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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #79

We continue our story from here 

The team abducts Sato. He tells them that out of respect for Hiro Noshimuri, he helped Adam to fake his death (How many more people are going to fake their deaths in this story? 😀 ). Chin tells Kono to leave Adam where he, because it is for his own protection. But she insists on trying to find him.

The Governor decides it is time for Steve and Grover to make peace and work together. He sends them on a mission to deliver a warrant for parking tickets to Ian Wright. (Ian Wright – is shot and killed in about 6  months time by WoFat)

Steve gets shot in his arm and Grover uses some food supplies (looks like cayenne pepper, peanut butter & honey) to make him a concoction to stop the bleeding. (I really want to patent that recipe, because Steve is wounded on his left arm on  his tattoos and later in the following episode, it can be seen that the flesh wound left no mark in the tattoo pattern 😀 )

It turns out the Ian is a very intelligent computer hacker, doing work for some very dangerous people from all over the world. In the end he is too clever for both Steve, Grover and also the rest of the Five-0 team and he gets away.

Although they did not catch Ian, Steve and Grover got some new respect for one another and it seems like they will be able to bury the hatchet and work together better in future.

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 408 –

Akanahe (Reluctant Partners)

To be continued here


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#AlexOLoughlin doing some commentary …. and he’s got me hooked all over again!

After following Alex’s life and career for the past few years, I sometimes wonder why I am still here? What keeps us all looking for more and staying here, searching to try and find even more information about him? And then something happens and I fall for Alex O’loughlin, as a special human and actor, all over again! It happened to me once again this week. He did not do anything extraordinary – he was just doing some commentary and having fun.

Although I do not have the Season 4 DVD available yet, Paula took the trouble to send the commentary for Episode 4:08 to me (and forced me to listen to it – Thank you Paula! 😀 )

Paula and I decided it would be nice to share this with you all. We will only transcribe parts of it, and also add those clips we enjoyed the most. The full audio clip of the commentary is at the end of the post.

Alex & Chi

Just to put the episode into perspective – It was shot in September 2013, the same time as SOTB 4. And the commentary for it was done in March 2014, while they were shooting the season finale.

Let’s have a look what Alex and Chi had to say about Episode 408:

Alex: It’s Alex here and I am with…

Chi: Chi McBride.

Alex: Chi McBride. We’re gonna watch this with you.

 FOYeur: I just love the way he says “Chi McBride” – how is it that even just hearing his voice drives me wild 😛

Chi: I think one of the things that really informs as Grover with McGarrett, is the fact that I really do have genuine affection for Alex. I consider him a friend and when you have that kind of thing, it shows up on screen. You know, even though we’re angry with each other, that passion, it just stays there, because we have a friendship based on a real relationship. And I think that makes the scene.

Alex: Absolutely.

 Chi: I think both of us had a little bit of a concern that we were always bickering at the top of it, but it ended up really playing and it ended up working really really well.

[Both of them laugh]

It all comes down to the smallest thing between two guys. Everybody’s got to show, who is the man of the house.


 FOYeur: Why do I get this foolish grin on my face, when I hear Chi say “smallest thing” – maybe, I’m still 12? 😀

Chi: You got to keep up with Alex O, and he don’t play. He really is built for this. I’m just trying to keep up.

Alex: You’re doing a good job, man.

Chi: Thank you sir.

 Alex: This happened by accident. The door slammed in my face the first time and we’re like, “This is so perfect. Keep it”.

 Chi: That was an ad-lib that Alex did, about how your strategy is whack. And they kept it.


FOYeur: This is so funny – Alex and Chi joking about how the girls will react, because Nick is putting a shirt back on. 🙂

Alex: This is where I chipped another tooth here.

Chi: Hey, congratulations.

Alex: Can’t remember where it was.

Chi: Keeping your dentists lights on.

Alex: With my boy Craig, I think it was in this part, his head came up in one of the takes. And I had the crooked smile again, until I ……

Chi: Yeh man, I saw it right there. That grimace

Alex: Yeh, yeh, yeh, me, swallowing some enamel or whatever your teeth are made off.

Chi: You keeping your dentist rich.

Alex: Yeh, he’s doing good. He is driving a Ferrari actually. And that’s the truth.

Chi: Courtesy of you.

FOYeur: Can you see the tooth coming loose? 🙂

Alex: Okay, now watch the knee-slide, watch the knee-slide!


FOYeur: Just like a little boy – so excited about his slide – he really knows how to entertain naturally. Part of his second nature, I think. *sigh*

Alex: The first time I did that …. you know, when you’re making a …….

Chi: You just kinda came up with that on the fly to, because that was not the original move.

Alex: No I just hit. This is one of my problems, I do stupid things like that and without thinking. The first time I didn’t realise I was going to do it, so I didn’t have a knee pad on. So I was limping for a week or two after that.

Chi: I remember. I remember.

Alex: After the 17th take, I think I was like, “All right, I’m done. Not again”.

Alex: This is funny. Chi’s character makes a little home remedy with extra Cayenne Pepper to put in my wound.

Chi: Because it’s McGarrett.

Alex: Well McGarrett is doing his own MacGyver thing over there, to get some identification.

Chi: I think I probably would have, Grover would have made that with a lot more honey for somebody else. But because it was for McGarrett, the Cayenne Pepper in there, to spice things up.


Chi: This, is what I love.

Alex: ‘Give it to me’. He’s like, “Give it to me, you know what, I’d rather use it, than let you win”.

Chi: It bolstered the scene. We just did ad-lib’s. It really improved the chemistry you know, but that’s the reality of having a real friendship. Because you make this thing real and you make it your own. That’s what gives it natural humour. It’s not just jokes. It’s just the natural humour of life.

Chi: It’s so funny, because in the midst of our bickering, in the mist of us trying to proof who is the man of the house, when it comes to police work.

Alex: We’re back on.

Chi: We’re down. We’re ready to go.

Chi: Alex is a bona-fide, certified, 100%, outdoor, badass. And he will ride the horse, he will wrestle the alligator, he will strangle the octopus, whatever it takes. But you know, old Chi, you know. Give me the “Four Seasons”. Give me, you know, a comfortable room and a comfortable ride.

Alex: Now this horse……

Chi: You RODE that horse.

Alex: This horse could go, man.

Chi: Oh man.


FOYeur: Look out for the commentary later on, about driving cars and horses hard (I’m sure he’s got some theory about driving everything in life hard 😛 )

Alex: Right there. They didn’t use it here, but that horse, I chased that car. And that horse went.

Chi: And a real clip

Alex: This little horse. That’s a different horse there. This horse, she was pretty quick. But that other horse, REALLY went man.

Chi: You did your thing though, man. Like I say, Alex is a real man of the world. And it’s a pleasure to work with him. I just like watching him, cause. I honestly ask myself. Can he do it?

Alex: Oh Chi..

He’s gonna do it, he’s gonna do it. I’ll stay just to watch.

Alex: Oh Chi, oh Chi. Don’t. Don’t stop there….keep

Chi: I don’t want nothing to happen to you, now.

Alex: Don’t stop keep, keep….

FOYeur: This was really funny. Chi stroking Alex’s ego and Alex cheering him of for some more 😀

Alex: Oh, they cut that funny scene where we’re coming up with the horses. That’s such a sweet scene. Taylor, who plays Kamekona, his son’s was in this scene.

Oh, I don’t know, maybe it will be in the deleted scenes on the DVD. But it’s cute. We pulled up with the horses and we sat down and we got our breath back. And I had a little scene with him. I’m sad it wasn’t in.

FOYeur: I have said it before – I really do understand why Alex does not watch the show (because he says it is hard for anybody watching yourself all the time). But just like he is sad about them not using this clip about the boy for the episode, it makes me sad that he does not always see the final product of their work. And maybe with it, miss out on things he thought was in the show and was left from it in the end. Not sure if what I am trying to say make sense

Alex: These days at Five-0 at headquarters, these scenes which we have pretty much in every episode. We call them HQ-days. And on the shooting schedule, we’ll do. Everything we need to do around that service table and in my office and all the HQ stuff in one day.

They’re often even more difficult than the action days, because there’s so much dialogue. We’ve been know to do up to 14-15 pages in a day. That’s a lot of stuff to remember. This expository stuff that is pretty cool, in a procedural show is the hardest stuff to remember. And so these days are …… If we ever seem cranky around the service table, it’s actually …..

Chi: Oh mister cranky pants.

Alex: It’s real.


Chi: It’s one of the things that makes me so glad. No offence to all you parents who have daughters, but I’m so glad that I don’t have a little girl. I’ve been knocking out Y-Chromosomes since 1980.

Alex: You and me both, right here.

Chi: Let me tell you, when that girl reaches that age when your phone rings and somebody says,  [In a deep voice] ‘Hello, may I speak with Susan’, I’m going out of my mind. I’m so glad that I got boys, you know.

All I tell them is, “Look, just don’t get nobody pregnant. Please, don’t do that. It’s not the thing to do, like me and your mother did”.


FOYeur: Another thing for these two to share – having only boys and both becoming dads at a very young age.

Chi: Now let me just share something with you folks. I had to pull up in a car, in a Camaro and I’m 6’5 and 260 pounds. So it’s not the easiest thing getting in and out of that car. But the scariest part, was riding in that car, with Alex O’Loughlin.

Let me tell you, if Alex O’Loughlin ever offers you a ride somewhere, RUN. Run in the opposite direction, because Six Flags, Disneyland, Magic Mountain, got nothing on this brother. And he always hits his mark, but not before you feel your heart palpitating and you think you’re gonna have a major heart attack.

Alex: Well the thing of that is, Chi, that the car is … it runs better, if you drive it that way. It’s the size of the … it’s the output. I’ll explain later. I’ll take you and pop the hood and I’ll show you what’s going on in there.

Chi: But explain the horse, cause I’m not getting on one of those things with you either.

Alex: That thing. I’ll tell you later mate. There’s a theory behind all of it. And there’s a method behind all of it.

Chi: Please share it.

Alex: I will.

FOYeur: As I said earlier – I would also like to hear his theory and method about riding things hard, because it was built for it. Quite sure that method has put a smile on many a girls face over the years 😳

 Alex: How about as I sit here, having this commentary right now, what is it, like 13 episodes later? I’m about 10 pounds lighter now than I am in this scene. It’s something that’s really hard too, for me.

It’s hard for me to keep that weight on through the season, cause I do so much physical stuff and we work so much too. We work really long days and we do it for 9 or 10 months of the years. My biggest challenges is, keeping that muscle on.

Chi: Well I don’t really have that problem.


Alex: And you’re a hell of a cigar smoker as well.

Chi: That’s another thing that I’ll share. We have a set of MEN. And we smoke our cigars and have a great time together. Scotty and I and Daniel smokes, and Peter Lenkov smokes. And we just have a cigar feast going on. And it’s a beautiful, beautiful day.

Alex [singing]: We’re men, we’re men in tights.

Chi: That’s right. We’re men.

Alex & Chi -

‘Men in tights’?! *giggle*

Alex: By the way, this entire sequence here, from when we came in, into the airport, got him turn him around, sat him. We had the titter tat with him and talked to him, the whole thing we did in one. The were all big, big, big oneners. I think like 8 pages . It was a very very difficult day. Jerry Levine, was directing this episode.

Chi: I love Jerry.

Alex: Yah, I love Jerry. Our lovely Nina Tasslers’ not, not..

Chi: Not better half

Alex: Not better half.

Chi: Just other half

Alex: Just other half. He is one of all of our beloved favourites. And he was completely unhelpful this day.

Chi: Yeah

Alex: Nina was there this day. I remember it. She rolled in with the kids. That’s right, they arrived this day.


FOYeur: Made me chuckle to hear them talk like this about the “boss-lady” and her husband. 😆

Chi: No words. That’s when it’s the best. When two people can look at each other, and you know exactly what’s going on, with both of them.

Alex: I love this piece.

Chi: I do to.

FOYeur: Yes Chi, I agree with you. And it is only the great ones among the actors who can get that one right – saying soooo much without a word.


Chi: So every time I see this, I get chicken skin. I got it now.  This scene was actually Alex’s idea. Because we had,  this was completely different way this scene was done and Alex got on the phone with Peter.

And his idea, look we need to button this up, with the same thing we said in the beginning, bit with a completely different meaning. And you can see now that these guys are heading in a different direction with their relationship.

Alex: Yah, the ‘I don’t ride shotgun’ was an ad lib. I just thought it would be. It just made sense. That’s the true nature of a collaboration, you know. Is when the writer and the actors, and everybody is telling the same story.

It doesn’t really matter where an idea comes from. It doesn’t matter. We all do the same thing. I happen to say the stuff, like you do and he happens to write the stuff and so and so paints the stuff. It’s the same thing, man

Chi: That’s the thing about our show. The best idea wins. And that’s what makes the show

Alex: I believe that’s what makes it a success.

Chi: Exactly right.

Alex: By the way, that is the first and probably last, best idea I’ll ever have.

Chi: I doubt, because I’ve experienced many, many more.

Alex: You’re very kind.



Alex: Hope you enjoyed it.

Chi: We certainly do. Looking forward to giving you many many more. Thanks ladies and gentleman.

 FOYeur: And once again after listening to this, Alex, being Alex, hooked me all over again. And I must say, by the sounds of it, Chi also got a bit of a ‘man-crush‘ going on for our boy. That says a lot to me – because Chi has over the years, worked with some of the greatest talents in the business. 🙂

And here is the full length sound clip of the episode:


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