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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #76

We continue our story from here

While Cath and Billy are on a stake out, the man they were doing surveillance on, gets shot. In a gun battle with the assassin, Cath and Billy are both wounded. Cath with just a flesh wound on the arm, rushes the more seriously injured Billy to the hospital, but he dies on the operating table.

Steve invites Joe over, to ask him about Doris.

Joe: How long have you been trying to reach her?

Steve: Couple of weeks. No luck.

Joe: Your mother is a difficult person to pin down.

Steve: I really need to speak with her. I was kinda hoping maybe you could get in touch.

Joe: What makes you think she will answer my call?

Steve: Because you’re not asking any difficult questions.

Joe: Steve, if Doris knows you’re looking for information about her relationship with WoFat..

Steve: She’s gonna avoid me as long as she can.

Joe: If she’s off the grid, it could also be for reasons that have nothing to do with you.

Steve: I mean, you know something you’re not telling me here, Joe?

Joe: No, I’m just reminding you, your mother is a complicated woman. But I will reach out. I will see what I can find.

Joe suggest that Danny take a ride with him and on the way, he asks Danny to help him to convince Steve to stop looking for Doris.

Joe: Steve asked me to get in touch with Doris.

Danny: Okay. Well, that makes sense. He’s got questions and she may have the answers.

Joe: What I didn’t tell him was that I’ve been trying to find her for over a month. Haven’t talk to her since she put Adam and Kono on that freighter that night. And the chatter is that once she left the country, old enemies came out of the woodwork.

Danny: Is she on the run?

Joe: Or worse

Danny: Or worse. What are you gonna tell Steve?

Joe: I can’t tell him anything. I don’t have any confirmation. What I am hoping is, you will tell him to stand down on this. Let this go. Because if we start turn over rocks, God know what might crawl out.

Danny: What makes you think, he’s gonna listen to me?

Joe: Because he trusts you. He looks at me, he sees ulterior motives. When he looks at you, he just sees a friend.

Danny: Well I can tell Steve whatever you want me to tell him. And he’s gonna say, okay and just go of and do whatever he wants to do. And you know that. So my advice to you is, please get confirmation on these rumours and get the truth and share that truth with Steve. Because you know and I know that he’s not gonna stop till he gets it.

After such a long time without any mention of it, there seems something like a desperate attempt by the writers to make the Champbox still relevant. We see Joe going through it and without any real big search, finds a small strip of paper behind the batteries in John’s old tape recorder. Remember, this is more that 3 years after John’s death and most probably many replays of that tape later. It looks like the batteries have never been replaced, because the strip of paper should have been found by anybody who did. (I really would like to get my hands on those magic batteries – they really seem to last forever. 😀 )

Joe pays one of this CIA friends a visit.

Joe: Hello Sam.

Sam: Jeez, Joe. When did you get back?

Joe: You know me. I come and go as I please. Your family is safe and sound, fast asleep.

Sam: Can I assume you didn’t break into my home, not to just say hello.

Joe: When John McGarrett was investigating his wife’s murder, he found a lot of evidence. Bits and pieces. Not all of it made sense to him at the time. You recognise those numbers?

Sam: Can’t say that I do.

Joe: It’s an off shore account. CIA used it to fund black ops. If I gave those numbers to a reporter friend of mine and he started digging, who knows what he might come up with. Or how high it goes.

Sam: What do you want?

Joe: Doris McGarrett. I need a location and a phone number.

Sam: Take my advice Joe and just walk away. This one is too hot.

Joe: Steve McGarret wants answers, Sam. And he’s not gonna quit untill he gets it.

Sam: Tell you what. Because we’re friends, I’ll give you the information about Doris. You can decide how much you want to share with her persistent son. Maybe it’ll be a part of valour to keep him in the dark, once you hear what I have to say.

Of course we never hear what Sam tells Joe. 😦

Joe tracked down the number on the paper he got from the Champbox, as an off-shore account number, but it does not have anything to do with anything for me – he just tries to use it as a way to persuade Sam to give him information. In the end Sam says, I will tell you because you are my friend…… For me the whole exercise of the piece of paper was just pointless. As I said in the beginning of this countdown, the Champbox carried so much potential, but this effort was not what I had in mind – it feels too much like a forced issue for me. 😦

At Billy’s funeral, Joe takes the time to speak to Steve.

Joe: I know that this is not exactly the time or the place, but  I have news about your mom.

Steve: You gonna give me the whole story this time. I’m pretty sure you didn’t give it to me the other night, Joe.

Joe: You’re right. But that´s because at the time I didn’t want to burden you with what was only a gut feeling. Which fortunately turned out to be wrong.

Steve: You thought she was dead?

Joe: I did. But I have confirmation that is not the case.

Steve: So where is she? When is she coming home?

Joe: I don’t know. And she’s not. Least not any time soon. The word is that Doris is active again. That’s all I’ve got. Anything else is classified.

Steve: Classified. I want you to please keep looking for her. You shake the trees. You find her okay.

Joe: Steve, you’re mom stayed hidden for 20 years. She’s not gonna be found. She’ll surface when she’s ready.

Steve: Yah. When do you think that’s gonna be?

Joe: I think that will be when she is prepared to face you.

I doubt if what Joe tells Steve here, is everything Sam told him……. And up until now even after a year, Doris has still not bothered to reach out to her son. For me that is way worse than the fact that she was gone for 20  years. She got a second chance and time to show her kids that she actually loves them, but she threw it all away. 😥

   – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 405 –

Kupuʻeu (Fallen Hero)

To be continued here


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Pic for the day – Gallery #AlexOLoughlin

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