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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #63

We continue our story from here

Steve 01

Steve decides it is time to call in the help of an old friend to find out what his mom is up to……. 😀

Of course Mom is no fool and picks up on the “stalker” pretty quickly and invites him to lunch……..

(And then there is some pretty Steve…….  😛 )

(And even more pretty Steve in  the car……..   )

 (And then some extremely pretty Steve faces in the office ……….   https://i0.wp.com/i56.servimg.com/u/f56/17/28/77/77/d070_s10.gif )

 Steve and Cath are relaxing for the evening …… contemplating living out a “foxhole” fantasy, when they are rudely interrupted by Mom.

(As usual 😦 )

And then there is a knock on the door and Mom is going on a date ……….. with Mick! :heart2:

Poor Steve


Steve 16

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 316 –

Kekoa (Warrior)

To be continued here



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A special Mick for the day

Another “new” ML video popped up. Yey 🙂


“You wanna know the truth about me?”


“Well the truth can be dangerous”


“The truth can get you killed”


“The truth can destroy us”


“Once you know what I am”


“There´s no going back”


Thanks to Jill (Vanduyn) for posting this on FB today. We always wondered about the “epic” Mick face origin. Thank you for sharing it Jill, we love it 😀


Ps Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes. cat_smiley01 My tummy is filled with cake and coffee and digesting it with a bit of Mick 🙂


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A special delivery boy – Alex, with a special gift to someone special!

There is a special (kitten) gift that needs to be delivered urgently today, to someone very special, on the other side of the world.

So I called on a very special guy to do it……..


Look with what dedication and finesse he is doing it.

As usual Alex/Steve is the best choice to get the job done!

Happy Birthday!

Hauskaa Syntymäpäivää!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Nakutakia mema kwa siku yako ya kuzaliwa!
Siku-kuo ya zaliwa njema! Furaha Ya Siku Ya Kuza Liwa!

Letsatsi la tswalo lele monate!

Baie Geluk!

Hau’oli lã hãnau!

And you all can add your own language……!!




Thanks for everything my dear friend!


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