“New” old treats again by Rodelio

So, once again, while trying to solve the puzzle of TV Guide sexiest photoshoot photographer (apparently both Rodelio and Rodolfo were there, Rodolfo was credited on the magazines, so did Rodelio just take bts pics?), stumbled upon something unexpected….Dun-Dun-Dun! 2 new photos. They are not as fabulous as that gorgeous “OMG” face the other week, but nevertheless, new to me and Foyeur, and maybe some of you will get a kick out of these too 😀

Foyeur got a thousand x ! from me, as I got so excited I nearly pee´d on myself 😉

Can you believe all those people cramming the studio while Alex is on stage?! And all the ladies had wet panties (surely) 😉

rodelio_moonlightPhoto says Moonlight, so Mick might have wore this outfit, can you name the episode and scene?

and we think these pics were the result of that photoshoot (clothes match, that canvas is spot on too):

And then there was also this bts photo 😀


A good thing they actually shot him from the front, much better view from there 😀



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9 responses to ““New” old treats again by Rodelio

  1. buttercup4u

    This one makes me think that no-one can wear body hair like Alex does, serioulsy!!!!!!
    And black is just so frkn hot on him! More Ninja/Steve! Do you remember that scene in the elevator with mom, aawwhhhh!


  2. buttercup4u

    One of the ladies got hot, only wearing a top, he he, smart lady 😉


  3. Ontlls

    i love the boots on the table picture!! 🙂 Mmmmm that man!! 🙂 Beautiful!!


  4. Pic 4-8 in the diner is my favorite. He is so freaking sexy with his arm behind his head and his other hand pulling his shirt open. MMMMMmmm. Today’s special: Afternoon Delight! 😛
    The Mick pics are very edgy. I prefer his hair with a softer look. It’s hard to run your hands thru hair with all that baked on gel. #5 is my fave of the bunch. #NoseP0rN The CFM look in his eyes in #1 is a close second. *sigh*


  5. gorgeous sexy new pics! I do love the diner photoshoot, he’s just so sweaty and sexy hot 😛


  6. colleen

    Holy crap!!!!! It just got very hot in my living room. The one where he is laying on the diner bench is the best. The sleepy sexy look. Wow. Even though he seems to need a hair cut. Just my opinion. Thanks for these great pictures.


  7. alexnymph

    GORGEOUS! LOVE the ML photo shoot and LOVE you guys for finding and posting it! So young, cute, and HOT! Not crazy about the stringy hair, but I can easily brush that aside. 🙂


  8. ouh Mick!….my eternal lover…..besides the wet panties I bet they couldn’t erase that silly smile from their faces, jajajja! can’t blame them….I have the same silly smile when I look at him……..
    Grrrrrr…hairy and wild Alex….he is certainly the main course in any table for me 😛


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