H50 season beginnings with dat face

Just thought of quickly having a look at how each season started. Well, just what face we were given by Steve, the very first screen appearance. Very dramatic till last Friday, 5.01 was different, very different 😀

I think they wanted to try something new this time, and I didn´t mind it at all 🙂

You probably remember every face from season premiers, but here they are again.

Pilot – Navy Seal stare aka Look at my gorgeous face you little maggot.


2.01 Humping the prison floor aka fit for your pleasure -stare


3.01 Why is the room so dark, can hardly see mom? -stare


4.01 Eek! This tiny pilar is hardly covering me! -stare


5.01 _______



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6 responses to “H50 season beginnings with dat face

  1. Reliving that opening scene and that stare is just the best. More Alex on a new show was exciting.


  2. Lee Ann

    Enjoyed the new show (TNT show reruns rather late at night). Does anyone else think the new Doc looks a LOT like Catherine? Each team member had a “problem” at the end to contend with (later on?).


  3. It’s a Alex’s face, not Steve. It’s more the personality of the actor than the character.
    “Here i am doing a funny scene to entertain the audience. I can relax a little in this couch before/after pretending of chasing a drone in Honolulu.


  4. colleen

    That beginning when Alex/Steve is doing push ups is always my favorite. He looked so amazing in prison. Lol. Great post Paula!


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