503 – McGarrett should have worn the speedo

Not my favorite episode. It was lacking humor and shirtless Steve. They should have put McG in a speedo and the board to catch the girls. Pretty sure Alex would have done a better job than whoever it was doing the stunt 😉

And why on earth do they insist on making Steve wear the extra shirt in that heat! Ridiculous!

But there was plenty of nice faces, so I captured mostly it 😀



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12 responses to “503 – McGarrett should have worn the speedo

  1. evowoman88

    There was some humor, Jerry always makes me smile. And McG is the brawn, Danno is the brain and Grover is the cute face. My husband wanted Kono in the bikini they showed.


    • There could have been more fun with the bikini scene. Like if both Grover and Steve were responsible of that tiny red fluffy string bikini. I wish there had been goofy faces by Alex as response to Jerry. He was so serious all the time.


  2. Colleen

    I agree with you Paula. Not the best episode. Jerry gets on my nerves a little. But I love the pictures you grabbed. The last one of his eyes is the best. Now I can smile all day. Thanks Paula. 😊


  3. Sandra

    I agree Paula. I fell asleep several times during it and had to watch the DVR tape to finish it. It was too convoluted for me. I couldn’t follow it very well. And since the majority of H50 viewers are female, 40 minutes of girls in bikinis for no reason than to entice more male viewers to watch didn’t work for me. LOL


  4. Kono was great in this ep. I loved her monologue about the surfing. Steve and Grovers lines were great 😀


  5. karen1228

    Your pics/ gifs are the best thing about this episode. I’m slowly losing interest. The cast has grown so huge that it’s impossible for everyone to have much screen time. I’m not enjoying either Jerry or Grover as regulars. I’m missing Steve and his BAMFness. And I’m waiting for the ohana/team feeling to kick in. It’s early and I’m hoping for a major comeback. Sigh…


  6. I don’t mind Jerry so much but Grover has nothing to offer .. He is so out of place on a high action team. He would be ok on another show maybe but not Five O … Just does not fit and I hate just about everything he has to say.. And I agree with the person saying the team is getting too big… If they can’t do it with the team than the show is slowly ending which I would hate to see…. some episodes you only see characters for a couple of shots…. that’s not good.


  7. I liked thE episode. I wanted Alex to check out more of Jerrys story. But only a little did he find out. But all in all I liked the episode.


  8. I am loving the balance of this season, yes, I know this is an Alex site and I am a fan but I like 50 for the stories and the eye candy.
    Speaking of that, before I read this post I was wondering how many episodes it will be before we get a shirtless McGarrett. I hope it is soon because your wonderful pics always make their way on to my desk top. 🙂


  9. alexnymph

    Okay, so what in the world is going on with Alex’s hair? Some sort of weird rooster comb thing. He needs to decide–long or short. It’s driving me crazy.


  10. I like Jerry and Grover very much. As for the 40 minutes of bikinis, :/ PL and the writers OBVIOUSLY have NO CLUE who is watching the show! Hello! Did you see a lot of screaming men at SOTB? I understand there will be bikinis every once in a while, but how ’bout a balance of surfers in boardies for the girls to watch too? Or Steve shirtless maybe. How about Steve with just one shirt. UGH! Seriously, it’s 100 freaking degrees in Hawaii in July!
    I think the humidity got control of his hair. I see his hair is shorter in some newer clips. It may be difficult at certain lengths, to keep it looking uniform when they film the same episode over several days. Yeah right. The same hair and wardrobe that put that hideous red rug on his head, gives a crap if his hair doesn’t look the same between takes. LOL
    In the b&w kevlar gif. I can’t keep my eyes off that strap hugging his left pec and underarm. Thinking about running my fingers under it, brushing over the soft cotton covering his warm skin. Eager to awaken the tiny bud as my finger grazes further under the vest. *sigh*
    He needs to get shirtless soon!


  11. “McGarrett should have worn a speedo.” Yes, he should because i’m sure he would catch the 3 girls at once. How? No woman is immune to his charm, especially if he only wears swim trunks.


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