The Steve McGarrett Story – No #75

We continue our story from here

Okay, the double date scene with Steve & Cath and Danny & Gabby in this episode, reminded me of why I do not go to the movies as often as I used to. I love going to the movies and in my youth you would have probably found me there once a week. But that was at a time when people still showed respect for their fellow cinema goers. These days not so much , because there really are people as rude as Steve was in this scene. As much as it made for funny viewing – not so funny to me (OR maybe I am just getting old and cranky 😉 )


Danny: Look, look. It’s Catherine’s boss slash ex-boyfriend. Billy something.

Steve: Yes, you know his name is Billy. What is he doing here? They’re supposed to be working.

Danny: Maybe he´s come to ask you for her hand in marriage.

Steve: You’re actually enjoying this aren’t you.

Danny: We all got to be reminded of our mistakes, babe.

Steve: Billy. What’s up?

Billy: Cath’s just heading up to see you.

Steve: What are you doing? Keeping the car warm?

Billy: We got to make it a short visit. We’re on a job.

Steve: Hey, you remember detective Danny Williams, my partner?

Billy: Of course.

Danny: Good to see you, again.

Billy: Actually, I’m glad that a ran into you. I never got the chance to thank you.

Steve: For what?

Billy: For being cool with all this. Catherine told me how you encouraged her to take the job.

Steve: Don’t mention it.

Billy: Truth is, I’m lucky to have her. We make a great team.

Steve: It’s good to see you.

Billy drops Cath off at home after work. Steve is sitting in the garden, waiting for her ……

Cath: Hey

Steve: Hey. I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to make sure you got home okay. How was your first day?

Cath: It’s a big change.

Steve: uh-huh.

Cath: In a good way.

Steve: Good.

Cath: Yah, Billy already got us another gig. So I think we’re gonna be busy.

Steve: Good. I’m glad.

In retrospect I really do not know what this storyline was all about. As it happens it was good and looked to be building up to something. For me it was a little bit of ‘Much ado about nothing’ in the end. So many important things in the story apparently happens off-screne, but this that ended up going nowhere was chosen to be shown? 😕

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 404 –

A ia la aku (From This Day Forward)

To be continued here


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13 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #75

  1. Because of Steve’s facial expression at the end, I thought Steve-Cath-Billy rlsh would turn into smt more interesting or smt, but it turned out Billy died way too soon. Such a waste of potential.

    Great way to remember all the past eps. Thank you.


    • It is exactly that expression and also at the end of the previous one, and all Danny’s comments that made me thought it was going somewhere – from there that in retrospect it felt to me like, why did they bother with it, if it came to nothing?
      It is as if one direction was planned for the story and then somewhere things changed……….


      • I don’t know if it’s true, but i read somewhere that the actor who played Billy wouldn’t be available anymore because he had a new show to do. So that’s why they drop this story.


        • I’m not sure how this things work, but I would say that an actor should be contrated for the number of episodes you want him for in your story, before he starts his part in a series.
          I think that Billy’s story was planned as it happened, in order for them to get Cath out of the Navy and working for Five-0. 😦
          And that is one more reason, why this whole thing of setting up Steve’s trusting issues about the whole thing, seems even more bizarre. 😕


      • I kinda hope that the same thing will happen with the new girl 😥 Still waiting for Cath’s return, so that I can love Steve as much as I did before 😥 It’s painful to turn my love to Steve into hate.


  2. I did enjoy the cinema scene it was hilarious but agree with you about rude they were! lol The whole waiting up for you thing was a passive aggressive way of laying claim wasn’t it? To show Billy subtly just who Catherine was coming home too. That’s how it seemed. I too am disappointed they killed Billy off so soon. 😦


  3. gracenotpark

    I gotta figure it WAS going somewhere…interesting. But for whatever bizarre reason they about-face or abandon stuff on this show (Danno isn’t the father? Doris has disappeared forever? Lori is supposed to be the Gov’s watchdog?) they pulled the 180 again. A shame too, cos this coulda been a very interesting, different kind of test, of McG’s stuff. Sigh.


  4. karen1228

    This is where things started to get wonky with Catherine. I don’t know if it’s only me, but I’m tired of the convoluted storylines (past and present). I wish they’d finish just one thing they started 5 seasons ago.


  5. Sylvie

    I love the cinema scene, expect the fact that they are disturbing other people I love to see Steve laughing that way, he seems so natural..
    I agree that so many storylines stay unanswered or just end up too quickly.


    • In Season 3 there were quite a number of times where we saw fun-loving Steve doing his thing. And I do agree that the idea of them having fun like this was great – I just did not really like it that Steve was acting in a way that I myself in particular do not like.
      Showing disrespect to others in a public place like this, just not fit with an ‘Officer & a Gentleman’ for me. 😦


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