505 – O.M.G what a hunk!

Squee! What a sight under the hood. Absolutely the nicest capture in this epi. And don´t get me wrong, I did like the entire story, I actually managed to watch the plot too. But great with all the eyecandy added. Yum 😀

If you missed the suited Steve from start of this epi, they are posted here and here

Awwww….how nice

 He needs a hug…

Show is definitely going for a new romance, did you hear that song? Those looks….

Well I wish Steve happiness. May Ellen bring it and get him shirtless while we are watching and capturing 😉

And this I saved as the bestest shot of Alex. The cherry on top, I mean under 😀



Someone should perhaps tell Cath she is about to drive into a landmine…


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42 responses to “505 – O.M.G what a hunk!

  1. O.M.G. the last sentence cracked me up. 🙂

    You know I’m a huge Cath/Steve fan. And I hope we will get a decent closure for this storyline, hopefully they will deal with it soon, but IF Cath doesn’t come back, this could be the right one for Steve. I truly like her.

    Not sure though if these scenes really were about Steve being flirty. I just thing we saw the real Steve finally emerging again. The one who was missing for so long. A tiny glimpse of him was really nice. He showed compassing taking her hand when they dug up her dad, and at the end, I think he realized he wanted to see her again. As what? Who knows.

    Thanks for these great captures.


    • There was a bit of flirting I think, but to me the more important sign was the love music setting the tone to that scene with Ellie in the end.
      They want us to see a romantic interest between those two. The same way there was sad music for the grave scene.
      I think they now set the bait and wait to see what the reaction is. Based on the majority of comments(the loudest ones?) they decide now which way to take this story.
      However I do not believe Cath will return. Michelle B has moved on.
      Thanks for chuckling for my silly fun 😀


  2. By far the best episode of this season! Loved it!
    Your caps are amazing as always. They are too the cherry on top. I simply can’t stop staring. The last one is stunning…
    And you did it again with your double-gif. *poof*


  3. spurschick

    Is this another case of AtPlenkov being a LLWL? 1- he denied rumors that this would be a new love interest for Steve, but I agree that the episode ended with what appears to be flirting. And 2- he also mentioned that Steve would be “mourning” Cath in the early part of the season. We just finished episode 5… I haven’t seen mourning yet. I too was a fan of McCath, but I am getting a little bored with all the character shipping.

    I’ve been binge-watching CSI:Miami and I really appreciate how the show doesn’t really get involved in the characters’ romantic lives and just sticks with procedurals and character development. There are moments that we see certain characters within their relationship, and even times when those significant others take center stage via being killed, adding more drama, etc., but we don’t go through several eps of “should I go work for my ex-boyfriend, I don’t know what to do with my life, Sure I’ll join 5-0, Hey let’s go to Afghanistan, I think I’ll stay in Afghanistan” blah blah blah. I’m all for Steve getting a new g-friend, but I would prefer to just assume that he has a new g-friend and not spend the rest of the season watching him date. But that’s just me.

    My fave part of this ep was Steve calling Danny to check on him. So sweet.


    • And Peter just tweeted to concerned fans, “Keep repeating: they are just friends… Just friends… Just friends. And that’s all they are.”
      oh boy….
      Maybe Ellie is already history, maybe we are just silly fans :/


      • spurschick

        Oh that AtPlenkov.

        The other thing that struck me is that she works for the public defenders office. How is it that these two have never met in four years? I know there are a lot of lawyers, but 5-0 has had a lot of cases and that means a lot of court time for trials. Moving forward, I guarantee that we’re going to see Ellie suddenly working on 5-0 cases.


        • The thought occured to me too, they both work for the law, shouldn´t their paths have crossed by now. Like you said, their will surely bump into each others now because of work.
          Oh no…I mustn´t think too much, this show isn´t built for that 😉


  4. BK Jackson

    Well it was certainly a better episode than anything else we’ve gotten in Season 5. I love anything that deals with Steve’s father. But if they make this woman a new love interest for Steve I’m going to puke. Not that she wasn’t a likeable character. But Steve and Catherine have been together for YEARS. He’s not the kind of guy to jump from woman to woman and that is a huge plus in his character.

    Not to mention the fact that Catherine happens to be on a very dangerous humanitarian mission right now. So for Steve to just forget all their years together and land on the latest bimbo of the week makes him the biggest cad ever. And the last thing I want is for them to turn Steve into a big joke the way they did Danny last week.


  5. buttercup4u

    Wow, that white/shirt/jeans style, add with some dirt, seriously made up for the all/blue/shirt/and/blue/pants opening! I couldn’t help but smile this blue-all-over-outfit!
    You all know, that I’m quite the blue liker, but sometimes I ask myself, if the actors do have some word with the wardrobe. Do you think they can bring in some ideas, or is it just the wardrobe deciding what to wear?!?
    Thanks Paula, still have to watch, but what I see, it looks promising!


  6. buttercup4u

    505-jeans, please wardrobe, let him wear these jeans in an upcoming ep, please, ASAP!


  7. I thought it was sweet. It’s not like he threw her over the car hood and did what we’d all love him to do to us. They are two attractive people with something in common and I don’t think there is anything wrong with Steve appreciating a fine, professional, woman. Doesn’t mean he has forgotten Cath. Maybe his feelings for Ellie will lead to the mourning of Cath? This episode gave us the strong, sensitive and VERY SEXY Steve, that I love!!! I want more!! I don’t take PL’s word too seriously either.

    I wonder how many times Alex slipped into his Aussie accent while working with her? She probably didn’t mind if there were multiple takes with him. 😛
    We’d all love “multiples” with him!

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    • *It’s not like he threw her over the car hood and did what we’d all love him to do to us. They are two attractive people with something in common and I don’t think there is anything wrong with Steve appreciating a fine, professional, woman. Doesn’t mean he has forgotten Cath.* <—— THIS! Thank you!


  8. Another great season to add to the already great season. I am very pleased with how this year is going. I never believe a word Lenkov says we just have to wait to see how the season progresses.

    As far as Catherine, they should have killed her off to begin with but now is definitely the time. It is time for Steve to move on. I am not saying necessarily with this women but just move on in general. MB is not coming back so just do it already.

    I did miss Danny, I want to see the episode with Melanie Griffith when he goes home and has to tell her and his father what happened and all he did to try and save his brother and how he took the law into his own hands. Probably not going to happen but it should.

    I am glad we got to hear what was going on with Mary, her daughter and Aunt Deb, I see an episode in the near future. I think a Thanksgiving episode would be the perfect send off for Aunt Deb.

    Anyway, my long two cents.

    Paula, a very nice job on the pics, love them as usual 🙂


  9. Vixhen

    OMG..this episode has been my favorite so far. There was so much of Steve to look at. My eyes couldn’t get enough! The suit, the jeans and t, the blue shirt where his neck looked absolutely delish! I think Steve needs a woman in his life. I loved the cute scenes he used to have with Cath. However, I don’t know if this woman should be that person. While Steve and Cath were together, they were never really a “couple couple” IMO. She was hardly there and then they made her a regular. She didn’t fit in with the rest of the crew even though the writers pushed her in. Once they did that they had no clue what to do with her and Steve. Now she’s gone off to find that kid, which was the worst send off, ever. It would have been better to kill off the character. That way we could have seen Steve really mourning – the graveside scene….oh how my heart ached for him! I don’t know if I’m the only one, but the writing has really slowed down on this series. They need a shot of Wo Fat or someone who can shake things up. Last season bored me, and this season is boring me as well. However, AOL is so stunningly HOT, I don’t mind much.


    • My main focus is always Alex/Steve, and I don´t take this show too seriously, but I do agree with so many of you, that they need to bring closure to Cath´s story. I don´t care if she is killed off or breaking up with Steve, but please, let Steve move on (without guilt).


  10. Colleen

    Absolutely wonderful pictures as normal Paula. I really liked this episode. The writing was good, they kept Jerry to a minimum, and Alex looked so handsome. I love that last picture. Wow. Thanks for this, you just made my day. 💜


  11. Great episode I agree. I found the connection between Ellie and Steve a tad far fetched (as mentioned before) because they work in the same circles. But I can see how they have a few things in common. Like all of you I DO NOT want to see them together. I don’t think they fit well.

    I also totally agree that they should have killed Catherine off…I hope that they don’t kill her off then have him running to another woman (except Kono) for help. He needs to mourn in his own way. I also think, that if a romance were to occur that it would be much later in the season…it would be way too early for Steve to get involved with someone so soon.

    Maybe it’s me but did anyone find it odd that John (Steve’s dad) took such a huge interest in Ellie? When he was at her house…I understood he was missing his kids but…oh well just part of the story.

    The ending, in my opinion, seemed to open the door to another possible encounter between the two. However she is the one who “hoped” that they would get together sooner. Steve said he would see her next year and she hoped it would be sooner than that. I also felt as though he did look at her as a friend. His father connected them together and he needed that. I will re-watch the episode and see if there were any “real” romantic intentions but I wasn’t feeling that vibe. Am I wrong?

    Thanks for the great posts.


  12. SANDRA

    I am really trying to convince myself(for my own sanity) that
    PL is telling the truth about it only being a friendship, remember
    steve told danny that one should be sure before telling a woman
    he loves her and he certainly took a breath before he told Catherine.
    I really hope they don’t kill Catherine off.


  13. lindae5o

    This is the first episode this season I’ve even wanted to re-watch. Very good episode – it gets an “A” from me, and only a few others have done that.
    Alex was really on his game in this eppy. Daniel was so right!!
    I like Ellie. There was definitely a spark between her and Steve. I wouldn’t mind a new romantic relationship for Steve, if it seems real. If PL is telling the truth – that they are just going to be friends – the show is wasting a perfect opportunity, especially if the fan response is positive. Bad, bad Peter Lenkov !!


  14. I have watched 50 since the beginning and loved it, but this year I am about to give it up. This season is terrible. Of course I would not stop watching because of AOL. Ellie is not for Steve at all. Steve and Cath had great chemistry.


  15. karen

    I don’t know what to think about the Steve/Cath “thing”. I didn’t want her killed off, and Peter assured us she would live. But I’m unsettled about how that whole thing went down. And Steve waits til she is about to ride away to tell her he loves her, and …what?? He has mentioned her name once since she disappeared into the sunset. That just isn’t normal. I know the storylines plot holes on H50 seem to be all over the place, but believe me….I watch a LOT of these procedural dramas, including the ones on CBS, present and past…and H50 is not the only show with dropped stories, etc. If the only procedural you watch is H50 because of Alex, this style of writing does seem crazy, and total nonsense. For me it is same old, same old. Don’t get me wrong. It still frustrates me no matter what CBS procedural I’m watching. Still, this Steve/Cath thing is unsettling for me. Loved the epi, but I hope this new woman is not going to be some new romance. Maybe Steve should feel the same about his relationship with Cath the way that I do. Give it time to sink in that you may never see her again.


    • Maybe we will see the whole Steve/Cath issue resolved on the 100th episode…it hints that Steve goes over his past as he is being held captive by Wo-Fat. We might see some closure on his part realizing she may never come back. Although I personally didn’t like the Steve/Cath relationship I feel that they should have killed her off. We are now left hanging and that means that (Steve) can’t move on. I think he needs to move on especially since he’s dealing with PTSD. He’s stated several times that he’s better alone and I think that makes him who he is.

      I don’t think that Steve/Ellie will be more than friends….first he needs to get over Catherine (one way or another) and they don’t have much in common…except his dad. By the way did anyone else find it odd that she “grew up” on Oahu and yet still kept her Aussie accent. I (personally) didn’t find her all that believable.

      I re-watched the episode and despite the music (at the end) I think they left it as a friendship. She hinted wanting to see him sooner yet he didn’t make any move. I think he looked at her as a friend and the only bond they share is his dad. It doesn’t matter whether she was in the same “industry” as him in fact I think that makes things more difficult, but that is just me.

      Thanks for reading,


  16. I’ve been saying S5 felt different but this epi brought it all back. We knew when we saw the pics of Steve at papa McG’s grave it would be a moving story and it delivered. As mentioned last night: the gray hair coming back; the white T and jeans; hot guy fixing the car; all a fangirls dream.

    Ellie – agree it’s too soon but loved the interaction of these two. Lawyer story lines would be great. My big question is why didn’t they meet at the funeral? John was important to her so thinking she would have wanted to meet his children. But I forgive that because it was so good. Just a hmmmmm.

    Thanks Paula for the recap and pretties.


  17. Sandra

    Interesting posts, ladies. Always enjoy all of your takes on things. I am going to play devil’s advocate here. As someone who has followed Alex a long time I can tell you that us Alex fans enjoyed this episode because let’s face it. We don’t need much but to watch him. LOL
    But reading posts from around the net and not necessarily on Alex/H50 sites, I saw that the procedural fans found it boring and predictable. They weren’t into watching Alex looking hot. So what it seems happens here is if the show does a strict procedural, many love it and many (like us) prefer more characterization. And when they do strong characterization like this episode, the Alex and the McDanno fans love it but the procedural fans hate it.
    It is a problem to be sure. Honestly, I loved watching Alex but found the storyline slow and boring myself.
    I am so glad I don’t have to be a writer or a showrunner for any show.
    So I will sit back and watch it for Alex.
    I haven’t made it any secret that I hope Alex (and Scott,for that matter) can move on “sooner rather than later” (Alex’s words) to a show worthy of their talents.
    Meanwhile I will enjoy my daily dose of hotness thanks to the ladies of Intense Study. 🙂


    • I don´t like the procedurals of H50, I much rather watch Steve or the others eating or anything but solving the never ending kidnaps in HI.
      But Steve heavy episodes are such rare treats, with real “work” for Alex, we just need more of these.


      • lindae5o

        I agree, Paula. The main reason I loved the episode was because it WAS Steve-centric, and Alex is the only reason I watch the show, Any time he can show his talent is a bonus in my book. If the bromance-lovers and non-Alex fans were disappointed, too bad. Also, if all the writers can do is dream up kidnap plots, I’d be happy to see the team hanging out, talking and kibitzing in bars or restaurant, too !! LOL


  18. gracenotpark

    LOL! Well we are alllll over the place here! 😆

    For the record, I loved Cath, but as MB is clearly out, I would just like for Show to SHOW him mourning her absence…put her pic by his bedside, or have him leave her a phone message like he left for Danno last night. That shows he acknowledges her existence and is sad. At some point soon, have her break up with him, as she’s found her calling in this humanitarian mission and his is protecting Hawaii. I don’t want her to die because Show has killed off too many females just to provide dramatic arcs for the men. There aren’t many women to begin with & I just don’t like em killing a woman for convenience. We aren’t puppets. She could live and go about her life elsewhere. No harm no foul.

    As to Ellie, aside from the odd never-met-in-court and the also odd Aussie in Hawaii conundrums, I liked her (and I even liked her accent cos I kept thinking how soothing it must seem to Alex on set), I liked her a lot. The actress did a good job. She is way different to Cath, which is fine. I’d be happy he gets a new romance with her…and she can’t join 5-0 coz she already has a convenient job, so 2 birds, 1 stone! 🙂


  19. Is that a microphone under your white t-shirt,sir? Or are you just teasing the FUCUPs?
    Guh, I’d like to go on a “humanitarian mission” to separate that man from his pants…………

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  20. alexnymph

    Ellie is like his adopted sister–there should be no canoodling just yet. I can understand how Steve and Ellie could become the best of friends. And that friendship could lead to something more intimate–but not for a long while. So, @Plenkov, please put Stevellie concept on hold.

    Meanwhile, I loved Alex’s dark hair with grey in S1, but although his hair is now a sun-lightened brown, it is good to see the natural grey again. He’s looking more fetching.


  21. Jocilene Alves

    This is not normal! The guy is always beautiful to live !! Relief, mother !!!!!!!!!!


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