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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #68

We continue our story from here

Steve 05

A talk-show host Savannah together with her crew, is following the team to record what they do on a daily basis……….

Savannah: In this show, we’re going to get to know Five-0’s key personnel. To start let’s meet the big kahuna, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, the boss man and Honolulu native. Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Steve was a celebrated quarterback for the Fight Nuts of Kukui High. A standout  at the Naval Academy, and a highly decorated Navy SEAL who saw action around the globe.

On the first post of Steve’s story on 31 July, I wrote that Steve returned to his place of birth. Someone queried me on it and reminded me that Steve said his father called them  Five-0’s, because they were not native Hawaiian. I changed my wording, having forgotten where I got the birthplace from. Listening to this episode obviously reminded me…….

 This picture below, shows why it is best not to take selfies from the bottom up,  but rather from above with your arm raised a little above your face and extended as far as possible away from your face 😀

Steve 02

While the team examine the crime scene of their latest case, WoFat is spotted near the body, masquerading as a policeman. He manages to get away from them.

Chin: Who is WoFat? WoFat is a ruthless son of a bitch. Wait, can I say that on TV?

Savannah: You already did.

Chin: WoFat is a global terrorist. He tortured and murdered innocent people. He supplies arms to our country’s enemies. He’s a true sociopath. He’s devoid of any morals or scruples.

Savannah: Seems like there’s more to this guy. What aren’t you telling us?

Chin: WoFat was the man behind the murder of John McGarrett, Steve’s father. He would’ve killed Steve’s mother too, if given the opportunity.

Savannah: So, what you’re saying is that capturing WoFat is personal to Steve?

Chin: That’s the way the job is. Sometimes it crosses over into the personal.

Savannah: Has it ever gotten personal for you?

Chin: Yes.


It turns out that WoFat was looking for the same thing as the murderer, duplicate plates that can be used to print $100 bills. He kills the guy, but as he tries to flee the scene the team shoots his helicopter down. He is badly hurt and burned in the accident. The team catches him and he actually begs Steve to finish the job and shoot him out of his misery……

WoFat is admitted to hospital and placed under heavy guard.

WoFat 1

WoFat’s half-burned face and body reminds me a bit of Two-Face, aka Harvey Dent from Batman.

Steve 16

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 321 –

Imi Loko Ka ʻUhane (Seek Within One’s Soul)

To be continued here


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502 – Steve stands still


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