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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #75

We continue our story from here

Okay, the double date scene with Steve & Cath and Danny & Gabby in this episode, reminded me of why I do not go to the movies as often as I used to. I love going to the movies and in my youth you would have probably found me there once a week. But that was at a time when people still showed respect for their fellow cinema goers. These days not so much , because there really are people as rude as Steve was in this scene. As much as it made for funny viewing – not so funny to me (OR maybe I am just getting old and cranky 😉 )


Danny: Look, look. It’s Catherine’s boss slash ex-boyfriend. Billy something.

Steve: Yes, you know his name is Billy. What is he doing here? They’re supposed to be working.

Danny: Maybe he´s come to ask you for her hand in marriage.

Steve: You’re actually enjoying this aren’t you.

Danny: We all got to be reminded of our mistakes, babe.

Steve: Billy. What’s up?

Billy: Cath’s just heading up to see you.

Steve: What are you doing? Keeping the car warm?

Billy: We got to make it a short visit. We’re on a job.

Steve: Hey, you remember detective Danny Williams, my partner?

Billy: Of course.

Danny: Good to see you, again.

Billy: Actually, I’m glad that a ran into you. I never got the chance to thank you.

Steve: For what?

Billy: For being cool with all this. Catherine told me how you encouraged her to take the job.

Steve: Don’t mention it.

Billy: Truth is, I’m lucky to have her. We make a great team.

Steve: It’s good to see you.

Billy drops Cath off at home after work. Steve is sitting in the garden, waiting for her ……

Cath: Hey

Steve: Hey. I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to make sure you got home okay. How was your first day?

Cath: It’s a big change.

Steve: uh-huh.

Cath: In a good way.

Steve: Good.

Cath: Yah, Billy already got us another gig. So I think we’re gonna be busy.

Steve: Good. I’m glad.

In retrospect I really do not know what this storyline was all about. As it happens it was good and looked to be building up to something. For me it was a little bit of ‘Much ado about nothing’ in the end. So many important things in the story apparently happens off-screne, but this that ended up going nowhere was chosen to be shown? 😕

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 404 –

A ia la aku (From This Day Forward)

To be continued here


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In therapy – Steve’s PTSD, landed on the editing floor

And it was one of the few times Steve wore plaid, also in blue 😀


Ps and as FOYeur noticed, this photo taken on the set, December 20 2013, shows Alex in Steve´s outfit alex-and-nina-dec-2013

The therapy scene is at the end of this video.


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