505 promo – Handsome, suited Steve

Oh what pretties we are getting in this epi! Steve in his sharp suit, with blue shirt and also white t …obv the best choice for a grease monkey 😉






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19 responses to “505 promo – Handsome, suited Steve

  1. Manu

    I think i’m going to love this episode 🙂
    Weare going to get the best from alex from both emotional point of view about his dad and from the funny/flirty point of view with Ellie


  2. karen1228

    Sigh, plop and thud! Not feeling to well this morning and he’s just what I needed to help me forget about it! Thanks!! I can’t wait for Friday!


  3. buttercup4u

    Ohh Paula, I knew you wouldn’t forget about us!!
    As soon as I saw the promo, I knew you couldn’t resist and provide us with the pretteee! Thanks Thanks Thanks!
    I nearly missed the white tee!


  4. Please stop this paula he’s distracting me from getting any fan fic writing done 😆


  5. Yes! This is what I needed! Some of the McGarrett family mystery is back and the champ box! And Emo!Steve! And a suit and his motor mechanic white t. Yes to all!
    And I love esp. these double-gifs! You’re one talented girl Paula…


  6. LindaSue

    Great job, Paula! I saw these promo videos on You Tube yesterday and just KNEW you would provide us with lots of pretties from them. And you did not disappoint!! Alex looks soooooooooooo good …….


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  8. I am really excited about this week’s epi. Thinking this is what we’ve needed for S5 which is a whole lot of Steve and O acting his butt off.


  9. These pictures are giving me inspiration to write a Fan fic 😆 he’s looking so MiB like it’s unbelievable 😀 😆


  10. Colleen

    Wonderful pictures Paula. Did anybody else notice his sunglasses? I haven’t seen those in a long time. Can’t wait until Friday. 😄


  11. Im loving the grey in his hair too, very distinguished 😀


  12. Dusty

    I agree with Caroline. Love the titch of grey in his hair. He’s matured while we have watched the show not only in the show but in real life. I do hope though that we don’t see him in a new relationship yet. We need the intrigue for a bit…


  13. Fabulous Paula Thank you and roll on Friday!!!


  14. O.M.G. Is it Friday yet????
    I have a primal urge to rip that tie off him with my teeth.
    ::nom:: ::nom:: ::nom::


  15. BK Jackson

    After the terrible episode last week, I was hesitant to even visit the CBS website to look at tonight’s episode promo, but I was glad I did. I do hope this episode will be totally Steve centric and that he’ll have his groove back–it’s been missing this season.

    And wow, what techno-prowess you have on this website. Cool stuff. I want to be like you when I grow up. 😎


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