The Steve McGarrett Story – No #72

We continue our story from here

Having found no answers from Doris, Steve visit WoFat in prison to try and get the information of why she visited him. While he  is there, the facility’s security is breached and all the guards killed. While they watch how the door is broken down, WoFat says to Steve that he will tell him everything, but Steve will need to save him first, because the guys are not there to rescue him, but kill him.

Steve manages to kill them, but takes one wounded one, prisoner. He turns out to be the nephew of the NLM leaders, El Condor.

HQ comes under attack and all the people who share the building with them are taken hostage. Five-0’s computer data is stolen and then destroyed. New SWAT leader Captain Grover arrives on the scene. Steve thinks they are there to rescue the nephew.

As soon as Steve, Danny and Chin reveal themselves to the hostage takers, they kill the nephew and then surrender  themselves to Five-0 to be arrested. 😕

Cath is taken hostage by El Condor and he phones Steve and tells him to set the captives free from SWAT transporting them and to release them in order to get Catherine back.  When Steve complies with the demands and take the prisoners from Grover and his team, the new SWAT leader is not impressed with Steve’s actions.

HPD catches up with the terrorists as they try to get to the football stadium to catch a helicopter for their escape there. Only El Condor makes it to the helicopter, but Steve jumps on, as it takes off. He kills El Condor and sets (crashes 😀 ) the helicopter down.

Steve catches up with WoFat just before his federal transport plane to the mainland takes off.

Steve: Just cut the crap. I just saved your live. Now tell me, why did my mother visit you in prison?

WoFat: She came to apologize.

Steve: Apologize for what?

WoFat: For killing my father.

Steve: You killed her husband, my father and then you hunted her for 20 years. Why would my mother ever apologize to you?

WoFat: That is a question only she can answer.

Steve: I was afraid you were going to say that.

[Steve hits WoFat’s head against the prison bars]

WoFat: What are you doing Steve? What do you think you’re going to find. The truth? You don’t want to know the truth.

The dialogue once again confuse me a bit. Steve said: “You killed her husband, my father and then you hunted her for 20 years” , but Doris “killed” herself 21 yrs ago and John was killed only 3 years ago, while WoFat hunted Shelburne for many years, apparently not knowing who it was.

Steve took a sample of WoFat’s blood from the bars of the prison cage and he gives it to Max for comparison to his own. He tells Max that he wants to know if WoFat is his brother.

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 401 –

Aloha Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi (We Need One Another)

To be continued here



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5 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #72

  1. I know theres a great story there but I just cant get past the blood and sweat on that man, how can he make something so gross look so god dam sexy?!! 😀 ♥


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  3. It was one of my favorite episodes of season 4. It was a great premiere. We had the bamf McGarrett and the “Romeo” Steve. And the bonus of shirtless Steve was great.


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