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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #81

We continue our story from here

Steve and Cath attend the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ceremony.

Steve: I tell you, Pearl Harbor day, it always gets to me, every year. Every single one of these veterans here, they are the definition of the word hero. They experienced all the horrors of war, then they come home, drop the duffel bags off and then they go back to work supporting their family’s the next day, like nothing happened.

Cath: They certainly set the bar high.

The team helps David Toriyama, to find his father’s killer. He died 70 years ago, in the Japanese Internment camp in Hawaii.

While going through David’s old family album, Steve spots a picture of his Grandfather in it. He wonders what his connection with the family might be.

David: I remember why your grandfather’s picture was in our family’s photo album. There was this young service man who used to come to our house for tutoring. He and his wife were about to have another child and he wanted better for them. So he asked my father to help him prepare for an officer aptitude test. For three months he would come over after dinner and when he had spare time he played catch with me. That man was your grandfather, Steven McGarrett. And the last time I saw him was December 6th, 1941, the night he gave me this. It was a gift for my father’s help. You have his heart, that’s how I remembered.

Steve: Mahalo.

Just a personal view about what could have been done with the backgound of a wonderful episode about history like this. Grandma McGarrett must have been a very special person as well. Having a small child and then losing her husband just 3 months before their son is born. I know she did not live in Hawaii and that makes such a story difficult – but it would have been nice, if she was brought in as somebody who organised some help and support for the Japanese families in those camps – that for me, would have really hit a home run, much more than the glove story did.

Sometimes the women and families back home and who survived these hero’s are forgotten. Those who had to carry on after losing those men (and women) that day in Pearl Harbor. Like I said Grandma McGarrett had to raise the father, that Steve loved so much, all on her own. Would love to hear about her courage as well some day. 🙂

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 410 –

Hoʻonani Makuakane (Honor Thy Father)

To be continued here


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