The Steve McGarrett Story – No #70

We continue our story from here

Steve 10

On a new development site, where construction was about to start soon, a security guard is found dead in an open grave. When the body is recovered, they realise that the hole was actually an old grave for another body. In the field there are several other empty, opened up graves, with those bodies also removed. From evidence of some of the bits and pieces of the bodies that are recovered, it seems that it is the “gravesite” that were used by the Yakuza for a number of years already, to get rid of unwanted bodies.

Cath informs Steve that Doris seems to be in trouble with the FBI, because she’s been hacking into the National Fingerprints Database. He visits Doris at home to confront her and runs into Mick and Wade, plotting a break-in with her. With a fingerprint found at her house during the break-in earlier, she tracked the person who stole the microfiche. He stole it on behalf of someone else who wanted it and she wants to steal it back. Steve asks Doris who would be interested in stealing it.

Doris: Tyler Cain. We were at the CIA together. After that, he opened a private military company, supplying mercs to every dictator with a cheque book. But now he’s about to be appointed Director of National Intelligence, which requires Senate confirmation.

Steve: Okay, so let me guess. While Cain was with the agency he did some things that the Senate wouldn’t approve of. The only real evidence of that, is on the microfiche.

Doris: Exactly.

Steve: It begs the question. Why doesn’t he destroy the microfiche? Why is he holding on to it?

Mick: Same reason Doris held onto it for so many years. Leverage. A lot of ex-operatives could get buried by what’s on there. Cain could use that to his advantage.

Adam is back from Japan and Kono confronts him. He says that he had to leave at the last-minute to solve some issues. Adam explains that he needs to act strong with the Yakuza in order to resolve matters. She also confronts him about the field with bodies. He assures her that he knows nothing about it.

With the phone she cloned from Adam, Kono listens in, to the call he makes right after she leaves him. She asks Fong to trace the location of the person on the other end of the line. Without backup she decides to inspect that location and she stumbles upon the warehouse where the bodies from the gravesite are hidden. Two of Michael’s men arrive while she is there and she shoots them, but is also wounded in the gunfight. Luckily she is able to call for help.

Steve tells Doris that he is going with her to do the break-in.

Steve: I lost you once before. I’m not gonna lose you again. I’m going with you.

As soon as Steve and Doris have the microfiche, an alarm is triggered and they have to get away fast. They split up and Doris is captured.

Cain: Doris McGarrett. Been a long time.

Doris: Not long enough.

Cain: Somewhat disappointing. The Doris McGarrett I knew, wouldn’t have screwed up an op this bad.

Doris: You looking a little rough around the edges yourself, Tyler

Once again the dialogue disappoints me. Cain, calling Doris by her married name. The Doris he knew, was the Doris before she was married. She would have had a different surname or be known by the name Shelburne 😦

Steve uses the microfiche to negotiate Doris’s release from Cain. But he fools Cain by letting him think he burns it in a dustbin right in front of their eyes. But in fact he uses a magic trick he learned from Doris, to create the illusion that he did, but he actually still has the film hidden in his hand.

 Steve and Doris gets away safely.

I wonder where Steve and Doris is hiding the microfiche now. And will it ever come into play again?

The next morning while Steve and Danny talk about magic tricks and secrets, Max walks in, to inform them that one of the bodies from the field, that they recovered from the  warehouse, was actually killed with Kono’s gun.

Steve 51

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 323 –

He Welo ʻOihana (Family Business)

To be continued here


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4 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #70

  1. I really enjoyed this episodes and not only because of thight black ninja Steve……well, maybe specially for that, lol! but we had so much about Steve, I love how he turned from the serious man to the sweet son….awww! I great episode!


    • I agree, with you. The badass, Navy SEAl Ninja Steve, doing a break-in with mom, was still just her son at times. But when things became serious, he took charge and kept her save!
      This was a good combination of the far fetched ideas of a procedural action show, combined with some human mother and son stuff. 🙂
      And they got some great well-known actors to play all these roles.


  2. Foyeur, i’m sorry for commenting so late, but it’s better late than never. Although this episode went unnoticed for the majority of fans, i loved it. It’s on my top 3. I loved watching Steve and Doris together. Like you said, the combination of the Bamf and ninja McGarrett and the mom’s boy vs spy woman and mom, was great. He’s tough, fearless like his mom, but he caring, sweet and devoted to who he loves. That’s the difference between them.


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