The Steve McGarrett Story – No #80

We continue our story from here

It is Thanksgiving and it seems Steve invited everybody he knows to dinner. 😀 A surprise guest arrives at his doorstep. Deb, their aunt who lives on the mainland and who raised Mary, decided to pay them a visit. Deb is John McGarrett’s older sister, who put her own life on hold to look after Mary, when Doris faked her death and John abandoned his children.

It turns out that she is there to say goodbye to them, because she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

It seems that Deb’s greatest worry is Steve and Mary’s welfare, after she is gone. While they are alone, she asks Cath’s help  to look after them.

Deb: Dear Catherine, I’ve got a feeling you’re gonna be sticking around for a while. So, can I ask you a favour?

Cath: Of course

Deb: Well you know Steve has that tough guy act now, but underneath it all he’s still that vulnerable little guy who thought he lost his mom and had to grow up too soon. And Mary, she’s the only one who really gets that about him, because she lived that too. Once I’m gone, they’re going to need each other more than ever, although they both won’t want to admit it – stubborn kids. So, maybe you can see to it that they stay close.

Cath: I will. I promise.

Deb: Thanks

Back at the office, Steve shares his problem with Danny.

Steve: I need some advice. It’s about my Aunt. Aunt Deb, she’s sick.

Danny: Sick, sick, ah?

Steve: She’s sick. She’s got a brain tumour.

Danny: Agh. I’m sorry man. What are they going to do?

Steve: It’s inoperable, but she is refusing any other kind of treatment.

Danny: I guess that’s her choice, right.

Steve: Yeah, it’s her choice, but there’s the thing, it’s not her who´s gonna be affected by this. I mean Mary, Mary is gonna be destroyed, if we lose her, okay. First mom pulls her famous disappearing act again, and now this. What do I do? How do I get her to change her mind?

Danny: I don’t think, ah….. I don’t think you do try to change her mind. No, I mean look, if this is your last Thanksgiving together, do you want to spend it arguing?

Steve: No.

Danny: No, you wanna to try to make some memories. Good memories. Some that’s gonna last. Some that gonna bring you through whatever’s coming next. That’s my opinion. I’m sorry man.

Steve: Yeah.


After Aunt Deb tells Mary about her being sick, Steve tries to console her.

Steve: We’re gonna get through this…….you hear that.

Mary: I just feel so bad for Joan. She’s still too young to remember her aunt.

Steve: We’ll tell her all about Aunt Deb. And tell her all about how much she loved us.

Steve takes them all out to Thanksgiving dinner and they make some special memories……….


– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 409 –

Hauʻoli La HoʻomaikaʻI (Happy Thanksgiving)

To be continued here


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11 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #80

  1. this whole episode made me sad, Another part of Steve’s life was about to be broken… just made me want to cry


  2. It was a great episode and I really love when Steve and Danny share their problems with each other and get advice, they both have so much to offer each other 🙂


    • As you can see with me including their convo, it felt like one of the few times Danny actually had some good mature advice for Steve without being condescending about it. It was some real good grown-up advice for his friend – I really wish they would write more of that for them.


  3. I liked this episode so much. I love it when Steve shows his sensitive side about family.. It gets me every time, I wanted to cry for Steve And Mary. But I’m glade in the end they made special memories with the whole gang.😄


  4. Dear FOYeur and paula, I have finally caught up with your Steve McGarrett story (have finished watching season 4), so my memories of the recent episodes are quite fresh.
    I do like this episode, even though I was not too thrilled by the whole season 4 (-> with some exceptions; you can read my review here: )

    I know I haven’t commented for a very long time – so let me just say: I’m still very impressed how much time and effort you’re puttung into this site! I wish I could publish (at least) one long article per day on my blogs… Keep it up! 🙂


    • Thank you dear
      Good to see you are stil around
      I read your review and I agree with most of it wholeheartedly (You might see where see differ, by my Steve post for the rest of the season – but then again writing about Steve’ story is totally different than writing about the series as a whole 🙂 )
      I felt so sad about S4, I decided against writing a overview report of it as I did with S3.
      Season 1 and 3 has been my favourites so far and if S5 continues on the same path it started, I doubt if I will like it any better than 4 😥


      • First of all, thanks for reading my review! 🙂 Somehow it feels good to know that I’m not the only one who didn’t like S4 that much. I almost suspected it was because I had had such a long break where I hadn’t watched anything AOL-related. But apparently other fans also felt a bit let down.

        However, what you’re writing about S5 so far, isn’t very reassuring that it will get better… 😦 I almost hope now that it will get cancelled soon and Alex will get more opportunities to show his whole potential, which is a WHOLE LOT more than he’s allowed to do on H50.


  5. gracenotpark

    I loved this ep! Carol Burnett! And McG was, for once, surrounded by his actual family as well as his usual Ohana. I found it heartwarming, tho I hated that she was dying. She couldn’t just be sick but NOT dying? Show sometimes goes overboard enforcing McG’s suffering.


    • I also liked the episode because Carol and Alex brought the goods for it. But I do however feel nothing fo Aunt Deb – For me she is just a shadow in McG’s life, with I can hardly identify – mostly because she just appeared to bring him more heartache like most of the woman in his life (Although it seems that they are going to try something different with her in Epi 508, that will be just after the 100th episode.)


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