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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #78

We continue our story from here

Cath prepares to go undercover to get the information about Sato from Nabushi.

Steve: I’m still not comfortable with this.

Cath: Steve, everyone on this rock knows you and Five-0. So if you guys show up, clientele is going to be out the back door, before you even step foot in the front. They don’t know me.

Steve: Maybe we do a different location.

Cath: No, no, no. This guy doesn’t want anyone to know he’s at the casino. So that is the only place where he’s not gonna have security with him. I have surveilled it. I know how to get in.  I know how to get out. Boom.

Steve: What if you get compromised?

Cath: I’ll improvise. You’re the one who told me to get back up onto the horse, okay. And you were right. So you’re just gonna have to let me do this.

[Steve hands her a Five-0 badge]

Cath: What? Are you deputising me?

Steve: Just in case, all right.

Cath: Don’t worry. It’s gonna be fine. I’ve got this covered, okay.

Steve opens his front door to find a baby on the porch. Mary jumps out from behind the bushes to surprise him.

Steve: Mary, what are you doing here? Whose baby is this?

Mary: Mine.

Steve: No it’s not.

Mary: She’s mine. I adopted her.

Steve: What are you talking about? How can it be yours?

Mary: It’s been in the works for a while, but I kept it on the DL, in case a certain someone was gonna be critical about it.

Steve: I don’t believe it.

Mary: Isn’t she cute? I named her after dad.

Steve: You named her John?

Mary: No, Joan.

Steve: Mary, I don’t want to be critical, but you have difficulty managing your own life. How are you going to care for a baby?

Mary: I think I took care of a 90 year old man pretty well.

Steve: For three weeks. And he died.

Mary: He died of natural causes, okay.

Steve: Okay, you gotta give her back, Mary.

Mary: Steve, I can’t return her like she’s an X-Box.

Steve: No, she’s not a X-Box. She’s a little baby person, okay. And this is a responsibility you gonna have for the rest of your life.

Mary: You’re really killing my buzz, being a new mom. Thanks.

Danny: Buddy, listen to me. The way I see it, Mary didn’t adopt a kid. You did. Because it’s only a matter of time before that poor unfortunate child is looking for some suckling at 3am, and she’ll be looking at you.

Steve: There’s gonna be no suckling. Because that baby is going back.

Danny: Oh, you gonna send it back to the orphanage, with a bunch of other kids, that nobody wants?

Steve: What?

Danny: It’s a good idea. I mean it’s probably a better idea than leaving it with your sister.

Steve: Wait a minute. I thought you didn’t approve.

Danny: I don’t approve.

Steve: Okay, whose side are you on?

Danny: I’m on the side where the kid has a chance of being loved. If Mary is capable of doing that, then I’m all for it.

Of course Mary lands in hospital with food poisoning and Steve is left to look after baby Joan.  Steve is very quick  to delegate and to get the other guys on the team, to  do some babysitting duties as well. They all enjoy it in the end and are sad to see little Joan go.

Cath managed to arrest and interrogate Nabushi. With some persuasive techniques, she gets the necessary information from him about Sato. She prepares a surveillance package about his location and reports back to the team.

Cath [giving her Five-0 badge back to Steve]: Here, thanks for the loner.

Steve: You know what? Won’t you keep it.

Cath: What?

Steve: Go ahead. You need a job. We need some help.

Danny: Yeh, trust me this animal, he needs all the help he can get.

Chin: Don’t think about it. Just say yes.

Cath: Okay. Yes.

Steve: Welcome to Five-0

  – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 407 –

Ua Nalohia (In Deep)

To be continued here


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