Happy birthday Foyeur!

October is filled with great AOL fans birthdays and today we can raise our glasses to Foyeur!

Hip-hip hurray e528c-yaysmilesa-smiley It´s your bday….oh to be 29 again smiley-die-laughing

Taking the opportunity to point out to all our readers that if it wasn´t for F, this blog would never have happened. And if it wasn´t for her dedication to get the facts right, there would be lot of misguided fans. And having her here for the past year working full time on the blog,  has brought quality to our posts.  I think we have a nice balance here, pics and stories, done our way. But, there´s still so much more waiting to be discovered, her work will never be done.

Partner, I hope you kick back today and just enjoy yourself, stress free cat_smiley01

Anyways, since I have been obsessed with OOB (Out of Bounds) photos for the last two days, it is now “torture” time. I apologize, but I am still learning the tricks so my products don´t look quite right. (ps I also like utopian art FYI)

Happy Birthday!


My aim is obv to make Alex´s nicest features pop up, for maximum viewing pleasure 😉


Oh, Mick just casually sneeked in to wish you Happy Birthday too….he is so sweet 🙂
But a birthday needs sugary treats too, so I´m serving a bit of ice-cream, that´s unless my ice-cream guy won´t eat it all by himself.

And last but not least, Jill wanted to make sure your calories are burnt the right way 😉


And you can always switch roles too, cause there´s the nicest buns begging to be spanked


Hope your day is spent with friends and loved ones and random train rides. Time for more drinks! smiley-eatdrink007



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62 responses to “Happy birthday Foyeur!

  1. vanduyn

    Happy Birthday Foyeur!! Hope you enjoy your time with Mister Master 😉


  2. Happy Birthday, Jill, I hope that you will have many more.


    • Hi Valarie – Thank you
      I know it is very confusing, because most people know me as FOYeur on here and do not know my real name. Although I do have a real name, I never use it on here, (and it is not Jill) 😀
      The card in the post came from Jill and her birthday is also in a few days time – so you good wishes to her is just early. 🙂
      Thank you for enjoying Alex and all his prettiness with us ❤


  3. karen1228

    Happy Happy Birthday Foyeur! Hope your day is filled will very special treats!!


  4. gracenotpark

    I hope the happiness you bring all of us each day comes back to you today! Cos that’d be intense happiness. 😉


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Foyeur !! May u enjoy many many many more AOL spankings !! 😀 U girls do amazing work here, my fav blog on the web 😀


    • Thank you for the birthday wishes Sabrina.
      AND thank you for the wonderful compliment. Sharing in the Alex-fun with others, is what it is all about for us here. ❤


  6. AC

    Happy Birthday! may you have man many more!

    (PS: Whuch episode are those shaved ice gifs from?)


  7. You are one very special fangirl FOYeur and you’ll always have a very special place in other fangirls hearts!
    I wish you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY with lots of fun and a giant buttercream cake. Don’t worry, spanking burns calories!!!! ❤


  8. Thank you Paula for all the lovely treats above. ❤
    I love that he is stepping off the pictures to share the pretty.
    And thanks for the shave ice treat – I will wait patiently to get those bts treats (one day somewhere next year 🙂 )
    And the 206 tan cargo butt is always a treat to see! 😛


  9. What a lucky birthday girl to get wet, shirtless Steve popping out all over 😛 and even our favorite sexy vampire couldn’t let you down. You’d better hurry tho, cause it does look like there may be no ice cream left. Just Steve with a really nice cold tongue. BRRR. *shudder*
    I wish you so much happiness for the coming year! Your dedication to this blog and to keeping us properly informed about our magnificent man, astounds me! I truly hope to give you one in person some day, but until then, (((HUGS))) to you, my far away friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ❤ Lu


  10. alexnymph

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOYeur!!! I wish I was as talented as you and Paula so that I could send you a really creative and appropriate birthday gif, because I’d like to make you as happy as you make me with your posts. For me your special day started with a lunar eclipse and then sunrise paired wtih moonset (look east, then look west, quickly)–yes, very special.

    Hope you enjoy all your birthday treats from Paula, especially Mister Master, and are not left too sore–perhaps you will need to sit your bottom down in Alex’s shave ice 😉


    • What a sight this would be LOL ” and are not left too sore–perhaps you will need to sit your bottom down in Alex’s shave ice”


    • Thank you Nymph 🙂
      All the talent lies with Paula – she even had to make her own pic for my b/day post to her last week. 😀
      I also love the moon – so I think it might be the start of a very special year, with such a special moon!
      I love your idea about cooling down the bottom on that shave ice 😛


  11. colleen

    Happy Birthday Foyeur!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂


  12. Thank you Colleen 🙂


  13. Happy birthday Foyeur 🙂
    Hope you had a wonderful day!
    Thank you so much for all your hard work on the blog, we truly appreciate it!


  14. Happy Birthday!! And now I want some shave ice with ice cream and beans!! 🙂 Hugs and Mahalos!


  15. Marnov Fucup

    An epic post for the epic FOYeuer 🙂 Happy birthday, I’m honoured to know you! On an unrelated note, I envy you your spanking coupon…


  16. Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me in New Zealand! 😀 Hope you day is wonderful ♥


  17. Leah Council

    Our Dear FOYeur, I hope you have an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME BIRTHDAY! I’d also like to echo what others have said – wishing that your special day is as special as you make our EVERY day with your posts!! 🙂 And thank you Paula & Jill for your creations for FOYeur! I wish I had the know-how that you talented ladies do. Sending {{HUGS}} your way & wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  18. Sandra

    Happy Birthday, FOYeur! I hope you enjoy your day and thank you for all you do for Alex fans.*hugs*


  19. karen

    WOW, you sure have gotten some great gifts!!!! Have a good one.


  20. lindae5o

    Happy Birthday, Foyeur !! It’s so great that we’re all connected in our mutual obsession. Alex induces the United Nations of fandom. Have the best day ever !!!


  21. Happy Birthday, Foyeur!

    “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.”

    I wish you that all your goals and dreams will come true, always with health, fun and love.

    Thank you very much for your dedication to this special blog. Your intense studies are precious to all Alex fans.

    A big hug for you!


  22. Happy Birthday Foyeur! Thanks for always listening to my questions, opinions and occasional rants. I feel like it is my birthday with the 1st picture, when you win we all win lol Hope your year is fabulous and all your wishes come true!


  23. Happy Birthday FOYEUR!!


  24. Dear FOYeur
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear Libra birthday “sister” Wishing us both lots of joy happiness love and ALEX for our next wonderful year of life. I only wish i had your talent and inventivness!!!


  25. Kim

    Happy Birthday FOYeur!


  26. Happy birthday FOYeur! Enjoy using that coupon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. FELICIDADES!!!!…..Happy birthday FOYeur!…..I wish you a whole year of blessings and besides you have enjoyed the nuts I hope Mister Master hasn’t have had ANY discretion with you, yumm yumm! 😉


  28. Andrea

    happy birthday, my friend! I hope you have great day, with lots of friends, family, kisses, hugs and every wish (and I mean, every!) come true…


  29. Sylvie

    Oops, I was on holidays for few weeks and missed your birthday FOYeur.
    I hope you had a great day full of joy, presents, and great banners of Alex from fans.


  30. Rosemary

    I keep finding new posts I missed and they just keep getting better and better! I can’t thank you girls enough! Glad you had a good birthday. What more could a girl ask for but that coupon! 😘


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