In therapy – Steve’s PTSD, landed on the editing floor

And it was one of the few times Steve wore plaid, also in blue 😀


Ps and as FOYeur noticed, this photo taken on the set, December 20 2013, shows Alex in Steve´s outfit alex-and-nina-dec-2013

The therapy scene is at the end of this video.


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24 responses to “In therapy – Steve’s PTSD, landed on the editing floor

  1. why wouldn’t they want to show that????? had to be some great TV. hopefully holding for a later epi and more detail


    • I get the feeling they miss out on the opportunity to make it believable, every time the do not address the big events happening to Steve.
      Since then, he has nearly been beheaded himself, but with no after-effect it seems. You have to seize the moments as it happens, otherwise it just seems forced.


  2. vanduyn

    I know we’ve said this before but they definitely should have left this scene in. Thanks so much ladies! 😀


  3. NINA

    c’est un scène supprimée?


  4. kdownton78

    I really wish they had kept this scene in. I wonder if we will see any more of the PTSD storylines.

    Or was it just a passing thought of the writers maybe


  5. I just can’t understand why they discarded this. I can´t.
    After this, I’m not very optimistic that PTSD is going to have too much prominence in the show anymore 😦


  6. Alex acting gives me goosebumps!
    I’m so longing for those scenes esp. after this disappointing season start.


  7. Manu

    A very good scene, real pity it didn’t make it into the episode


  8. I know I will be part of a very small minority, but I actually don’t think this should have been left in the episode, as it feels out place as part of the story to me.
    It is far to short and without any real substance to mean anything for any of Steve’s character development.


    • Although I’m longing for these scenes, and although Alex rocks this scene I have another problem with it. He is a Navy Officer, I don’t think he would go to such a public therapy “circletime” or is allowed to. Most of the stuff he has to deal with is classified anyway. He would talk to a psychologist from the Navy, who is trained for this kind of PTSD, whose rank allows him to open some classified files. That’s what I want to see. Desperately!


    • I’d have to rewatch the epi it was intended for but if this was after he had the talk with Grover, I think it would have been a great clip at the end of the show.

      The emotion Alex brings to this character is what moves me most and I never get enough of that. Maybe knowing that Steve is working on his issues behind the show allows us to accept some of the stuff that happens in the storyline like the distance we felt with Cath towards the end of S4.


      • I just had a look at it – it is marked as deleted at the end of Epi 415. That was after Grover told him about his story. But Steve only had his nightmare and told him his own story at the begining of 416 – which would have supposedly be after this clip.


        • Just really interesting now that we’ve seen 5.1 and the “couples” therapy with Danny. TPTB went with the joke instead of the more serious scenario. I will trust they have a master plan.


  9. Thank you so much for posting the therapy scene. That definitely deserved to be on the episode. PTSD is an important subject to be shown and Steve is the right character for it. Alex was amazing in this scene. It was short but his face expressions speaks “volumes”.
    We use to comment how H50 writers sometimes forget about characters storylines, especially about McGarrett, but we need to point out the Editing. We know that it’s difficult to manage 42 minutes with crime of the week and character stuff, but after 4 seasons the producer should know by now that the majority of the fans prefer characters storyline development than crime of the week.
    Looking forward to watch another deleted scene of season 4 dvd.


  10. I’m really disappointed they cut this scene. So many fans were complaining at the time that Steve doesnt seem to be affected by all these torture episodes and that scene would have been perfect. I guess it was cut for time purposes but the cynic in me thinks is because it shows Steve as having his flaws, being infallible and not the hero all the time, sometimes I get the feeling the show wants us to think he’s perfect.


  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Nooooooo!!
    Darn that editing room floor to heck!!!!!
    Alex acted the stuffing out of that scene!!!!


  12. gracenotpark

    So they chose to air a ridic therapy scene that trivializes it instead of showing this scene that takes seriously the grossly overabundant emo hits McG has borne, and gives Alex a much better acting moment…as not even he pulled off that silly scene in 5.01.

    I will never get our EP…

    And if not aired in 4.15, coz I hear ha Foyeur, they shoulda aired it in the finale, after the Cath/Taliban business. Jeez! They go with humor therapy after he’s nearly killed ISIS style? Ugh!


    • I agree with you about Alex struggling to pull it off – I rank the therapy scene as second worst acting moment for Alex in H50, after that bit at the baseball game that I mentioned in comments a few days ago.


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  14. buttercup4u

    HOW can they not use this?!? Both scene’s were great!
    THis makes me think, that I want to watch all the stuff with Alex that didn’t make it on screen, I’m positive there’s lot material, hours of wonderful tv, all ditched, such a waste!


  15. It is just too bad that the show had to drop that. As they are bad about dropping a would be great storyline. Oh well, not the first that PL has done that nor will it be the last.


  16. DoubleL

    I have to agree with Foyeur. Steve would NEVER go to this kind of therapy session. He would only feel comfortable discussing this stuff with other combat veterans. And why wouldn’t he mention his father’s murder as one of the things he’s trying to deal with? I’m glad they cut it, but they should have left in the other scene with Lou.


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