his child, he would have first married her a long time ago and then tried to have a child together. NOT marry her because of an oopsie. And why even include the fatherhood subject into the conversation here?
  • “Anyway, after he died, the Navy didn’t feel the same”Steve was only in the Navy maybe a few days or more after Freddie died and before his father was shot and he returned to Hawaii. Hardly enough time to figure how the Navy still felt to him. 😕
  • “The Governor offered me Five-0, I jumped at it.” – This is debatable. But I would say, ‘jumping at it’, means he took it the minute she offered it. Not wait till he realised that there was more going on with his dad’s murder, than just the Hesse brothers. And when he realised HPD could not be trusted to solve it. For me they are trying to rewrite the initial story here a bit.

If you have read my review of Epi 320 (which after the pilot, is my favourite episode), you will know that I already had a bit of a problem with that conversation then. These types of ‘flaws’ makes me think that the story behind Steve McGarrett, was not really well planned in advance and that it is mostly made up as the story continues. Kind of winging it along the way. 😦 It makes me sad to think that we as viewers/fans invest our energy following this character (because we adore Alex), and Alex puts so much of himself into the character, but then it seems like the writers & producers are just seeing it as an afterthought, when they try to put a real character behind the Navy SEAL /Taskforce leader every now and then.

I also felt like they tried too hard, to create this whole PTSD scenario during these two episodes, forcing it a bit. Why do I say that? It felt forced to me, because it was without any real triggers or build-up for it. If it had happened later, after Steve’s near death experiences with Danny in the bomb explosion and the near beheading in Afghanistan, then I would have understood it better. But here it was just coming from nowhere. For me, motivation is everything in a good story.

#rantover 😥

After solving the case, Steve returns home to find  Jerry on his doorstep, suitcase and all.

Steve: Hey Jerry, what’s going on?

Jerry: I can’t go back home.

Steve: Why not?

Jerry: I stun-gunned a Chinese spy in my mother’s basement. Expecting some serious retaliation.

Steve: The threat’s been neutralised. You gonna be safe.

Jerry: You have no idea how this works, do you? I need to lay low for a while. I sent my mom to her sister’s and I thought I’ll stay with you.

You, know, just till this dies down.

Steve: Okay

Jerry: Sweet.

Steve: We’ll go over some ground rules first Jerry.

Jerry: Whatever you say roomie.

 Of course this scenario of Jerry living with Steve, would have been so much funnier if Cath was still living there as well, like she did just a month or so ago (I’m still a bit confused about why and when she moved out 😕 ). Jerry’s crush on her and his total awe of Steve, could have made for some serious FUN to watch.

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 416 –

Hoku Welowelo (Fire in the Sky)

To be continued here


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6 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #87

  1. Liked this episode, but I loved your thinking even more. Everything you point out was exactly what was on my head when I was watching this ep, especially abt the Navy.


  2. buttercup4u

    I was thinking 😉
    “crap, does he seriously wear the same blue shirt as in yesterday’s episode?!?!” (no, it’s not the same!)
    Thanks for this review, FOYeur, always like your thoughts! The one with Freddy is strange for sure! (he seemed young and more the let’s jump at it type ;-O )
    The more I think about the show, the more I get involved with all that is happening, things I love, things I don’t like, things I’d rather have. And my brain gets all troubled up with mixed feelings – that’s where I have to stop and start to enjoy again!
    The writing really sucks sometimes, and I as I said before, I really want to have a look at all the stuff that didn’t pass the editing room 😉


    • I hear what you say and feel a lot of what you are saying.
      Will try to bring a little bit of perspective into it all with my round-up post when we get to the evening before Epi 100. 🙂


  3. gracenotpark

    Totally agree with your reservations! They didn’t think this stuff out and they still aren’t. If that’s your job and you make a lot of $$$ for doing it, take the time and put some of your own heart into it!

    They didn’t leave the PTSD for after the ByeByeCath ep coz they didn’t know then there would BE a ByeByeCath ep , that nearly gave all of us PTSD! But then they left the short but most crucial PTSD scene on the cutting room and creative floor anyway, so like so often in Show, big build up (As w/another story from last season: 4.01 “I can’t lose you” to Cath, 4.21 nearly dies for her, “I love you, you know”, now NO mention, no pictures, no references of any kind) and then it’s just dropped.

    Show has so many bizarre flaws. I mean, all shows have flaws. Our show has weird, unnecessary ones. But our characters, when written well and IN character, are awesome, led by our lead, our Alex. He is worth the irk most of the time…hell, all the time! :mrgreen:


  4. BK Jackson

    “A month ago I would have told you it was to find the man who killed my father.”

    I had a problem with this conversation too but not for the reasons you cite. I watched the Five-0 pilot 4 years ago with great skepticism. I hate remakes of anything. Period. But I was pulled in hook, line and sinker with the storyline of Steve flipping his entire world upside down to go after his father’s killer. And they wisely have kept it a strong theme throughout the series. Being a Daddy’s girl 😎 I’m all in for characters who treasure this familial relationship.

    So for Steve to make this comment in this episode kind of degraded that. I do agree, the Freddie episode was outstanding, and I love the storyline. I just think they could have taken greater care with their choice of dialogue if they wanted Steve to have a conversation with Grover about Freddie.


  5. DoubleL

    I have to agree that the convo with Lou seemed a little dismissive of John’s murder. All Steve needed to say was it was both tragic events (dad’s murder and Freddie’s death) that led him home and that both were keeping him awake at night. Simple and no retconning needed!

    Was it just me or was Steve extra gorgeous in this episode? 😉


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