The Steve McGarrett Story – No #69

We continue our story from here

Steve 13

Kono tells Chin that Adam has been gone for a while without her knowing where he is…….. she also tells Chin that he started hiding things from her since Michael arrived back from prison. 😦

Kono goes to Adam’s house to try and find clues of where he might be. She runs into some of Michael’s men. They are also looking for Adam. They tell her that he must have gone to see Sato.

Kono asks Cath to help her with some intel on  Sato, a man connected to the Yakuza.


 (What is Grace Park hiding under all the clothes? 😀 )

Cath informs Kono about Sato’s connection to the Yakuza and that he is a boss of one of the families. On the latest surveillance video’s it is clear that Adam is visiting Sato in Japan……..



Steve 69

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 322 –

Hoʻopio (To Take Captive)

To be continued here


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9 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #69

  1. colleen

    Oh dear, the buzz cut. I adore Alex but this not my favorite look. He is still beautiful but I always cringe when I see the buzz cut. So glad his hair is back for season 5. Great recap Foyeur. I love these. 🙂


  2. buttercup4u

    Omg – I just loved that short hair, for once 😉 !!! It makes his face gorgeous! His emotions overflow without hair!
    Thanks foyeur, still adoring your recaps!


  3. gracenotpark

    Hee! I was a big fan of the buzz cut. 😉


  4. Marnov Fucup

    Teehee, I can still remember how s3xcited I was about the hair… *sigh* I was the biggest buzz cut fan! But since then I think I changed my mind.


  5. AlexOloughlinlover

    I loved Alex’s hair here so sexy I really did like it


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