502 – Steve stands still


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5 responses to “502 – Steve stands still

  1. karen1228

    Was it me or was he just absolutely beyond gorgeous in this episode?? DAYUM this man, he makes my heart pound! Hello floor!


  2. Gorgeous. Gorgeous Man! Thank you for all the pretty! Love the b&ws! His features are even more stunning and pronounced without color. There would be no need for a gun pointed at me. Those finger twitching thighs in pic 22 would have me on my knees. “I SURRENDER!”


  3. buttercup4u

    Adorable paula, just great! As i am still on holiday, my watching this has to wait, but i enjoy your pretty, thanks!
    That man always shines 😉


  4. I loved this colour shirt on him, really bought out the blue in his eyes *swoon*


  5. Awesome job! You always focus on the best of the show. The 1001 face expressions and the body moves of Steve. TY


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