The Steve McGarrett Story – No #74

We continue our story from here

Steve wakes up alone in bed and he goes outside to find Cath sitting in the garden.

Steve: You nervous about today?

Cath: I just can’t believe after so many years, today is the last day that I’m going to be putting on a uniform.

Steve: Look, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it’s an easy transition. Because it’s not, okay. But you’re gonna be fine. I mean you should be excited. This is, uh… this is like a new chapter in your life. It’s the beginning of a new adventure.

Cath: Are you sure it doesn’t bother you?

Steve: What?

Cath: Billy being my new boss?

Steve: Why, because he’s your ex? No it doesn’t bother me. I’m fine.

Cath: You’re lying. Totally lying.

Steve: Of course I’m lying. [laughs] Look I trust you, okay. That’s all I need. Okay?

Cath: Good



With Max’s help, Steve buys an old LP of the group Chicago.

Steve: Catherine. Hey

Cath: Hey

Steve: I’m glad I caught you. Just, uh… real quick.

Cath: Wow, it’s wrapped and everything. I’m impressed.

Steve: Go ahead, open it.

Cath: Aww, you didn’t have to do this.

Steve: I know.

I remember you told me the story about when you were a little girl and your mom would play this for you when you where scared.

Cath: Chicago always made everything better.

Steve: Catherine… you got nothing to be scared of, okay. I’m right here. You’re not gonna do this alone.

Cath: Thank you.

Do we see a little bit of doubt with Steve, if this was the right thing to do?

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 403 –

Kaʻoia iʻo Ma Loko (The Truth Within)

To be continued here


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7 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #74

  1. Beautiful moments xoxo I’ll never forget how Steve used to be sooooo thoughtful and delicated and how much he trusted her, loved her… “you got nothing to be scared of, okay. I’m right here. You’re not gonna do this alone”. I used to think he’s a perfect boyfriend 🙂 (He’s not 100% perfect but he’s perfect in my eyes because he WAS one-woman man).


  2. wardrobe did a great job in this episode 😀


    • It just looks to me like all those nice wardrobe people were fired, because the first 3 episodes this season, showed no great Steve-wardrobe moments or promise fro this season to me at all. 😦


  3. It was cool to watch Steve, the boyfriend. How supports and cares the woman he loves and trusts. The right words and gestures in the right time.


  4. gracenotpark

    One of my favorite eps! I was so loving Show this time last year. Such awesome character moments. I miss those. Sigh. 😦


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