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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #61

We continue our story from here

Steve 20

Steve shows his support by attending the custody hearing between Danny and Rachel. Rachel still wants to move to Vegas with Stan and take Grace with her, but Danny is not prepared to move again.

Steve (to the judge): But Detective Williams doesn’t just work for me, he is my friend. He is my close friend. And I’ve seen him with his daughter. He’s a great father. He’s actually the kind of father we all wish we had.

Every time I hear these words, I kind of feel Steve is in a way accusing his father for abandoning them, by sending them away to protect them rather that keeping them close to do it….. 😦

The Governor calls on Steve to handle a case of a murder that happened at a house of some of his close friends. It turns out that the Governor is actually protecting the person he allowed to stay there, a senator and a close friend and army buddy of his. At first he did not trust Steve with all the details, but they discover that the dead person was a prostitute and that the senator is missing.

In the end the whole thing was orchestrated by WoFat, in order to buy a politician for himself by eliminating the senator from the election race. When Steve and Danny track down WoFat and the senator, they are unable to catch him, because they have to leave in a hurry to get the senator to hospital.

Gov. Denning: I owe you.

Steve: No sir. Just doing the job.

Gov. Denning: No, you went above and beyond, commander. And I am sorry.

Steve: Sir?

Gov. Denning: I should have been straight with you from the start. Trust, it….. Well it’s a mighty big word.

Steve: Yeah, it is. And if I may?

Gov. Denning: Of course. I’m sitting in shorts, drinking beer with you. Go ahead. Fire away. Don’t hold back.

Steve: I got a lot of respect for you, sir. Got a lot of respect for the office. But if this thing between us is gonna work out, honesty is the best policy. Your predecessor, she didn’t believe in that, and it got her killed.

Gov. Denning: Well that was her, this is me. To Five-0.

Steve: All right.

Danny gets a call from the court. The judge is granting him shared custody and it means Rachel will  not be allowed to move and leave Hawaii with Grace….. 🙂

Steve 25

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 314 –

Hana I WaʻIa (Scandal)

To be continued here


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