The Steve McGarrett Story – No #71

We continue our story from here

Steve 17

Steve and Danny is in a car chase as usual, but this time they are being chased by HPD as they are trying to prevent Kono from being arrested for murder. They manage to get to a spot where they can let Kono out, and they drive on to be stopped by HPD. Kono is now being hunted, because Michael Noshimuri used her gun to commit a murder!

A plane with some dead Federal agents is found and Salgado,  a terrorist and ruthless killer is on the loose in Hawaii……

Cath runs into an old flame of hers, Billy Harrington. He tells her that he is leaving the Navy and invites her to dinner. Apparently they met each other at a time, more than 5 years ago, when she and Steve were broken up and Billy and Cath had a romantic relationship during this time, while they were stationed together.

Kono finds refuge with Adam. She tells him that Michael set her up for a murder he committed by using her gun to do it. They go to a supply depot to try and find evidence that would implicate Michael and proof Kono’s innocence. They find a pair of gloves with blood and dirt on it and also run into Michael. Kono hides in time to prevent him from seeing her. They give the gloves to Charlie Fong for analysis. Charlie finds the evidence for Michael’s guilt and Kono’s innocence on the gloves.

In order to find Salgado, Steve  visits WoFat to get some information on who would be willing to help a man like that. When he himself signs out from the facility he realises that Doris also paid WoFat a visit………

Steve: You went to see WoFat. Why would you do that?

Doris: [SIGH]

Steve: Answer my question!

Doris: Don’t yell at me please, Steve.

Steve: No, no. Don’t give me that hurt feelings thing, Mom. Okay! Because A, I don’t buy it and B, I don’t care! Tell me right now, what could you possibly have to  say to that man?

Doris: Okay. I just wanted to look the man in the eye, who orchestrated your dad’s murder. He changed the course of your life, Steve. It all started with me. If I hadn’t killed WoFat’s father, then everything would be different.

Steve: I gotta say for a former spy, you’re not very good at this at all.

Doris: What?

Steve: Lying, Mom. I pulled the surveillance video from the prison. The audio was scrambled purposefully, and your back was conveniently to the camera. Just tell me one thing, How did you get the scrambling device past the guards? I can’t work that one out.

Doris: You know, if we’re going to be in each other’s lives, Steve, you’re gonna have to learn to trust me.

Steve: You have literally NEVER given me the whole truth, ever in my life. And you want me to trust you? The night WoFat came after you, you told me that you two struggled over the gun and he got away. That was another lie. I know for a fact that you let him go that night, Doris. Now why don’t you tell me right now why you would do something like that? Why don’t you tell me right now, who he is to you?

Doris: Okay, okay.

And as usual, their conversations is interrupted by the progress of the case……….


 The anger, the distrust, the blame, and the sadness…….

The team tracks down Salgado and they realise that he’s got information about a terrorist attack that is about to hit somewhere on mainland USA. In order to obtain the information from him, they promise to help him find and rescue his son from the NLM organisation holding him hostage.

Salgado’s fellow terrorists kidnapped his son in order to prevent him from giving information to the Feds. The team manage to rescue the boy, but Salgado is wounded. Just before he dies he gives the information about the location of the attack to Steve and it  is averted.

Michael finds Kono and Adam’s hiding place and he tells Adam that he is there to kill Kono. Adam and Michael struggle for the gun and in the process Michael is shot and killed. Adam will need to flee from Michael’s men who would want to take revenge.

Of course Doris offers her help to help Adam disappear. As they are about to leave, Kono decides to go with Adam and Doris on the ship. Steve tries to stop Kono, but Chin tells him to let her go and that she should follow her heart.

Steve and Doris does not have time to finish their conversation – and up untill today we have no answer to Steve’s questions

Letting Doris’s story fade away for such a long time, is a real disappointment to me. I was very much against the idea of spy-mom McGarrett, but Alex and Christine managed to give it life to me, but just for it to be taken away again.  And all the good work that they did with the characters, were kind of un-done for me. 😦

Steve 59

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 324 –

Aloha, Malama Pono (Farewell and Take Care)

To be continued here



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10 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #71

  1. karen1228

    I agree w/your statement that letting this story disappear for so long has ruined it. I didn’t care for it as it was happening (a far-fetched idea) but would have liked to see an ending to it. At this point, I no longer care about what happens to Mom McG, just wish her gone – the story is dead with no hope of revival. I often wonder in reality just how many people have had someone supposedly dead for 20 years reappear in their lives?


    • I saw the ‘evil-super-spy-mom’ in Prison Break, return from the dead. And spy-mom in Chuck, being done – and when I heard mom- McGarrett will be returning from the dead as a spy as well, I really had no hope for it.
      I actually hoped that they would get rid of her (kill her off) within the 1st half of S3 or maybe in that very first episode – but Christine and the writing made her human to me and made S3 fun to watch – just to take it away again. 😦
      It is also a foreign concept for me to think that a loved one can be gone and return after so many years, but I have heard of it happening. Maybe not in the same way as faking a death, but sometimes people just don’t cope with their own family and they leave for many years……


  2. gracenotpark

    The story may be ridic and grossly over complex, but Christine and Alex made it cool somehow. But the EP has zero sense of pacing. So this languishes. While we get superfluous ephemera. Sigh.


    • 😆 You have my foreign brain, tongue-tied with your big words.
      Maybe superfluous is what a procedural action show in TV is all about – and we as viewers, as well as what the actors have said that they want about character stuff, on numerous occassions, is a bit much to ask? 😦


      • gracenotpark


        Hee! I was more referring to how they drop story lines and then they are never seen again, never to be revealed…at least so far…while they then open up new story lines that will perhaps also eventually just be left hanging. But more character stuff would be awesome too. :mrgreen:


  3. buttercup4u

    Maybe it’s all about the actors “being available” as someone said before! I didn’t like spy mom and her dirty tricks, because steve was the absolute hero here, and has all the right tricks 😉 but christine and alex had some very good acting together, i loved his hurt faces, thanks foyeur for the many pics with all his emotion range!
    I also loved michael, he was a good baddie, bud they could have done his death better, seriously, adam shooting his brother, must have thinking him of this everytime he looks at kono!


  4. I just love his faces in this episode. Alex is rather amazing at portraying the minute expressions. His face is so expressive


  5. I felt So sorry for steve in this episode . He was losing a friend and his mom all at the same time


  6. What i liked the most in this episode was the dialogue between Steve and Doris. No one drives him so mad and frustrated like her. My sadness and anger is H50 writers forgot this storyline. They have two amazing actors that shine everytime they have a little character stuff and enrich the show so much, that i don’t understand why chose not to give us more scenes with these two.


  7. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex here equals double cheeseburger thicc


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