H50 504 – Feeling Steve

4 episodes now behind us, and Steve´s shirts are glued on, still….sigh.

Anyway, not entirely bad epi last night, though perhaps overly sentimental, with even the perp getting violins playing in the background 😛

We got some goofy McFaces again, thanks to Jerry 🙂 But I am hoping Steve gets a room mate for a while again 😀

I did really like the ending, all the nice shining Steve. Poor Danny, it was his scene and I was only looking at our guy.


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23 responses to “H50 504 – Feeling Steve

  1. gracenotpark

    Yeah, babe. Sweaty McG in a henley. There’s no one else in that room. :mrgreen:


  2. You captured the best parts uh – moments! Thank you!


  3. vanduyn

    Awesome gifs!! 😀


  4. Another great episode. I just hope the story continuity continues because this is something that Danny is really going to have to deal with. I was hoping Jerry would move in with Steve too, that wold make for some great comedy. Next week looks Steve centric so I am looking forward to it. Nice pics as usual 🙂


  5. is it bad for me to have a soft spot for McG’s silverado truck over Danno’s Camaro? (I was born in Australia and the UTE is king…sort of reminds me of Home really 😀 😆 )

    OMG the photos rock da world :D… Nice work as always Paula!!!

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    • Thank you 🙂
      I think they can´t fit Grover in anything smaller than a truck 😉
      So fun to see Steve being sensitive to driving critisism 😀


      • I love it when someone taking aim at McGarrett’s driving I just love his reactions.

        On an aside though: I wish they brought back the silver Camaro the black one reminds me of Kitt from Knight rider! 😆


  6. Micklicious sweaty McG in a henley!!! I’d like to be the one to pat him down. Thoroughly checking all lumps and bumps. His arms bulging when he was carrying the bags of money…sweat soaking through his shirt… MMMmmm. Gif of happy trail and peekaboo tatt >> SQUEE!
    I feel bad too, that I wasn’t paying much attention to Danny. Was he there? JK 😉 Actually, that face Danny makes when ever he has a gun in his hand…he always looks scared, or constipated. Sorry. :/
    Besides the obviously sexy Steve in the last scene, I must say he was so HOT and bad@ss jumping onto cars and the gif you made of him stepping over that cement block…OMcG those thighs!! GUH!
    Thank you Paula!


    • Ditto! About Danny´s face, he does look scared all the time in tense scenes. Really gets on my nerves, thankfully there´s usually gorgeous Steve waltzing nearby and I get my focus back on track 😀


    • gracenotpark

      Yes, constipated face! Someone should tell Scott to stop that. No one wants a scared, conflicted cop in a crisis. In this ep McG, who knows from personal tragedy, stands tall and strong and enables his friend to exact vengeance. The off-camera scene…I pretty much see McG taking down those cartel dudes nearly solo, a la ep 4.01. Been there done that for our hero. 🙂


  7. karen

    That was so badass when Danny wasted that piece of s**t. Glad to see that storyline resolved so quickly instead of dragging it out. And the Henley?? So Mick. I’m melting…


  8. buttercup4u

    I could watch that happy trail peek for hours!
    So in love with hot-blooded Steve! While seeing this pics (I haven’t seen the ep) i had a déja-vu – got to do a Money Exchange – go ask McG 😉 !!!


  9. Colleen

    Oh nice pictures Paula. This was a very good episode. I loved the sweaty Steve at the end. Also when he jumped up on that car I had a heart attack. That was to close in my opinion. Lol. 😃


  10. I’ve just watched the episode tonight (UK Time)
    sweaty McG for the win ladies… shame he didn’t take the shirt off, but I do agree with Grover though he should of taken he Camaro from Danny and let him have the truck for the day!


  11. Anyone notice the dog in the outdoor Columbia scene? I think that Miss Dusty O’Loughlin made her television debut? ANYONE? Or am I crazy? Well, don’t answer that….. 😀


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